Cleric Archetype
Kinetic: 1 Chi: 25
Magic: Manna:
Faith: 5 Synergy: 150 -40-10-5-20-10-10-5

Res: 39
Enc: Age: 45 Essence: 36/32 (Some lost on divine intervention) -1 mad hermit

RCT: 3
VIG: 4
STR: 3 (used to be 4)
CHR: 6 +1 MS (Engaging Disposition)
RSN: 4
SAN: 6 +1 MS (Sensible Disposition)
INT: 6
PER: 4
APP: Attractive (Youthful appearance)

favor during adventure: vigilance for entire party (light)
favor during adventure: elemental resistance (-1 RS/-15 dmg) (green) – water
ducateon: earth elemental – wield stone cutter 1 handed
high king: Stone Cutter; +2 CS, base 12 damage, pulverize x3, Rend Stone, earth based and undead gets+1 RS,
amulet high king: conviction x 50 (8) of true light; 2 uses negate darkness

Synergy Channeler, Synergy pool (5), Conviction 8, Cloistered Follower Experience, Toughness 1, Toughened 1, Binding Grace: Whelm, Chi pool (5), Danger Sense, Good Luck, Gifted Voice, Natural Healer, Natural Rider, Militant Follower,
Iron Will: 4,
Steeled Reserve,
Leadership: 5,
Code Of Conduct: Good, Wound: -1 strength, -2 size ( Near death beating in the darklands)


Medical Aid 4+1, Lore: Dunstrand 4, Meditation 5+1, Armor Use 1, Botany 3, Climb 1, Jump 1, Evade 4, Ride 6+2, Melee 4, Persuade 4+3, Propel 3, Soak 4, Streetwise 3, Lore: Divine 4, Lore: Gwinn 4, Shoot 2, Lore: Darklands 2, Empathy 3+2, survival 4

8 devotion -1-1-1-1-1

Powers and Knowledge
Earth sense: lvl 1 5 synergy
ALL Divine Feats, Synergy Flare, Chi Flare, Aura Projection (Reluctant to use)
ALL common rites of the church of light
Rank 1
Greater Comfort, Call Light (Negates natural darkness levels equal to conviction), Greater Vigilance, Shield (conviction x 5 PR)*favor 2 AM, Greater Test of Grace
Rank 2
Greater Favor, Greater Inspiration, Greater Healing (32 Fatigue, 16 real or 8 hard. no system shock), Defensive Boost (10m radius +1 MS to defensive action to all allies, additional MS for harmony level)*favor 2AM,Vigor Of the Faithful
Rank 3
Greater Guidance, Armoring (target gains conviction x2 Armoring), Concussive blows (targets attacks deal an additional 32 KB damage, and suffer half penalty for incapacitating strikes), Boost Sanity (target gains +4), Greater Shielding (Self Only, stops only 1 damage type, 20 Armoring 100 Health, All armoring is gone when the shield health is depleted)*favored 2AM
Rank 4
Minor Sunlight: (Negates darkness and deals half damage to creatures weak to true light)
Greater Guidance

Travel Kit (3 ENC) > Basic clothes (3 sets), good clothes (2 sets), fancy clothes (1 set), 2 sets boots, sandals, nice slippers, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 60m of rope, 2 belts, 2 light tarps, 1 small tent, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations, horse w/saddle bags and tack (saddle/harness/stirrups; +3 CS ride), 1 crude map of the realms, 50 SC in jewelry.

Armor: Hide – Thin, 1 set Hardened Leather 1 set Fendelkrayne
Shield: Medium – Light Wood
Weapons: Light Spear (Bonus health for blocking), Sun Head Mace 9 base damage, 3 AM, acts as a holy symbol , +1 MQ on defensive actions while held, +4 light damage, Razor Honed knife

4 uses of greater incense, Healing potions 2-1×40 points, 4 20 points, 7-1 8 points, Healing kit +2 MS, 8 Prayer Beads, 4 Candles of Favor, Mantle of Power, 10 vials of holy water
Water Breathing potion

silver 500


Hymblis has a nearly boring story considering how typical it is for an Icon of the faith. Recognized for potential early he was raised by an order of the Church of whelm, spending much of his time learning leadership skills and how to understand all peoples. For him there has never been another path, no wavering, not even a question of what his life could have been. He humbly accepted all duties and very quickly rose to favor within his order and gained grace with his god. By the Age of 16 his church sent him to lead expeditions into the darklands.

After 8 years of war, turmoil and constant stress Hymblis was finally caught out by the dark forces, being impaled, beaten, his spine broken and much of his flesh ripped from his bones by orrish teeth, only the presence of his bretheren saved him. Refusing to let a man who had saved and healed them time and time again they lost half of their unti pulling Hymblis from enemy hands, and called directly to Whelm for divine intervention. Hymblis and his entire unit were pulled from the field within the week, and sen to the fortified pass of the Hammer and Anvil.

Hymblis has seen little combat since then, his body permanently weakened from his horrible injuries. He has spent much of his time teaching the next generation and aiding in healing of the horribly wounded. While he can no longer wage the war he had deep in the darklands, his soul has lost patience for peace. He knows that he will soon be called to serve again, and is quietly waiting for the time that he can become the Shield of Light once more.