Dorian Hamsanone
CHA 11
DEX 17
WIS 16
CON 15
INT 13
STR 12
Rogue (theif) 1/Monk 1
HP: 8 (max)/8
Race: human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Folk Hero (defining event: stood up to local tyrant, and steals specifically to gives alms to the poor regularly)
Feature: Rustic Hospitality – Rest, hide or recuperate among commoners; shield you from enemies finding (but not sacrifice their lives)
Personality: If someone is in trouble, I am always ready to lend help
Ideal: [Fairness] No one should get preferential treatment before the law, and no one is above the law.
Bond: I protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Flaw: I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.
Focus: Music and Magic, Learn from Experience (as Bard); Sworn and Beholden + Delver into Secrets (as Warlock) > Inspiration = advantage to be used in fulfilling the focus
Special Power:

Otherworldly Patron:

Languages: Common (literate), thieves cant, Infernal (literate)

Armor Prof: Light Armor
Weapons Prof: Simple Weapons, hand crossbows, longsword, rapiers, shortsword (as Rogue), Animal Handling, Survival (as Falk Hero)
Tool Prof: Thieves Tools, Artisans Tools (1)
Vehicle Prof:
Skill Prof: Perception*, Sleight of Hand*, Stealth, Investigation (as Rogue)
* = expertise (x2 prof bonus)
Tactics: Dorians always like to make good use of his abilities to make sneak attacks – preferably from a distance. He is a bit of a thrill-seeker too, taking risks for sneak attacks, and finding ways to fade back into the shadows. Long did he grow up hearing tales of his folk and the fey spirits collaborating to mislead, paralyze, and render ineffective by botany and alchemical means those who would pursue them deep into the woods – he wishes to avail these things for himself.
Armor: leather
Weapons: 2 dagger (1 in boot, 1 up sleeve), rapier, shortbow w/20 arrows
Pack: burglars
GP: 80

Dorian was raised amongst the “free folk”, the travelers (gypsies) who bend knees to no king. As the youngest of the madame Eva’s children (by dalliance with an elven wine merchant – he has never known his father)), he was schooled in the roguish arts of the thief at an early age.

Two years ago, right after he had been betrothed without his permission, he encountered a wounded man while hunting. He was actually passed out from blood loss and dying. He then heard the local lord’s men crying back and forth and the faint sound of dogs. His people, having unfriendly relations at best with the local rulers, his instincts kicked in and he used his mother’s aniseed and special scent deceivers to get the dogs away from where the man lay, and bound his wounds. Soon the sheriff’s men had passed and he returned to his mother’s camp to find it being ransacked by the sheriff’s men. After then leaving, he tells his mother where the body is, and somehow they are still alive. The folk nurse him back to health. They discover tattoos on his body and only Dorian’s mother knows of. He is a monk and particular order – one not friendly with many, who often hire their order out as assassins. It turns out that this monk had killed a noble’s son and daughter in law (at the behest of the son’s father, who objected to the marriage). In return for his life, he offered a year of service. Dorian pleaded with his mother to let him choose how it would be spent. She felt it was a fine test of her son’s ability and agreed… much to her chagrin. He chose a year in service teaching Dorian the ways of his order at his monastery. Though bound by her own word, his mother was unhappy – the marriage delayed and her plans put on hold. But she was proud of his cleverness. She only delayed the marriage by 2 years. He learned well and after the journey and training, returned a year and a half later.

Dorian has returned to his people a changed man – purposely. As the youngest male, he knows he stands to inherit next to nothing, and his marriage is only political convenience. He has adopted the mannerisms and outward affectations of a more sinister tone and has succeeded in driving his betrothed away… though with the unintended consequence of making his own mother acknowledge his great change and that he must leave his own people! Both Eva and Dorian are looking for a compromise and have found none so far. Eva has made it clear despite her son’s more “worldly” attitudes and appearance, he has no experience in such a world. She is seeking to find a group of people who he will be safe with – perhaps as an apprentice, a scribe’s assistant, or even as an assistant to an aesthetic in some monastery somewhere. She seeks to find him a safe path.

Dorian sells himself as a “troubleshooter” – a man who can get you into, out of, and protect you from… trouble. He seeks to find his own path.