Adron Wylkes

Kinetic: 3 Chi: 60
Magic: 3 Manna: 200 normal 180 current (-20 devoted to a woven fetish)
Faith: Synergy:

Res: 40 Enc: 30 Age: 32 Essence: 24

RCT: 6
VIG: 4
STR: 3
CHR: 4
RSN: 8
SAN: 6
INT: 4
PER: 4 +1 cs
APP: normal
SIZE: 10

Occult Apprentice Experience, Occult Familiarity 6, Alchemical Faculty 4, Natural Alchemist, Natural Athlete, Chi Channeler, Manna Channeler, Chi pool 4, Manna Pool 6, Acute Sight, Acute Hearing, Sly, Mentor, Athleticism, Specialized Familiarity traps and construction.

Sorcery 6+1, Manna Sense 4, Mathematics 4+1, Cryptography 4+2, Lore: Occult 3+1, Lore: Demonology 2+1, Lore: sparks 2+1, Lore: Shadow 1+1, Lore: Divine 1+1, Sleight of hand 4+1, Jumping 3+1, Climbing 3+1, Running 3+1, Swimming 2+1, Propel 2+1, Melee 2+1, Evade 4+1, Appraising 4+1, Lore: Architecture 4+2, Streetwise 4+2, Survival 1+1, Stealth 3+1, Camouflage 3+1, Brewing 2+1, Cooking 2+1, Botany 2+1

Knowledge and Powers
Parlor tricks: ALL
Occult Feats:ALL
Manna Flare
Arcane Bonding: Casting a known spell into an object. Requires either one occult familiarity or 5 manna per rank to hold. Triggers Can be infused with one manna each. Infusing a point of essence into the binding will cause the Spell to reset itself after each use and can be triggered by any means the Arcanist desires with no extra manna infusement. Essence can also be used to replace the Manna and occult familiarity cost.
Triggers: Manna (1 per rank), Touch, Command, Set time
Potion Formula: Cost 100 silvers in material per rank
Rank 1: Fire bomb 20 damage, Ice: Inhibits limb, Irritant: -1 MS
Rank 2: Boost Will: +2 MS San and Vigor Checks. Regeneration: Doubles healing rate for 2 days
Rank 3: Quicken body: + 2 Vigor, Perception, Reactions, Strength for 1 hour. Impaired for 8 hours afterwards.
Rank 1: Monkey paw, Holding, Soften sounds, Invisibility, Pumice Shield, Locate the Weave, Inflame Object
Rank 2: Blind, Touch Of Composition, Touch Of Identity, Touch of Operation, Element resistance (select element ELU x2 PV). Soften (-50% resilience OR -2 Base damage) Harden (+20% resilience/ PV, +1 base damage)
Rank 3: Object of ease, Feather pack, Magnetize
Rank 4: Construct Demolition (ELU x 25 to constructs only, has never worked outside of a ritualized casting)

Occult Necklace (Woven Fetish): 100 Manna (devoted manna will be lost if the fetish is ever lost or destroyed)
Orb of the Craft: This device is attuned to the flow of magical events in the setting of the magus. In gazing into its depths, its plays out the lore, stories and knowledge of magical happenings. Such a process takes an hour, but the gazer gains +1 on their check for occult lore.
Black Silk Scarf (Talisman of Revealing): This grants the possessor +1 on Mana Sense checks when held or worn.
Decagon Crystal Bracelet: Infused with 20 Crystals of Reserve
10 Vapors of Rest: This bottle contains vapors that restore mana as if the inhaler had slept a full night. The character is put to sleep from which they cannot wake up for a single hour. Larger bottles contain vapor for more than one use.
15 Spell kits: +1 ELU to spell when used in conjunction with the spell
Favored Pack: A small back back that can reduce up to 100 ENC to 0 for 1 day by infusing 10 manna into it.
Potions: 10 Fire bombs, 10 Ice Bombs, 10 Irritant , 5 Boost Will , 15 Regeneration, 5 Quicken body
Travel Kit (3 ENC) > Basic clothes (3 sets), good clothes (2 sets), fancy clothes (1 set), 2 sets boots, sandals, nice slippers, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 60m of rope, 2 belts, 2 light tarps, 1 small tent, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations, horse w/saddle bags and tack (saddle/harness/stirrups; +3 MS ride), 1 crude map of the realms, 50 SC in jewelry.
Armor: Hide – Thin . Custom Leather: 6 pv, no ENC, 30 PR, holds 5 spell kits at the ready and conceals 2 knives. No Penalty to athletics and stalking skills.
Shield: Medium – Light Wood
Weapons: 2 Curved knives 1 AM, 2 base damage +1 over all. Custom staff: 3 am, 8 base damage, no reach due to its being shorter than normal. 100 Resilience for blocking, +2 MS to block/parry +1 MS Melee. Can be used to double STR for the purpose of throwing potions, rocks and light spears. 4 Custom Spears: only 2 ft in length, can be loaded into staff in 0 AM if prepped before hand. Normal light spears otherwise.

Adron is the result of a posh childhood and no discipline. He was given a high level of education and a pampered upbringing due to his parents wealth. A distant relative to the high king he felt privileged and above all laws. Once he’d learned all that could be offered at his academy he turned to alternative teachings and skills.

No one paid him any mind as he practiced thieving, stalking, manna infusement and even some less reputable bindings. Adron had an obvious knack for the occult but was never capable of separating his mystical powers from the physical world. From his perspective Magic and ones Physics are linked. Nearly all of his magic affects himself or objects, altering slightly the manner in which the physical world operates. It should not be surprising that he was a natural Arcanist, nor that he often infused his own essence into his magic bindings.

When caught thieving from a visiting family member he was confined to the keep. He busied himself studying its ins and out, soon coming to see physical and magical construction as similar processes. Within a year he was a self taught architect and could find ways in and out of virtually any building, A skill he abused recklessly.

At the age of 19 his family was assassinated by a political rival, causing him to become more reckless. He left his home and joined with an insurgent group that opposed the current regime. He didnt care of what was destroyed are harmed as long as he made his way to those responsible for his family. His skill set made him a natural terrorist, getting in and out of target locations with ease, leaving magically imbued explosives behind. It only took 2 years to obliterate the home of his family’s rivals.

When he was caught by the authorities he was delivered to his 3rd cousin, an official in the kings court. At first he was going to be tried and imprisoned, but much of his knowledge was deemed valuable. He was tried, given a fake execution, and utilized by the state ever since. Its not perfect in Adrons mind… but it does give him a purpose.