Green Dragon Dead (Campaign News)

[Part of Rivking and Friends Campaign Record]

News of Green Dragon Slaying

The Suzail Times-Review – “The Voice of Cormyr” for 340 Years
Green Dragon of Procampur Slain!
Associated Press

PROCAMPUR-In an early morning raid yesterday, a small group of adventurers invaded the lair of the heretofore untouchable green dragon of Procampur. Authorities are withholding the names of the party involved pending a full investigation, but sources well placed in the government are naming at least some members of the so-called Neverwinter Four.

While there is no official word as to the value of goods recovered, rumors on the street place it between one and two hundred thousand gold crowns. Government records of the amount of imposed tariffs will become available to the public in the mandatory 30 days. Initial reports are that most of the magical and perishable items in the dragon’s stash were ruined by the conditions in the lair.

Apparently, careful scouting revealed an underwater entrance to the beast’s lair. After some consideration, the party decided to enter the lair and fight the dragon on its own ground. Miraculously, no members of the adventuring party were killed in the ensuing combat.

The Neverwinter Four gained notoriety through a series of exploits in the North, including the defeat of the frost giants and—most notably—the defense and liberation of the city of Neverwinter. Members of the group include: Sister Juliana Singletree, a spellcaster and religious devotee; Rivkin Silverglass, a freelance adventurer with alleged underworld ties; Tereya Litvak, a swordplay instructor and champion of the poor and underprivileged; and a man known as “Inyati” Katanga, a self-styled adventuring sage. The group, in whole or in part, was reputedly involved in the slaying of as many as six other dragons, including the well-publicized battle versus an undead dragon in Neverwinter.

The green dragon of Procampur is thought to be responsible for more than 500 deaths and the loss of trade and property in excess of a quarter million gold crowns.

Prevailing Issues!
Commoners Question Value of War with Sembia – Citizens of both Cormyr and Sembia are beginning to show signs of disillusionment with the protracted nature of the conflict between their countries. Although government spending to finance the war effort has infused cash into the economy, a new levy to aid the war effort in Cormyr is just as quickly depleting the common man’s reserves. In addition, rationing of foods and metals is placing additional strain on a government-citizen relationship that has been ailing in recent years. Localized food riots have been reported in the poor quarters of Suzail and Arabel. Local leaders are said to be considering bolstering the civil guard and imposing curfews.

The North News: Oakemont takes 3rd NW-WD Yacht Race

Lord John Oakemont won his third Neverwinter to Waterdeep yacht race this past week in his private boat Lady of the North. Favorable winds and a calm sea-state allowed him to shave 4 hours off his own record time from last year’s race. See details in sports, section C.