Orlec Travels

+1 Days: leave the temp/camp, 3 kaitlen assault us trying to kill Morgan’s character

+3 Days: travel around the wasteland, return to civilization; we found tracks

+3 Days: Using detect thoughts something is following us; we take a long rest. We confront the “thing” – cold damage heals it. It leaves. There is a weird natural cavern. +2 non-real days in the cavern – we get a full rest at the crossroads. There was a frost giant in the strange complex.

The WAGER: Reading Torquimot (Prik Wagon)/ re-wager my own essence only/ another wager to have permanent comprehend languages without having to have it in a spell slot. Icrane contemplates goading the barbarian into attacking Prik as a “sacrifice”. Mastery of Detect Thoughts or Detect Celestials? hmmmm. Searching library in complex, working with Pryk, can add 1 spell per spell level 1st and 2nd.

The inn is gone, burnt to the foundation. After what the survivors saw in there as it went up in flames and they ran out, the army helped keep it burning. Rebuilding it will either cost you money or you will have to try and work it out after the Mayors son actually gets elected. Sell the land to the mayor candidate for cheap since we are planning on taking over the manse of our first killed enemy as the new inn. Let the mayors son sell or build on it as he sees fit to best benefit his family/office.

How many died in the fire? Icrane is keeping a tally of blood and souls – only 4 died in the fire itself, about 6 more wounded, but they bailed pretty quick.

Icrane and the Harpy Converse

1) what are my expected duties in regards to the daughter?
2) where will she live? I assume once we loot her manse, she will take the family fortune (whats left) and rebuild)
3) As is my custom, we WILL let the commoners loot the manse after we go through it – my stated goal is to always have the commoners see me as a giver and a person for them. There will be no rape or burning. Any family heirlooms will be preserved (ask her) – but all dishes, linens, furniture, etc will be picked clean
4) I want to ally her with the new mayor’s son if i can – is there a younger son for future marriage available? Any other families?
5) The big one. To the harpy. You got EVERYTHING you wanted. You promised me to take the cult elsewhere, now you have a new cult leader in town. I am allowing this. The cult was seen to be wiped out – and its nature never really made available to the public – just that we had found it, and were stamping it out. I will make sure everyone believes that. But our bargain was not fulfilled. I want compensation. I want our bond to be a full one, above and beyond my own experience. I will serve her, and i will do so with much greater subtlety. The town is conquered and we ARE in control. I will ask for immigrants – put the call out for people to come settle here under Medja to survive the coming storm. She has to acknowledge that Medja’s will must ultimately triumph in the coming struggle for all of us to survive and thrive.

Response: or this you will basically be called upon if needed. Other than that, do not draw undue attention to her.

hats the perfect response for sneaking away. i owe nothing in terms of obligatory protection, and me being away will definitely reduce anyones association between us. I ask that she leave any communications in the militia belfry for my familiar to find. I will check like 1/week.

Icrane and the mayors son: I tell him i am going to send word to get people to come and settle here. I will explain the civil war as an establishment of the common order for the greater good.

Icrane asks Esne to get the most expensive looking inks and quills from the nobles houses we raid… i mean ‘search’, that were associated with the fallen cult members. I am also looking for maps of the local area. I figure those nobles will have a few – so have Esne gather any up carefully in her searching as well.

Short Rest – Icrane leaves
Short Rest

Kampfer Returns

Icrane meets Kampfer…

Icrane tells Kampfer where the occult stores hes recovered from everywhere are buried in the hall of the harpy. Kampfer will store his tomes and supplies there as well.

Icranes Research

The conqueror appears to be either a powerful celestial if not a minor god. Imagine if Steel realms Mizeras mixed with Ghengis Khan. It’s not about ruling, or even really about the wealth gained. It’s the power to see your will executed.

The shadow wizard (for lack of a better term) seemed good at hiding his whereabouts. In fact nobody aside from those who were in the unit he had aided seems to know what the hell you are talking about.

I want to make a rubbing of the tablets in the tunnels before i leave town. I am taking the original city maps and journal with me (if Pryk leaves it in storage), and the occult library and books. Hes going underground and doing research and will send letters to the party members of anything he fonds, using familiar or raven to drop off a later without the party knowing where its from. I also want to ask my bride to be about any other hidden archive or town archive that she might know of – the safety of her family and friends may depend on it.
= She only knows about councilman Rines.

Creating a sanctum: So, we need to loot the wizards quarters everywhere and build our sanctum. A place where we can do spell research – we will need books, writing materials, desks and comfy chairs. I go ahead and create a hidden area in the hall of the harpy – under the burnt “throne” – and store all acuterments from the wizards we have killed. Use the Occult Servant to dig when i am not there.

Enemies: what about the renegade Kaithllen? Where are they? Do we need to do something about them? Can we win them over? I tried to do some research to see if there are there any other known enemies lurking about. If we want the town to accept Medjha, then the negative connotation behind Hiddzwaur needs to be dealt with. Ultimately, it means that the Demon-Worshiping Kaithllen need to go. Aside from the Civil war and the Savage Kaithllen, no immediately pressing enemies. Theres always those prepping for the time of the Comet, but they aren’t bothering us here.

Being Poisoned: Start asking around about contacts that might be able to supply such a poison. It has several names. Varying poisons are used quite frequently. No specific info on suppliers in town.

Demon Worship of Kaithllen: What demon do they worship? Is it associated with “the conqueror” holy symbols we found? Can we find out how it all started – why did they go down that route? Where they driven or was it an active embrace? What is the desire of this demonic entity? The savage Kaithllen worship a multitude of creatures from a demonic host. Each tribe has it’s own patron. Some seem to have celestials as patrons, but the are ideal servants for malicious creatures. [GM: I believe I explained the reason for their abyssal path last session.]

Montvin: The Montvin rep (Endin) will be entering into trade agreements with Montvin through a false identity, on behalf of Merowey. He sees how Bragget could be useful for that. Montvin is fairly arrogant as a whole. They are aware of the comet and the leaders don’t seem to be making any particular preparations for the time of the comet.

Prayer to Medja: I left the town to be alone, and prayed. I want Medja to know that this place will be a bastion of light and hope – regardless of any smaller squabbling factions. Law and Order will rule and that ultimately Medja needs to know that this is my goal – whatever unlikely bedfellows i may find myself, i am committed to the cause of the people and their safety. Anything that can be done to bring immigrants and replace fallen population is appreciated. Visions, messages to clergy, etc. We need crafters, workers, and hunters. We need men at arms. We need a weaponsmith and armorer for the upcoming fight. If i need to give up my desire for the couple of magic items i was hoping to get made, so be it. Anything i can, i would use to increase and settle the population so that its Medjas shield in the time of the comet. Protect Ferghus – what can i do to protect Ferghus and make sure he stays on the straight and narrow? Under that calm exterior is a man who is torn and righteous. Medja guide me in helping him the best way i can.

[GM] The light in the west: While you will get no direct response from this, you do get a strong urge to look to the west. You aren’t certain if you are just fooling your self or not but you could swear that there is a star on the horizon, dim but very prominent. Every night you look back out to the west as the second sun falls, and you can see the same star growing steadily brighter and more focused.

Bring it to the attention of Fergus and Yew-Deep first.
1) If its not the comet, what is it?
A: Not sure, but not the comet
2) Where is Yew Deep in the time of the comet? Does he have a side? Is there some connection through him we can leverage to gaining other allies?
A: Yew Deep HATED that pocket dimension you guys went to. Anything that stands in the way of natures growth, change, death and rebirth is something he will fight against. In a case like this, he’s on the side of life, much in the same way a druid would be.
3) Can we actively recruit immigrants and crafters? Ask the mayors son about this and any incentives (land opposite side of town from the sacred grove we are planning) for homesteaders.
A: The town already attracts crafters and homesteaders by virtue of being the only point of civilization for hundreds of miles. If you are looking for a large influx of immigrants/ pioneers then the effort would have to be FAR reaching.
4) IS there any occult crafters in town, or nearby? If so, who are they and where?
A: A few names for occult crafters are known, but like before they all seem to be in hiding at the moment. The cult scare and the civil war don’t bode well for the longevity of private magic users. And of course, there are those under contract of the councilmen, but approaching any of them (if you find them) creates it’s own risk.

Ferghus and Icrane Talk

Icrane: I am advocating for a cessation of hostilities. We have hostages of high ranking people. These need to be taught that we hold their lives. Law and Order will rule the day and they must renounce their cult connections and get on with their lives. I was thinking maybe theos character can start preaching and making personal stops to talk about the time of the comet and what it means for the town. I want things to settle down. Whatever alliances come our way, be open.

Ferghus: I think the best thing for Ferghus to be doing right now is addressing the people directly and honestly. He’s not a people person, granted, but what the people need now is a figure who can return them to some kind of order. But I’d like to know what exactly is meant by “cessation of hostilites”. Between whom and whom’s’t’d’ve, I’ve gotta ask? Ikrayne and Ferghus? Or between us and the nobles? I think one of those is much, MUCH more likely than the other, seeing as we’ve made a name for ourselves as the “go into your house and murder you while you sleep” crew.

Icrane: Between everyone. Order must be restored if the town is to heal. I must give up the unabashed violence as my only means of getting things done – it was useful, but now its likely to lead to our deaths more and more as people understand there is no bargaining or dealing with us outside that context. The nobles must recognize the central authority of the mayor and the militia. No more private armies in the long run, no more competition thats leads to violence.

Kampfer and Icrane Meet

As Icrane and his wife flees Mereowey, they are camping far off the beaten track, resting and using another use of tenser’s floating disc to carry stuff (they only took 1 mule). In the light of minimal campfire, a stranger’s voice softly asks them where they come from. Icrane expects a fight.
Kampfer calms him down with Friends cantrip
Kampfer him to come away from sleeping bride to be
Kampfer explains he has no ill intentions
Friends wears off and Icrane realizes the truth
Kampfer says he was drawn to this place
Kampfer says that nature and the gods has brought him to this place to meet them.
Icrane says it is ridiculous and he is distrustful
Kampfer tries to reason with Icrane, he shows him a sign, and he draws it in the ground – it is the symbol of Medja and says he has been following it
Each day he closes his eyes and draws it – whichever way it aligns with is the direction he travels
It has brought him here, to this exact place and meeting Icrane
Icrane uses Insight, and begrudgingly admits Kampfer is telling the truth – he trusts him a little more.
There is a great struggle coming says Kampfer; the natural order now set in motion must be allowed to complete or Orlec is at risk.
Kampfer says they both have a part to play, but they are intertwined.
Icrane says his part is over
Kampfer says its not true, that Icrane was preserved from death by Medja by helping him to leave the turmoil and gain a rest.
Icrane senses that he believes it
They talk until sunrise, each trading their life story and reflections on the future.
Icrane agrees to revisit his decision, and, using his creatures, keep in touch with Kampfer.
Kampfer says that powers have brought them to a fated destiny
Medja, nature, life and death. Kampfer believes his life was meant to sustain Icranes.
I have seen my fate Kampfer says, it is a short road i travel
Talks about both the items.
They spend a day together discussing views and values; Kampfer persuades Icrane that he needs to be more accepting. – “It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.” – to serve is noble, to protect is the greatest honor and duty for those with the power.
Kampfer extracts the eye and gives it to Icrane. Icrane must use it for good and to gain insight.
He gifts the shield to Icrane – “like the faithful companion who used it, i gift it to you to preserve you in the most trying of times”.
Icrane tells him where to find the party, and a few things only he would know in order for the party to trust him as someone Icrane trusted.

Letters from Icrane

Icrane’s Letter to Pryk

I am sorry we could not collaborate more before i must go, but i thank you for the shared experiences in the occult. I would advise talking to Ferghus. I had a bond with a shared purpose with him. You may wish to consider where your loyalties lie in the coming time of the comet and talk to him about that. Ferghus was the primary reason i decided to leave, because he was too much like me and i am trying to change. One of my deciding factors to leave was your answer to why you were with us. You said we facilitate getting you more knowledge… Ferghus sees this as nothing more than exploitation. If a better offer were to come along, you would leave. If you had to choose between knowledge/power and the group, you would not choose the group. Dont expect too much party loyalty from an answer like that. This is the sentiment, true or not, so i advise you to make the others understand that the group does indeed come first. There are many occultists around the town – more than we knew about. Beware. Use your detection of magic constantly – assume you are always being watched. Never trust Bragget. Hide the materials on the town from him. Whoever leads, offer them your advice, because there is no one with your extensive knowledge in the party… but back their ploy and argue later.

Icrane’s Letter to Ferghus

I am saddened by your promise to a man who sees the town as nothing more than his toy to exploit – as his due, even. It was a devil’s bargain you made. But i will not be the one to cause you to break that promise, and so i must leave. Him and his family, and their attitude – no matter that he thinks he is entitled to it for some grand reason – are unacceptable to me. I will never forgive a poisoner. Never trust him. Your actions of late remind me too much of myself of old, and who i dont want to be… dont go down that path. Your oath is to the light, dont let the darkness in you spread. Be merciful when you can, temper yourself, and be the figure of inspiration you know you were meant to be. Make no rash decisions and temper them with input from all. There is a powerful shadow mage lurking about, i had a brief encounter in the final battle. Fear them, and avoid the shadows. I have arranged a section of land for Yew Deep, and talked to the mayors son. It is a corner of town, and the promise was for a wild growth park, that the town would never advance around it or towards that one area. I asked Pryk to speak to you – perhaps you can change his attitude from the cavalier one he has now where he only sees us as a resource to exploit. I ask that my share of treasure be used to fund the militia, fire fighters, and a public medical tent until the town emerges from this chaos. Silvas can see to it. Regarding the shadow mage, pump Bragget for all its worth. Look for him to falter and make mistakes. Keep a watch on him. Dont trust him, Of trust, there was much grumbling. There is broken trust inside the party and trust with the townsfolk that needs mending. If you want to lead, and perhaps you dont, this needs repair. There is also something big coming. I have seen it in my auguries. Be ready for another force or faction to appear soon. About Esne… She cannot be included in all our conversations – she is likely to just blab it out in her innocence. Be careful.

Icrane’s Letter to Arthur

The militia need a figure to inspire them, and to instill a good reason to fight. The townsfolk need a good militia with so many nobles and private armies. See that you educate them in the martial ways, and instill in them a desire to do good and protect the people. That could be you too. You are good at heart, and you should never be afraid to speak up. Whoever leads, they need your moral compass. And… needs all the help he can get. Do not trust anyone outside the group… and frankly i would not trust some of the members in the group. Try and guide Ferghus if he stays the leader – he needs someone to say “thats not right” when it comes down to it. Remember that Bragget poisoned us, and sees the town as his to control. Do not trust him and do not let anyone in the group make deep alliances with the man or family.
Before Icrane Left: Set up Arthur and guards on a patrol duty. Perhaps leading a force of volunteers – training the militia? Earls character might be part of that as well and Tandens. It would keep them busy –
1) set up training grounds
2) have a volunteer headquarters
3) it has to get some supplies accumulated for food, drink, and arms and armor.
4) Maybe the swarf can set up a stilland use it as reward and sell some?

Put out the call perhaps every able bodied 14-40 year old needs to go through some basic training so theres at least an ability to follow order and hold a spear. I would definitely have used the militia and gathered up weapons and armor from all the street battles to prevent that from getting into the hands of just anyone.

Icrane’s Letter to Silvas

The ever loyal hound. Hound no more. The time of the comet is coming. I know your feelings toward Medja. But i urge you to guide Ferghus or whoever leads into a nuanced view of Medja, and his own place in bringing justice and prosperity to the town. A shadow mage is about, and you will need to hunt them down. It will not be easy, and it may not be the last mage in town, there seems to be many. Watch over my bride’s family if you can. If you leave a note with a purple ribbon in the militia belfry, i will have my familiar pick it up. I wont respond unless you call for aid. I will only respond to you, only if you assess the need. Beware of Bragget – dont cross him, but dont trust him. If i uncover anything earth shaking in my studies, i will find a way to get word to you. I am attempting to discover more about the time of the comet, Bragget, and fashion an occult weapon of power.
1) Sponsor a public medical tent at the militia with my share of the money.
2) The fire fighting force should also be trained – it needs 4-6 horses and a couple carts.
3) Name a Barracks after Icrane or something.
– I want tons of publicity to fuel my desire for the people to see me as their hero.

Icrane’s Letter to Yew deep

I am puzzled why you would ever want to associate with this group, given what little i know about your views and desires. However, you are part of it and i hope it is not merely to exploit it for your own ends. Watch out for Bragget, dont trust him in the slightest. Ive tried to arrange for you a spot on the edge of the town – towards which the (hopefully) new mayor will declare off limits to development – as a place for you to symbolically and literally stop the growth of urban sprawl. Claim this spot immediately, begin your magical growths and know that the support of the new administration and the group. I hope this small gesture engenders some trust and good will. Perhaps you can temper Ferghus with a bit of nature and help stop him from going down the path i was pursuing – the end justify the means. If there is anything you can do to find out how best to prepare for the struggle in the coming time of the comet from your perspective, please do it… and keep whoever leads the group in the loop.

Icrane’s Letter to Esne

Collecting shinies is a good starting point, but you are capable of so much more. If you act simple, you will be exploited. The value of the shinies is where they especially come in useful. I strongly suggest taking lessons in language, culture and economics from town officials that the group trusts. It will earn you more value. A plan well executed can be just as beautiful as the shiniest coins. I cannot quite figure why you stay with the group – there are others better at getting wealth and coin. And the dangers the group will face in the coming time of the comet are huge. I hope you still lend yourself to that cause. I had an idea for you as well… I was thinking that we could set up a new gambling room in the inn we are rebuilding and have you be a resident gambler. Shinies and other objects that shine are always in demand. Plus, you get to meet interesting people. Talk to Silvas… Maybe you can have a “hall of shinies”? A sort of trophy room?

Icrane’s Letter to the Dragon Born

What to say, sir? Your motivations seem to be little more than killing. I guess as long as you are killing for our cause, that is best. I would advise you to ask around to discover more about the time of the comet, and where you will stand in the future battle. Do you have a cause? I feel like this town, and this area are worthwhile. Your ability with animals is useful, but i would say dont alienate many species for the sake of friendship with one. Yew deep will be making a sacred grove on the edge of town. Perhaps you can also have a hand in drawing enough small critters to make a swarm of rats or crows, or bats or insects. This swarm we can work on to be triggered to attack a specific area and everyone in it. That way Yew deep gets a protection while the others are not around. I hope you find good cause with the group, and affirm your vows to support it and get the group to assist you in yours.

Icrane’s Letter to the Innkeeper

Start working with Esne – shes a great ice breaker and disarming. We can run a game – “amuse the halfling!” – basically have the innkeep run a betting shop wherein people can trade coin for baubles that might interest here – we make about 10% in the exchange and have an occasional payout. Let the innkeep get to know her and the shinies she likes and always stock them as they change and give her coin to trade. Hopefully the 10% trade gain will offset the gambling loses through her (i dont expect her to win much – shes easily distracted); but she will keep her ears and eyes open and report on new gamblers, their connections to arrival sin town, and if they seem too rich or too much not what they appear. My wife has left the plans and paper trails for the party to make it happen.

Icran’s Letter to Harden Abels

I just want to let you know, that because i am not gone, does not mean i am not watching. As we talked about, and i negotiated with you and town will basically say on one corner of the town we will build a sacred pool and plant a stand of trees. Yew deep will live there. There will be a pledge that that corner is nature’s. NEVER will the town advance in that direction or expand there. That the wells of the city will be watched over, that there will be parks for lovers to lie in and children to play in, and that each year there will be a sworn reaffirming of natures due – never to expand in that direction, and to appreciate the bounty of the crops, rain and earth. Yew deep will name all places of nature.

Icrane’s Letter to Endin of Montvin

– A copy to Fergus as well

I know that it does not seem like there is any trading opportunities right now, but there will be soon. Civil unrest will be done, law and order established. Consider allying with Bragget. Beware of him at the same time – he is a poisoner and believes he is entitled to run the city from the shadows. Keeping him near, and perhaps keeping the party informed would be of mutual benefit to us and yourself. Please consider your primary alliance to our group and ultimate allegiance to the town, as we wish to extricate ourselves from that role and let law and order take over… a job for which others are better suited. If you are willing to work with Bragget, i would want anything you knew on the interests of montvin or your connections in the town documented. And i would say that while you does not need to be a spy, that i do feel obligated to offer you a safe place at the rebuilt Harpy Hall or wherever if he needs a safe place to run to. Though i may not be around, i have eyes and ears in the town. If you need to communicate with me, talk to Silvas. Ferghus has made a devils bargain with Bragget, so beware… his is a manipulator in addition to a poisoner. We have no way of ousting him from his power, nor do i say we must, but he is the strongest single power in the town, no matter what he says.

Icrane’s Letter to Bragget

– A copy to Ferghus as well

I want you to consider that law and order WILL rule the day, and that you must find a way to work within that. BEcause i am gone, you may think i am not watching – this is not so. The town is going to need a primary/preferred partner for the trade with Montvin. I have suggested to the remaining representative that he connect with you on this. I was wondering if i can take the last representative from Montvin we spared, and put the two of you together so that our ally Endin feels he is getting his value out of our relationship. Trade needs to flow again, and this needs to happen. There is a power vacuum with so many of the houses wiped out by us. But i wont want one massive monopoly. However, keeping his current connections and adding Montvin – is that enough to let other factions rise up and grab some of the economic power to be had? In short, dont attract too much attention – go for quality not quantity. I expect the rep from Montvin to be well taken care of at the expense of our ally – since he will be benefiting.

Icrane Travels

Spread the word about the town, the civil war, and how the rule of law and order will be re-established. Icrane cast Augury to determine the direction to go to best serve Medja in the future. Using this, he is brought to meet Kampfer.

Enter the Circle of Meowory

We entered the strange corridors and made our way to a 5×5 passage. We entered this and immediately sensed something off. The light seemed to war with the shadows. There were multiple trip wire traps as we sent three ahead by 60 feet to scout. We made it past them to a portal that pulled at our sanity as we passed through it. Some of the party lost sanity and were confused for a moment. We were attacked by a strange serpent like creature and those with six legs. A shadow dragon also attacked us, Arthur did most of the damage to it before we were able to take it down.

Kampfer and Pryk take samples of the plant and the Glabrezu.

The party is going through a shadow plane version of the town. We find a shrine to some demon. Kampfer starts desecrating the shrine and out comes a Glabrezu. It attacks the party. We defeated it – after confusion – the warping effect ends. Ww take a long rest, and do not encounter anything. We manage to make it to the other side. We get to a cellar door,and Esni hears about a dozen soldiers on the other side. Plan is to lift the trap door and Pryk will fireball. Lightning ball and we scare one and capture an eldritch knight.

The party set out down the tunnel that was found in a warehouse, certain it leads to Councilman Fielns Manor (where the circle has been activated). The navigate past 2 traps and come to a portal which transports them to a shadow version of the city. They fight a shadow dragon, spend a couple days traveling minimal distance in the twisting of reality while being stalked by shadow beasts. Where the alter of Medjha should be is a demonic alter with a statue of a glabrezue. The party desecrates it and in retribution are set upon by a demon and 4 shadow beasts. Kampfer is overcome by madness (it will grow inside him). The party prevails, and manages to get in a long rest due to the time dilation effect. They find another portal and leave the shadow realm, entering the same tunnel they left just much farther down. The scouting party goes to the end an manages to open up the barred trap door which leads to a storeroom of the manse. They prep to charge, fireballs blast, magic flys from both sides, the party runs into a killing pocket and only punches through because of an additional fireball. The party captures the leader of the Mercs in the storeroom and stops to plan their next move. Kampfer leaves due to shadow bond ‘s future corruption and Prycks flippant threats on killing all mages, and the party is joined by Crad who says that Kampfer sent him in to reinforce the party on his way out. Kampfer asks where to leave a package for Icrane first.

Fielns Manor yes (Though he’s dead). The Merc leader is like most Mercs, he’s going to do what he thinks will benefit him the most. At the moment the highest benefit available to him is staying alive. You already have him bound and gagged. The Merc group did use the storeroom as a killing pocket against you, there were 17 there: 2 eldritch knights (the leaders), and 15 common mercs. One ran away after the second fireball, and you captured one eldritch knight (the captain), the other eldritch knight and 14 mercs were burnt to cinders.

PRYCK FIREBALLS THE FAMILY – all standing on the steps or just inside the Fielns family chapel while we were raiding their manse.
Silvas and Arthur willingly let themselves be taken – they were hanged
Yew Deep got away
Pryk left before the group turned themselves in

The town now hates the group and renames it Prycks Bastards

Icrane Returns

Why do we need to fight?
Large scale you are fighting against about 20 different tribes, each with their own patron. Against the “territorial” tribe that you have currently been sent against no one has seen any avatar or being of power. Most of what they have seen is the tribes tendency to coat thier bodys and weapons with blood. Then they kill everything in their way.

Prayer to Medja
And Medja, i sure dont feel like someone who is doing good work to make things safer and more prosperous. A life of peace is not the life for me, and violence and power are my stock and trade. I dont have to wrestle with being good… It literally is my intended outcome and not my behavior. Medja, the preserver, Do you want us to follow the army’s mission to eradicate these Kaithlin? I guess its the larger good we are looking at, but something feels off. Is theres no way of convincing/redeeming them?
> I’ll keep looking for signs and anomalies in this whole process. Ask the mayor and his contacts.
A: Esni’s conversation comes in a dream, Medja shows that her idea is your best bet for that – Kill their “god”. Some are not quite lost to the racial curse, but are the products of their upbringing. Unless they can be brought out of that environment there is little to be done for them. Even if that is your goal, you wont have much help from your human allies, as they see these tribes as nothing but a threat.
> So, forgetting about redeeming them.. this “god” of theirs… a demon i assume, and are these demons taking material form on Orlec? Could be find the temple, enter it, and take out their god? I cant believe no one has thought about a less violent solution.
>> The tribe you are currently the anvil against? Its possible. Its not a matter of whether or not people have thought of it. the higher authorities of Merowey WANT these creatures eradicated AND the army dwindled down.

A: Medjha isn’t the one who wants them eradicated! Thats the people of Merowey, especially the military minds. Medjha is the patron of the Kaithllen, and wants peace for them, but he is not able to shelter those who refuse him and give in to their demonic roots.

Final Thoughts: I know i sold the new companions on the good we would do together, so thats what we will try and do. We need to find out more about their “god”.

Planning Our Own Assault on the Kaithllen

If we are going to break ranks, we need to find a legal way to do it. Some slippery slope. We are already in too much hot water. breaking the law and military code wont help our cause. Finneas has military lore so i will be talking to him. A letter to the mayor might also be in order – perhaps a “special mission to save the town” can override the military orders. A drawn out war with these fucking brutal beasts is likely to get a lot of people killed. A grateful military thats not decimated and ready for the time of the comet would sure be something to have.
> You could break ranks here. The enemy camp is not too far away, and if the source of their faith was destroyed you may be able to save some of them before the main force strikes their home.

Icrane talks to a scholar friend of the mayor.
Q: “Do they qualify as animals or humanoids? In other words, what sort of spells work on them?”
A: Humanoid. Except for the Leonine. Hold person would not work on them, though neither would beast sense come to think of it…… Other than the Leonine, treat them as humanoid.

The Decoys:
Get some nags,straw, wood, caps and army cloaks to make decoys for the kitties to go after.
> Esni goes and gets them from the camp we are in.

We ead out with the rest of the army. We have a few days to get into position.

Icrane’s Augury for Doing it Ourselves
i would like to do an augury and see which one is worse – going after their “god” or trying to eradicate them in a drawn out campaign? the question is which one is the better way for us to serve Medja – to do this, should we strike with surprise before the army tries to slaughter them, or stick to being the anvil in the army maneuver?
A: Breaking ranks is weal.

Attack on the Aramachd Tribe

Tribe name: Aramachd
Entity of worship: Demonic, not celestial. No other known aspects.
Several shaman types, no clear hierarchy.
Tribe leader: Fuil “Thirster”. Has not been seen by anyone living, except from a distance at night.

Paula Erelhays Works in the Background

Document from Icrane:
I hereby grant permission for Paula Erelhays (formerly Paula Forest) to negotiate the sale or other dispensation of the property known as Crost Tavern, in the trading post of Millins Gulch.
—-Icrane —
—- Dated —-
—– Witnessed by the new mayor of Merowey (Haren Ables)—-