Par-Utu is a generic male name for “beast-child” in Nakrian; he has given up his name given by his people he no longer considered himself part of.

Character Portrait
Class @ Level: Fighter 3 - Champion
Health/HP: 6,6,6
Essence: (-6 for 3 spark Merovin)
Ability Summary
Ability Notes:

Proficiency: Capability, Knowledge, Items

Proficiency Bonus:
Communication: Nakrian, Gladnorian


Natural Shifter (shifts as a Bonus action not normal action)






Arcane Focus:
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Physical Features, Form, and Appearance

Race: Merovin (of the Steel Realms Merovin - cursed Size: Medium | Movement: 35 > Beauty: Average
Description: Black skin, brown eyes, right handed

Scars, marks, etc.:

Behavior, Outlook and Perspectives

Alignment: Chaotic Good | Affinity: Kinetic (Dexterity) | Aptitude:
Behaviors: Tends to act first and think later.
Combat Tactics:


Background: Soldier / Origins:
Defining Personality Trait:
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Patrons, Sponsors and Connections

What made the character become an Adventurer?

A story of growing up

A story of exemplifying beliefs

How the character came to be in the group

He was used as a servant in the Umbakian Crusade in Dwindor Swamp during the Bar-Innis civil war. He was meant to see the triumph of the Umbakians over the Orrish goblins of Dwindor (and the rabble of Dunstrand's Earldom of Bar-Innis), but instead witnessed their demise. The swamp was too much for the heavy Umbakians. And the "rabble" rebels of Bar-Innis were a match for the Umbakian Army - they out maneuvered and out fought them with heart. He escaped his captors when the Umbakians were routed by the god magic of The Gallants in the south end of Dogwood Flats. He was pulled from the swamp by mercenaries hired by The Gallants of Bar-Innis (rebels) and rehabilitated in the their field hospital. There he met a woman they called "Jingle" - for her hair was colored and decorated with bells and feathers and she jingled as she walked. She divined his Merovin nature when no others could see it, and was accepting. In fact, she actively recruited him, and her easy manner and witch-way (she has a bewitching smile and charisma) did not take long to convince him that he could find a new path, a new family with her and this band of individuals called The Gallants. They are Bannermen of the Earl of Bar-Innis. He has forsworn his vows to country, emperor, and people - he has none any more. His faith is abandoned. He feels that all have abandoned him and has a deeply sad expression and a wearisome posture. He believes he may have found his purpose with the Gallants and this is a test of his commitment. He is far from home, and only now he feel comfortable in showing his true colors; he has only recently begun to shift again. It turns out that the Gallants are the decisive element in the rebels victory in Bar-Innis. Par-Utu stays on helps train recruits in the newly opened Gallantine Academy in Dogwood Flats. A couple years pass and he tells Jingle he must leave - he cannot abide another day in the swamp edges - he yearns for the wide open plains and to run with his brethren again. Jingle understands, and pledges that he will take the oath of loyalty of the inner circle of Gallants soon. He is sent by Jingle to track down the party in the north to deliver a scroll with some information which could help save the mind and soul of Lady Jaq Blackwell - a small group of Gallants is trying to save her soul by traveling north and putting to rest the spirit that inhabits her body. Jaq is one of the officers of the Gallants - and the code dictates they do everything they can to save her. Par-Utu travels further into the far north, into the cold of the Hinterlands. He travels light, only a satchel and harness he can carry as a wolf. He carries the kukri of Books, which the smiths of The Gallants have worked to re-forge and have named "Sustrey".

XP/CP/Inspirations Gained and Spent


Par-Utu (as he is known now – he is looking for a sign for a new name day) is full blooded Nakrian wolf clan, from the lands south of the Doolun Emirates. For years he grew up as a scout and hunter of his people, fighting at the age of 15 in his first foray against the hated Lightbringers of Umbak on the western peninsula. When he was 17 he married to Mileyfi. He grew to be a respected warrior. At the age of 22 he was selected to be part of a guard for a diplomatic mission to the Umbakians – his family was allowed to travel with him. The Umbakian army ambushed them, disavowing the peace process. He family was murdered by the Umbakians and he and a couple others were taken to Umbak for ‘re-education’ (representative of the triumph of the ‘civilized’ over the ‘savage’ in Umbakian culture). Depressed and bereaved he says little and adjusts to his virtual slavery. His silence is treated more as an example of his brute nature.