Amun Tero-Hakshem

Amun Tero-Hakshen, Aasimar, child of Merr-Hakshem thrice removed of the blood of Anubis judge of Maat and the balance, TRUE DRUID of the Order of Davros. The Aasimar are the glorious remnants of celestial divinity on earth.

HP = 20 > Warlock 2: HD = 8/2 + Cleric 2: DH = 1/4 + Driod 1: 5 = Character level 5th / Proficiency Bonus +3
-What Amun lacks in HP he makes up for in flexibility and options

Strength 10
Constitution 11
Dexterity 17 {+3}
Wisdom 15 {+2} **
Intelligence 10 **
Charisma 16 {+3} **
Sanity 9 {-1}
Aasimar: medium, male, right handed, piercing grey eyes, flawless pale skin (never burns), thick white hair, 5’9″, #138
Movement: 30′
Senses: Darkvision 60′; no color spectrum in darkvision
Age: Slowed aging by patron for many early decades – saw the rise of Dunstrand Rising from the outside. S’ss’l’n (sissslyn) the wise is noticing something other powers do not see – he is not sure what forces are at work, but there are many.
Behavior: Never evil alignment; unaligned alignment, Wyld Bonded and Obedience to the Whispers of Helca
Communication: Gladnorian (conversational speak and literate), Celestial (speak and literate), Druidic + Wyld Sign

Aasimar Spell Casting: Save = 8 + prof. Bonus + CHA Bonus | Attack = prof. Bonus + CHA Bonus
Cantrip: Light
Spells: Lesser Restoration, Daylight both 1/Long Rest as 3rd level spells

Cleric Spell Casting: Spells: 2x1st | Save = 8 + prof. Bonus + WIS Bonus | Attack = prof. Bonus + WIS Bonus
Domain: NATURE / Channel Divinity [1/ Short Rest]: Turn Undead & Charm Animal and Plants
Cleric Cantrips [3]: Thaumaturgy [R per Druid], Sacred Flame, Mending
Cleric 1st: Detect Good/Evil [R per Druid], Command, Detect Poisons and Diseases [R per Druid] + Domain: Animal Friendship & Speak w/Animals
RITUALS > Detect Evil/Good

Druid Spell Casting: Spells: 2x1st | Save = 8 + prof. Bonus + WIS Bonus | Attack = prof. Bonus + WIS Bonus
Druid Cantrips: [2+1 Nature Cleric] Druidcraft [R per Druid], Thorn Whip,
Druid 1st: Jump, Thunderwave,

Spell Slots > Spell Slots: 2 @ 1st | Save = 8 + prof. Bonus + CHA Bonus | Attack = prof. Bonus + CHA Bonus
Power: Awakened Mind = Telepathy speak with any creature that can speak a real language up to 30′
Elritch Invocations: Armor of Shadows (Mage Armor) on self at will no materials no spell slot & Beast Speech (Speak w/Animals) at will no spell slot
Warlock Cantrips [2]: Chill Touch [R per Druid], True Strike
> CHILL TOUCH = Chill Touch Cantrip and expend a Blessing it does another 2D6 Radiant and 2D6 Fire to any undead.
1st level spells [3]: Protection vs. Good/Evil [R per Druid], Arms of Hadar, Armor of Agathys
RITUALS > Protection Good/Evil

Proficiency: +3 BONUS
Armor: Light, Medium (never heavy per wyld bound)
Weapons: Simple
Skills: Arcana, History, Ritual Spell Casting, Nature (+150% proficiency bonus)
Loses Background Skills + They gain a number of Lores at “Understandable” (+4) equal to their Intelligence bonus +4; They gain half again their proficiency bonus for the Nature skill.

Sworn and Beholden: Old One Patron is Sisssilin the Lord of Serpents; VOW: Never to harm a serpent, to release all chained serpents, and the promote serpent and humanoids living together.
Delver into Secrets: Serpents are the keepers of ancient knowledge – especially Dragons. Seek out conversations with Lizard and Serpentine races, better relations and their prospects. Knowledge is for knowledge sake – it must be brought to the light.
Healers and Warriors: Healing is a mild aspect, if not absent. As a True Druid of the order, he is a warrior for the earth – there is a little that humanoids can do to permanently harm the earth.
Divine Agent: As a TRUE DRUID, Amun loses some of his choice in the direction hr must choose. Of any divine class, the true druid seeks to ensure the early is hale and well, and no fester foul souls out.
Power of Nature: The plants and trees, animals and elementals are the source of power – he wields at their suffrage the powers he has developed.
Preserve the Balance: The intent is to wage war against civilized lands if needed, but more often than not with the gods of darkness so intent on destroying all light and life there is a constant alliance and cooperation against them.

Bestial Form: Patron is the Lord of Snakes (constrictor Snake = animal form)
Can take animal form at level 1, get two extra use of Bestial Form. Can cast any spell not requiring material components in Bestial Form. Can change to bestial form as Bonus action, not action. Stay in primary beast shape for hours equal to full druid level, not half; can choose to spend bestial form action to NOT revert back to source specious at zero HP, gains Charisma bonus on a single skill or knowledge check when in the primary beast form 1/long rest.

Armor: Armor of Shadows !C 13 + Dex = 3 = AC 16 no armor + wooden shield 1 = AC 17
Weapons: Dagger (D4), 2 hand axes (thrown 20′ D6); 2 handed staff (D6/D8 2 handed + has 1 measure of resilience)
> Wields Keriel the Stinger!
Resistance: Necrotic and Radiant
Tactics: Prefers to stay outside of combat directly without have a round or 2 to prepare. Casting Armor of Agathys, and Jump then sacred flame and then enter into the foray.

Simple travelors pack; sandals, bracers,
5 charms that are 1 use Alarm Spell (on the bracelet)
Wand of detect: Good/Evil, Enemy, Undead, Elemental, Fiend – 1 charge of each (leaves denote which)


All you remember from your early days is your childhood friend – Abani Yorton. He looked like none of the other children – a half orc now you would estimate. How your best friend was some half blood fiend you will never know. The most remarkable thing was that he was smarter than you. And your blood was the blood of gods – so you had been told – Aasimar they called you. From the darkness of the past little remains. A simpler time with playing, the sun, and laughing – you barely remember laughter.

From an early age you knew you were different. You were fascinated by the wars of ant colonies. Termites. Birds of prey. There was a deep, animalistic rage inside of you and as your desired path to follow your friend was prohibited to you eventually you found another… a more creative vent for an outlander as the other called you. A name of “Morrigan” rings in your ears as a girl who played with you in a garden, the name of a powerful being Perhaps the shaggy one by a more primal name? But the blood of the beast roared in your veins. There was a circle of green ones, none of them pretenders, and they pronounced you guilty. Guilty of uncovering that which should have left grown wyld.

You reached out to an elder power though this serpent spirit guide, using the old ways and bent it to your will. Whispered pacts were made, bargains struck and you learned how to barter your soul. A face struck in my mind, a face and a name chiseled forever. “Danis of the Vale”. The ancient serpent, the symbol of wisdom, was your guide. You walked a path between gods, dragons, and monsters – the Old One serpent navigated its way deftly.

When this interest in this power toy-thing had passed, you discarded it for the full trappings of bureaucratic oaths and formality. All gods were made available to you, but you gravitated towards Gaia the great-mother. Medicine, nature, and art were studies and during this time you cast your net of experience far and wide.The winds continued to whisper “The Vale”, and “Danis” – now “Danis the Druid”. After parchment, calendar, and permit after permit you saw the glimmer of the serpent’s eye in the bottom of the inkwell. You followed it to The Vale – Dunstrand Vale in this case.

Litany after hymn, praise heaped upon praise – it was too much after a while. A bitter taste in your mouth was that, and finally you turned away from plant and beast alike and found yourself choking. The old serpent coiled about you and delivered you from constriction. When you woke up, it was in the arms of a beautiful bald woman named Danis (she spoke to you in your mind). “You are now one of us”, she said, “You are of the Order” – and she showed you something else… like an all-spark only intently encompassing it all. When you ceased to look at causality and took a decidedly more occult perspective, the flow of reality to a more different nature. You realized now how the edifices of men were nothing and short of even temporary satisfaction. There was still something greater. Druid, and true druid at that. You spied upon some other power deep in the heart of Dwindor Swamp. You traveled by Treestride between Dwindor and The Fertile Crescent – deep in its confines in the Navel of the World. Friends you made, and progress enough.

Friendships you had forged only to see them shattered. Now all that has come before is as a blank slate. There is a fire inside, and fire that burns when you face the north. Meliir, Rastodon, Kemlaeran and Dech all stand with you on a 5 pointed star under the moonlight. “You must leave” they say. “The sister Danis gives voice to the Navel and tells of a wound, or a great scar which may tear its way across the heartlands. The trees will guide your way as they always do. From the crescent you will stride far, farther than any of us 5 have even been before. You are the first to leave the Navel like this, but the mother Gaia says you are ready. You will be with elder sister Danis, of Dunstrand. She is mighty in the ways of M’z’zt (insects), S’ssl’n (snakes) – YOUR PATRON!, Wheyipuh (wulf), Rastur she has brought back into the ways of the Vale of Dunstrand.

Melir steps forward – “Take this lock of my golden hair – i have braided it into a charm for you and wozen it with charms from my Herraide’s nest she has brought back. Her offspring will watch over you when you are exhausted.

Rastodon reaches into his robe and extends a wand – “It served my master well and have magic yet left in it” 5 green healthy leaves yet remain – each with a different pattern

Kemlaeran steps forward and embraces you, sweeping his large cloak off his back and tying it around you – “It served me well in all my travel – kept me safe and warm.

Dech shuffles forward. I had hoped i would be sent again. I have watched the place where you are going to, it is teaming with excitement and opportunity. May the shaggy one’s shadow cool your path and her smile light your way ahead – and he hands you a staff with 4 scrolls wrapped around it – “4 prayer scrolls” he says. Four groups will you encounter – this i have foreseen.

They part ways and reveal a path – no other words are said. Strangely it is a lonely road you travel. Countless suns and moons pass over. Decades perhaps. Your route is not straight.

Four times you find yourself on the road, nearly surrounded and a great number of enemies, and 4 times you take a prayer scroll, chant it, and an hour later they have passed you by.You are left with a staff seemingly nothing non magical

You are traveling by the sea side, under the sun, through the lands of the halflings near Umbak. Their hearthfires are happy and you live moment to moment, day to day and help them fish, gather vegetables, and comb the beach for shell fish. They regale you with tales of others, tall one like yourself that came though called ageas ago escaping the lands of Umbak names The Gallants. One woman in particular who could swear and spin tall tales.. They tell of her sacrifice in the face of certain doom to rescue comrades, broken weapons sacred to her, to unflinchingly always charge the hardest opponent in a group and place the welfare of her comrades above her own.

At last, a clue you feel. One night, as you wander down a dark stretch of beach, away from the bonfire of the halflings a strange boat hauls ashore out of the mist. A half dozen goblins are carrying a box – like a small coffin. Indeed how can you pass up such a strange mystery. You transform into your animal form and make your way to their campfire, one by they they nod off. In their midst you call for your magics, with tentacles burst out out. They few left attacking you take a frosty rebuke. They earn a horrid death, cursing you with their last. The box is definitely a children’s coffin, though it seems to weigh far more. Reverently you take it up and examine the strange heraldry. You hail the boat on the beach and the captain seems happy to be rid of the filthy goblins, but is not sure about your particular solution. He could see little from the boat, but he thanks you for ending his problem. The passage was paid for to the north – do you wish to take their passage. You feel the poor dead child’s body must be taken north to his final resting place.

You sail to the city of Thurlow, on the far side of the world from where you grew up. You feel you have just missed the owner of the box. You describe the woman of you have been seeing in your dreams and everyone tells you her name is Lady Jaq Blackwell. Of the Gallants. This is not known to have any children, but this must be hers are her heraldry is upon it. She is not difficult to find and all omens and signs allow you to make your way straight to her. She is grateful as it turns out to be her sowrd, not a dead child.