William Enders (Character)

Williams Enders II (jr.)
Description: Human, Male, age: 15, 5’11”, 160 lbs., right handed, brown eyes, brown hair; Looks: average; Size: Medium, Movement = 30’
Class: Fighter (Champion) 4th level
Health/Hit Points = Base 10,6,6,6=28, CON +2×4=8, Tough +2×4=8 = TOTAL 44


Affinity: Kinetic (Strength 17 strength by age 16)
Strength: 16 (+2)
Constitution: 15 (+2)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 10
Sanity: 13


Proficiency Bonus: +2
Proficiency Skills: Animal Handling (Wisdom), Survival (Constitution), Athletics (Strength), Perception (Wisdom), History (Intelligence)
LORES: Hinterlands +4
Proficiency Tools: Horses, Carts/Wagons (Woodworking)


  1. Feature: Where background known, rustic hospitality: All commoners provide basic food, shelter, assistance – even shielding from law or others searching
  2. Fighting Style: Defense – while wearing armor, additional +1 AC
  3. 2nd Wind: 1/Rest regain D10/5 + fighter level in HP as an bonus action
  4. Action Surge: 1/Rest take an additional action
  5. Improved Critical: natural 19 or 20
  6. Feat: TOUGH (+2 hp/level) – father very rough on him, several broken bones growing up
  7. Feat: Lucky – 3/Long Rest re-roll D20, including an attack against you choose which to use.


Tools: Carpentry
WEAPONS: battle axe (D8/4 slashing, 2 handed D10/5), dart x4 (D4/2; finesse, 20’/60’; hand-made), quarterstaff (in city, where weapons not normally allowed (D6/3 bludgeon, 2 handed D8/4)
ARMOR: hide, light wooden shield (hand-made +1 AC) = AC: 16

Background: Folk Hero

Defining Event: survived father’s cultist rampage in South Drift; was saved by The Gallants and vowed to save people in the same way to make up for the shame and guilt he felt.
Personality Trait: I have a strong sense of fair play and always try and find the equitable solution to arguments.
Ideal: Respect – People of every walk, in all situations deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
Bond: I protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Flaw: I have a weakness for the vices of the city – especially hard drink


Family was Cartwright for South Drift in the Hinterlands near Kaald. Father was very rough, broke several bones over the years. On the surface, father was find but he was an abusive tyrant to this family. It turned out he was a secret follower of of the dark god Sun Stealer and killed everyone but William jr. and William’s mother when The Gallants stumbled upon his secret. His mother was almost killed by his father, but committed suicide the same day when she found out the rest of her family was dead – she felt she had failed to protect them as a mother. She left a note asking The Gallants to take in her strong son. William had been spending his spare time training with the South Drift militia and has some weapons training under him. He is well known and loved in the area, and sympathy for his plight is great. William had heard of The Gallants from far away in Dunstrand to the south and liked what he had heard. He agreed to take the oath and be sworn in right away. Taelin the half elf – a commander of their current expedition and senior officer, swore him in the day after he father was killed. Taelin did not seem bad for a half breed- he seemed sincere and controlled – not at all like the bundle of rage his father had described the half elven kind as. He swore to himself then to trust his own instinct, not what other people said about other folk.