Ducateon of Ph’yrin Tys

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Ducateon are a proto-branch of Dumastorian genus, the “Dwarf” – They have developed at the fringes of great depths and The Underdark and The Deeping and so are ‘transformed’ (really, the Dwarves are transformed and these creatures are an earlier evolutionary development). They are still industrious and driven, and have their caste system and are ruled by The Collective (a council of elders of each caste). Members rotate to the surface for short periods of time – otherwise they live off of cave mana fungus their whole lives, and some rumors say they are predators of other species for meat, sinew, bone and blood (like their cousins the Duergar). They worship all gods by primarily believe all are aspects a single great cosmological divinity simply referred to as “him”.