White Crow

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
We sail to Garnet Poles. A gnome approaches Singen.
Toastcrum Stickwicket or Sticky. He will deliver the item. In the meantime, we go to the Pied Merlin for some food. He booked us passage on Vicmodare.
A half elf brings a package, a box in a bag. We go to the ship and head back. On the second night, it gets stormy. It is windy, cold and starts to snow.
Meena and Smythe persuade the Captain to go to shore. Meena saw an inlet, and a shelter on a close by island.
The crew is nervous. But we get to shore and set up a gang plank.
One crew member tells us about the island. There used to be savages living there. Some raiders came to the island and their boat capsized. One boy survived and was helped by the savages. He became druid like, casting spells to protect the savages and the island. Some kobalds came and killed all the savages and the boy. They avoid the island now.
A large white crow lands nearby. Its voice is very piercing. The crow looks at us and flies off a bit, then looks back at us.
We follow the crow up a snowy path. After a while Eara said “We have company”. A Kobold comes out of the woods and attacks us.
He attacks Meena but fumbles.
Eara casts Entangle and entangles the Kobold. Another Kobold is entangled and another attacks Meena hitting her.
Several more appear (5?) and we take them all out.
Smithy heals Meena back to full.
One of the Kobolds is still alive. Smithy interrogates him. They live in caves in the west. Tukul is their leader. An ice devil demands tribute from them (food and clothing) though a minion. He looks like an imp. There are about 50 kobolds.
The kobold jumps us and starts to run. Meena shoots him with her bow.
The white crow comes back close enough to touch. We touch her and she shifts into a woman. “My people need you, adventurers from another land.” She turns back into a crow and continues. We follow her deeper into the forest.
We arrive at a village. There are black crows everywhere. There is a totem pole with a crow at the top. The crows surround us in a cylinder. The white crow changed back into a woman. She tells us a tale about her people. They were simple people who were attacked by the kobolds.
The people were in the long house and went through a ritual to change themselves into crows. Koly was a warrior who protected the door while they performed the ritual. He died defending them. She faded into the long house before she could tell us what we must do.
We check out the long house. Before we enter we hear a scream and 16 kobolds come out at us. We arrange ourselves back to back.
The kobolds are slinging bullets at us but they all seem to fall a few feet short of us. One comes up to Smithy and pushes him toward Meena.
They seem to be herding us toward the long house.
Singin casts Sleep on some of the kobolds.
Meena casts Thaumaturgy and the ground starts shaking. The Kobolds are not afraid. They continue to try to move us to the long house.
Alta casts Entangle and catches 3.
One of the Kobolds yells “Kill them!”.
Alta is attacked and falls unconscious.
Eara casts poison spray and kills one.
One tells Singen, “we will give you free passage to go into the long house, otherwise we will kill you.” Singen agrees.
We go into the long house and Eara screams in paid and says she can’t be in hear long. There is a ward on the house against evil (she is lawful evil).
Meena stabilizes Alta.