Sahaugin Attack

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

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We spend a week in the small town. Rax wants to sing every night. Meena spends 4 days making 4 potions of healing, 2 for Balder and 2 for Talia. Modax helps her.
Meena feels she must return to Portent Downs and report to Spider Brass. The others decide to go with her. We take a small boat to a larger town. We cannot enter the town as they have the plague. All food for our next passage on a larger ship to the mainland, is not going through town. They are being very careful not to cross contaminate. It is an inconvenience, but better than catching the plague. We are on the dock 4 days.
A large ship comes in and for 10 GP we book passage right away for Portent downs.
The captain (Capt. Johnny Warhorse) asks to see us. He tells us they were not able to resupply in town, but there is plenty of ale. The ship is named “The Devil’s Mistress”.
We notice there are a row of skulls tied on the side of the ship. We don’t recognize them. Capt Warhorse tells us they are Sahaugin skulls. He assures us we will not be encountering them during this voyage.
It takes about 2 weeks to get to Portent Downs. Rax and Meena entertain the sailors with music. Modax talks to the sailors. Talia spends much time in the crow’s nest.
On our 4th day, we are relaxing until the Captain yells, “To arms, to arms, battle stations!” Meena, from the bow, sees several creatures swimming beneath the surface.
We see 3 Sahaugin in the water. One throws a trident at Balder, but misses.
Meena tries to hit with a ballista on the bow, but not being familiar with the weapon, she misses.
Modax climbs up from below deck.
We see about 11 Sahaugin around the ship.
Talia comes down out of the crow’s nest.
One sahaugin starts to climb out of the water.
Meena shoots at one with her longbow, but misses.
Modax casts magic missile and hits the one climbing next to Balderdash.
Rax Eldritch blasts one.
Talia attacks, but misses.
One attacks Balder, but he fumbles and falls face first on to the deck.
Meena moves down to the main deck and attacks one that climbed on to the ship. She hits with both sword attacks.
Balder attacks the one that fell in front of him and hits it.
Modax casts Magic Missile at the one Balder just attacked. The sahaugin dies.
One climbs up by Talia and takes a swipe at her, critting her with a claw attack for 6 pts.
One attacks Meena as it climbs over the rail but misses both claw attacks.
Another climbs up and attacks Balder, hitting with one claw.
Rax misses with her Eldritch Blast.
Talia hits the one next to her.
Meena moves from between the two creatures and attacks one, hitting with the Sun Lord Sword.
Balder uses his breath weapon against 2 sahaugin.
Modax casts Sleep on two sahaugin, but it has no effect on them.
Talia is hit for 2 more pts.
One attacks Modax, but misses his spear attack.
Balder is hit a couple of times but he also fumbles and bites Balder’s great axe.
Talia attacks, hitting.
Meena attacks the one next to her and takes him out.
Balder attacks hitting one next to him. He uses second wind to heal himself.
Modax rages and attacks, hitting it.
One attacks Talia, hitting with a claw, critting her.
One hits Rax.
One stabs at Modax, missing.
Another targets Talia, but misses.
Rax uses her breath weapon against 2 sahaugin.
Talia disengages and takes a potion.
Meena misses both her attacks.
Balder kills another one.
Modax attacks but misses.
Rax is hit again.
Meena is hit. She points at her attacker and casts Hellish Rebuke. He makes his Dex save but takes 13 pts of damage.
Talia steps back again and takes another potion of healing.
Meena attacks hitting once, but doing minimal damage.
Balder takes out the one that was just Rebuked.
One attacks Talia, but fumbles.
One crits Modax, but he takes half damage because of his Rage.
Meena attacks hitting twice.
Modax takes out one.
Meena takes out the one next to her, then moves to the one by Talia and attacks, hitting him.
Balder crits against his attacker taking him out. He moves closer to Modax.
Modax misses his attack.
One misses Meena.
Modax is hit for minimal damage.
Rax hits one with her club, taking it down.
Meena takes one out, then she moves to another and crits him for max damage.
Balder crits the last one. He takes him out.
We gain 200 XP’s.
99 GP from all the sahaugin
4 art objects
4 gold bracelets (25 GP ea)
Meena-Nice +1 breastplate
Modax-Spectacles with blue lenses (Eyes of Charming)
Talia-Nice pair of boots of Elvenkind
Balderdash-Nice pair of boots of Striding and Springing
Strand of Pearls (50 Pearls=100 GP ea) -3 for identifying our items.
We take a long rest.