Race to Temple

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza

We take passage on a ship to get back to Portent Downs. As we disembark, Meena notices a squirrel, on the dock. It runs up to her shoulder and starts to talk to her. It says “this is a message from the head of the Guild. You must get this message to the Temple of Pelor. Tell the priests “Cold Fire”. There are other parties making their way to the Temple as well. You must get there first.”
As we run down an ally, we run into a drunk who blocks our way. Balder and Meena do not get past him.
We see someone from the docks running in the same direction. He yells at the drunk to get out of the way, and gets past him.
A woman who is running attacks Balder with a club, hitting him.
Modax casts Magic Missiles against the woman who attacked Balder. She drops to the ground.
Balder tries to intimidate the drunk, and gets past.
Meena does not get past.
Rax tries to grapple the drunk. He wriggles out of it and Rax stands with his dirty shirt in her hand.
Talia gets by.
Modax casts Sleep on the drunk.
Balder attacks George, of the other party, hitting him.
Meena moves to the next area.
George misses Balder.
Talia makes it through a short cut.
Kara, another runner, can’t get through the short cut.
Modax casts Color Spray on Kara.
Barney attacks Balder, missing.
Balder attacks George taking him down.
Meena attacks Kara but misses both attacks.
Rax does not make it through the short cut.
Talia comes across a pothole. She makes it past the pothole.
Modax does not get past the short cut.
Barny attacks Balder, hitting him.
Balder hits Barney.
Meena misses her attacks against Kara again.
Talia finds a brick wall. She does not make it over.
Kara attacks Meena, missing her.
Modax flanks Barney and attacks with his spear, hitting him and taking him down.
Balder attacks Kara, hitting her.
A thug attacks Talia, missing her.
Meena attacks Kara, hitting her once.
Rax uses Spider Climb to crawl around the Pothole.
Talia attacks the Thug with her rapier, hitting him.
Kara misses Meena.
Modax webs another runner.
Meena takes out Kara.
Rax hits another runner, hitting her and knocking her back 10 feet.
Modax makes it to the Temple.