Ork Palandin

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger
Zorochai decides to try on the Bear Helm and see what happens. He feels courageous. He yells out “You can leave now unharmed, or you can stay and die”.
The Orc calls out “I am death!”
Talia removes the helm from Zorochai. Modax decides to wear it instead. We are faced with 4 skeletons, 4 goblins who are prodding the giant worm from Hell and the Half Orc.
Balder attacks the skeletons. As she gets closer she feels a momentary hesitation, but she pushes through the fear.
Meena attacks with the flat of her swords, hitting once.
The goblins prod the worm and it fills half the cave mouth.
The skeletons attack Balder and Meena missing their attacks.
Talia calls out for help from Kord and throws her dagger at one of the skeletons. She hits.
The worm flicks out its tongue at Balder, hitting him. He make his save for poison.
Modax goes into a Rage and attacks a skeleton with the shaft of his spear hitting it.
The Orc passes his hand over his sword, and it flickers with black flame. He points it at Meena, but she makes her save.
Zorochai casts Hold Person on the Orc. It has no effect.
Balder attacks the Purple Worm with his great axe. He hits it, and acid sprays out.
Meena attacks and takes out a skeleton.
The goblins leave the worm and attack Balder.
Two goblins attack Meena, but they miss. One attacks Talia and misses.
Talia attacks a skeleton, hitting it.
The worm attacks Balder and misses its attacks.
Modax swings his staff at the skeleton and hits. It collapses but gets back up.
Zorochai casts Sleep, two goblins fall asleep.
We see a black crown appear over Modax’s helm. He attacks Talia, but misses. Then the crown disappears.
Balder attacks the worm, hitting it. Then she casts Second Wind, gaining some health back.
Meena attacks a skeleton hitting it for some damage.
A goblin attacks Balder, hitting him with his short bow.
The skeletons attack Meena and take her down. She collapses.
Talia throws a dagger at the goblin, hitting him.
The worm attacks Balder missing his bite, but lashing out with his tongue, but Balder makes his save.
Modax attacks the goblin and kills it.
Zorochai heals Balder 6 pts .
Balder attacks the worm, killing it. He takes some acid damage.
Meena makes a death save.
The half-orc moves into the worms place. A skeleton attacks Modax, hitting him, but only for half damage due to raging.
The skeletons miss.
Talia attacks a skeleton, hitting it, but nothing happens.
Modax attacks the half orc with his spear, but he misses.
Zorochai casts Vicious Mockery on the orc, but nothing happens.
A black aura surrounds the orcs hand as he claws at Modax.
The orc attacks Balder, hitting him and dropping him.
Balder and Meena make their death saves.
The skeletons miss their attacks.
Talia attacks a skeleton, dropping it into many pieces.
Modax attacks the half orc with his spear, hitting him.
Zorochai misses his attack.
The half orc attacks Modax hitting him with Hellish Rebuke. Modax drops.
Meena makes her final Death save and drinks a potion, getting 10 pts back.
Talia hits a skeleton and it falls.
Zorochai gives Modax a healing potion.
The half orc’s blade flames up and hits Modax, dropping him again. He misses Meena.
Meena misses the Orc with her longbow.
A skeleton hits Talia.
Zorochai gives a Healing potion to Balder.
The orc attacks Meena, missing her, then attacks Balder, hitting him, dropping him again.
Meena attacks the orc hitting once and missing once.
Talia misses an attack on the skeleton.
Modax make a successful death save.
Zorochai grabs Modax and drags him back and gives him another healing potion.
The orc hits Meena.
Balder makes two death saves (rolled a 20).
Meena attacks the half orc and hits for 3 pts.
The skeleton hits Talia.
Talia misses her counter attack.
Modax attacks with the battle axe after going into a rage. He misses…
Zorochai hits the orc.
The half orc attacks Meena and Modax dropping both.
Balder makes his death save. He attacks the orc, hitting him.
Meena makes her death save.
Modax fails his death save.
The skeletons miss.
Talia hits the skeleton.
Zorochai hits the orc.
The half orc misses both his attacks.
Balder misses his attacks.
Meena and Modax fail their death saves.
A skeleton misses his attack.
Talia hits the skeleton, dropping it.
Zorochai misses his shot at the Orc.
The orc hits Balder, dropping him. He attacks Zorochai missing him.
Balder failed his death save.
Meena made her death save.
Talia attacks the orc, hitting him and dropping him.
Talia gives a healing potion to Meena.
Zorochai healed Modax.
Meena gives an unused healing potion to Talia.
We take the poison glands (6 potions) from the worm. The orc has a mundane shield and sword.
We block ourselves into the small room in the back and take a long rest.
As long as Modax wears the helm, he is protected from the island.

We rest the night and continue heading for the cave to the east of us. Modax is wearing his helm. He sees an owl flying overhead through the mist. He tells the party.
The ground moves beneath our feet. We hear a cacophony of squeaks and see a swarm of rats attacking us.
The rats do damage to Balder and Talia.
They run past us and disappear.
We are standing on a ledge overlooking a beach. We hear the flapping of wings.
Modax casts Prestidigitation on all of us to clean us of the rat droppings.
Modax gives the helm to Zorochai. He casts Speak with Animals on himself and says “Hail friend owl”. It says “no friend of yours”. Zorochai asks if it has seen others like us. He also casts persuasion on the owl. It starts to talk with him. Z asks if the owl has seen others like Balder. The owl says “yes”. He asks the owl to lead us to them.
The owl flies off and we follow. It will circle around and keep us in sight. It leads us to a cave east of us. The entrance has been hacked open. There was a stone covering. There are picks and other tools around. It looks like there was a fight recently. There are two dead bears and dead sailors.
We continue down the cave. There are dead skeletons and more dead sailors.
We come upon a third seal that is broken. It is damp and dark. We hear someone say we shall not be allowed to pass. It is the man who kidnapped Rax who has now turned into a Zombie.