World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger

We are directed to Lake Curer. There is an old monastery. Inside is an entrance to the underdark highway, the Charmase. It will take us swiftly to Khazum-Gul. We need to contact the Dwarves to get permission to use the Charmase.
We get to the Lake. It is very quiet. The monastery is very old and is dilapidated. Kemlaech warns us that we may encounter dark creatures along this road. He seems somewhat confident that he can get us past them (being a Drow himself).
There is a large crevasse ahead of us. It seems bottomless, it is 20 feet across at its widest. We go around to the right and look at a small artificial pool.
We head back to the left and check the Temple. There are two stone doors. Balder pushes them open slowly. Kemlaech is able to get in first.
It is dark, but he can see well. He sees 5 statues and no doors other than the two he came through. Meena goes in and looks at the statues. They appear to be a cross between dwarves and elves.
The floor is remarkably clean, as if someone has been caring for the place.
Drayfala goes in and recognizes the statues as Rimbus. They are an obscure spirit in the Fey. Old Earth Spirits. Drayfala thinks there is a hidden door out of this place. He suggests we search the room.
Drayfala and Modax each find a secret door on either side of the temple.
We try the door on the left. We enter a short corridor that ends in a T. There are clean corridors to the right and left.
We go back to the main Temple to check out the other door. The corridors meet with the corridors from the other door. We close the doors of the Temple as we leave.
We decide to check out the other buildings. First the mausoleum. We cross the courtyard, leaving a trail behind us. We check out some statues in the yard. They seem to be representatives of a family line. They are similar to the statues in the Temple. They appear to be Adraim, a combination of elves and drow.
The door of the mausoleum looks like a creature with claws seeming to reach out to capture those going through and a large maw with pointed teeth. Drayfala discovers this was not original artwork, but was carved later.
We continue to the stables and bath house. The stables are open to the air and the walls have fallen to 3-4 feet. The bath house’s first floor is still intact, but filled with debris. It looks as though it may have been sacked in the past. There seems to be a path cleared in the debris.
We start out and centipede comes out and bites Meena through the boot. She is poisoned. There are 8 giant centipedes and a swarm of rats that come at us.
1) Modax casts Sleep on the Rat swarm and they all fall asleep.
Drayfala attempts to cast Firebolt, but misses.
Meena casts Lesser Restoration on herself, to rid herself of the poison.
Balder attacks a centipede and kills it and one next to it.
The centipedes attack, but miss all but Meena and Kemlaech.
Kemlaech casts Color Spray on two centipedes, blinding them.
Modax spears a centipede hitting it.
Drayfala hits one with Firebolt.
Meena misses all 3 attacks.
Balder moves up and misses his attacks, but hits another and kills it.
The centipedes miss their attacks.
Kemlaech kills one.
Modax casts Firebolt, hitting the last one, killing it.
We back out without waking up the rats.
We check out the barracks. It is a stone structure, but crumbling. The doors appear to be battered as if in a battle. There was once a tower, but no longer. There is a stone table that is broken and the rest has been sacked.
We spread out and check out the pool.
Modax casts Thunder Wave over the pool and creates a thunderous crack that can be heard for a mile. The scum sloshes over the side of the pool. We can see steam escaping from the pool, as if heated. It seems about 10-12 feet deep. We see a large pipe that goes towards the bath house.
We go back to the Temple and enter a side door. It is warped in the frame. We can tell these side doors have not been opened for a long time.
We try door one of four. Balder opens the first door, but it only opens a little, so she breaks it open. Doors one and two open upon another barracks. It is 15 feet tall with a loft. It could hold 50 people. It is very bare.
Door three opened to the mess hall. Door four was a smaller barracks.
Balder hears the main doors opening. We run for cover among the trees.
We see two lumpy creatures coming out. They are dragging clubs. They have one eye each. They are Formorian. They look around. They don’t see us.
Modax casts Magic Missile on them. Now they see us.
Meena shoots twice with the Longbow, hitting one of them twice.
Modax casts Scorching Ray, hitting him.
Drayfala shoots him with his longbow, hitting him. He’s dead on his feet, but still coming.
The Formian attacks Modax with a psychic weapon. Modax starts to deform. The Formian falls down dead.
The other Formian attacks Balder. He takes psychic damage. He starts to move back toward the Temple.
Balder shoots him with his crossbow, as the Formian goes around the building.
Drayfala tries to cast Lesser Restoration on Modax, but it does nothing. So he casts Cure wounds.
Between Kemlaech and Drayfala, they realize that Modax’s affliction will wear off.
We look for the Formorian and see that he went back into the Temple.
Modax checks out the killed Formorian. He has an amulet on that looks old. It seems to be a match for one worn by one of the statues.
Kemlaech casts Detect Magic on it and it is magical. Drayfala puts it on. He sees the world differently. The carven image on the mausoleum doors seems to be looking at him. He takes the amulet off. He recognizes it as Fey magic.
Kemlaech tries it on. He seems the same thing. He feels tongue tied. We don’t understand him when he speaks. Colors appear different. The door to the mausoleum seem to move. Drayfala grabs him and has him take it off.
We approach the mausoleum. Kemlaech puts the amulet on. The creature on the door seems to watch his approach. He tries to speak to the creature, but it doesn’t respond. He tries to push on the door. Nothing happens.
He returns to the party and takes the amulet off. He tells us what he sees. We ask Balders to wear the amulet and try the door.
He approaches the door. The world looks different. He pushes on the door. He can pull open the doors. It is a large empty space surrounded by niches with pedestals and sarcophagi on top.
We search the room. We hear something that sounds like claws on stone from behind us. Drayfala calls out “Defensive Positions”. We see a shark looking thing. It shakes its head. It seems to be looking toward where the Formian disappeared. It is a Bulette.
We form a line in front of the mausoleum. We realize the amulet allows you to speak and understand Sylvan. Drayfala puts it on and yells, “We come in peace”. He establishes contact with the one we were to meet.