Haunted Tower

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger

The Briarwild collapses on itself and disappears. It take about half an hour for the smell of rot to dissipate.
An Elf woman appears from the forest. She sits down about 10 feet from the party. She says her name is Hamai. She is from the council of the Elves and asks what our business is.
Dreyfala answers her and introduces the party. He tells her we are seeking the first component of the golden shield.
She says they know of our needs and will be willing to help us. But we have more to do to impress the council. She asks that we follow the path through the forest and she will meet us later.
We walk for a long time. The trees are dense and it’s hard to see the sun. After about 2 hours we come to a clearing and see Hamai. She asks us to sit.
She tells us the council is not completely convinced of our worthiness. She has made arrangements to travel to the Nuraldie Clan on the frontier, and assist them. If we do this quest, we may swing the council our way.
Drayfala notices henna tattoos. She is a member of the Unseely. They are contrary and somewhat evil.
She stands and waves her arms and dust settles on us all. She is laughing as she disappears into the forest. We fall asleep and have pleasant dreams. We wake in the morning feeling very refreshed.
We don our gear. A path opens in the forest. We decide to follow it. We walk until noon. The forest thins out and we hear a thunderous river. We see an Elven township.
The village quiets down as we approach, and we are approached by a young looking Elf. He says, “You must be the outsiders that Hamai sent”. He is Arias Goldbrow. We introduced ourselves.
He says they face a threat that threatens to cause them to leave their home. They are being threatened by Hobgoblins. Many years ago, they fought the hobgoblins and defeated them. Lately, the old Hobgoblin fort has been active with noises and strange doings. He would like us to check it out and see what is going on.
Arias points to the ground and he mumbles an incantation. The ground clears and he draws a map of the area. It’s about a 3 mile hike along the river to the first outpost and another 5 miles in the forest is the fortress.
We make it to the outpost. We realize something is following us. It is an owl. Drayfala motions to it to come. It flies down and lands on a branch. Kam asks if it can speak, and it says in Elvish “Better than you”.
We ask if he is watching us for the Nuraldie? He says he is watching us. He is aware of our quest. We tell him we will continue on and he flies off.
Meena finds a ford of the river to approach the Outpost. We make it across using ropes.
We search the brush approaching the outpost and find a set of stairs leading to the outpost. We decide to check the perimeter.
The tower is two stories of stone, on a hill of 30 feet. It’s muddy and hard to walk but we make it through. The river is up against the hill. We double back around the point toward the base of the stair. Something seems to be watching us with cold dead eyes.
We check the other side of the stairs. We come to the base of the rise to the tower. It is overgrown and seems to be growing so it protects the buildings.
The stairs are covered in brambles. Modax casts Thunder Wave and the stairs clear. We move up the stairs. We see a compartment that opened from the Thunder Wave. Modax checks it and finds an old lacquered box that jingle with the sound of coins. Kam Detects Magic and it is Magical (alteration). Modax opens it. There is 100 GP, and a glass potion bottle with green liquid.
We get to the top and there is a 2 feet clearing. It is very quiet. Drayfala start to whistle a tune. We see a small pen and nothing has been touched for a long time. Meena notices an area of newer growth. She hacks the old growth away to take a look. She notices a path of newer growth heading toward the tower. We hear a loud scream from something in the tower.
We take cover and we notice the briars are starting to grow back. We see a figure coming from the tower, dragging its foot and screaming as if in great pain. It is tall and skinny and black cloaked.
Drayfala casts Daylight, as it seems to be getting darker.
Meena shoots with her bow and hits once.
Kam casts Chill Touch,
Meena is hit twice with an arrow.
Drayfala shoots, hitting but he seems to ignore it.
Modax hits with Magic Missiles
Balder hits with his crossbow.
The figure throws his bow and falls backwards.
Kam moves forward to check him out. It gets lighter as he gets closer. He sees a path of dead foliage, but only the long bow is seen.
We hear another scream. Drayfala is afraid. There is another figure.
Meena attacks and hits 3 times (one a crit).
Kam casts Chill Touch.
The figure holds his sword in one hand and he casts a black spray at us. We are in the dark.
Meena casts Hellish Rebuke and he burns and the sword drops.
We decide to head toward the tower.
Meena casts Cure Wounds on herself and gets back 3 pts. Drayfala heals her back another 10.
We enter through the broken door. Balder is in the lead. He notices a frost on the metal. He pushes through the door. The area becomes covered by frost and ice. Balder and Meena take cold damage.
We see another figure with a black sword. It attacks Balder.
Meena attacks hitting once.
Modax casts Scorching Ray, hitting twice.
The figure moves towards Modax, screaming. Kam starts to bleed from his orifices. He has disadvantage on his attacks and when hit again will be stunned.
Modax is hit by the sword.
Drayfala moves in and takes out his Holy Symbol. He attempts to Turn him but fails.
Kam shoots with his bow, critting him.
Balder attacks hitting and critting.
Meena hits 3 times.
Modax attacks with his spear, hitting once.
The creature causes all but Modax to have disadvantage on Charisma and extra damage on hits.
He attacks Modax hitting him.
Drayfala casts Lesser Restoration on Kam and Meena.
We destroy the creature on the next turn.
Drayfala heals Kam, Modax and Meena.
The gloom fades in the tower. There is a homemade throne. The walls are covered by Orcish of a tale of hate and desire for revenge upon the Elves. A friend came to worship at the feet of the Hobgoblin lord. We think this figure was the once head of the out post, where he died. The other figure was his minion.
Drayfala consecrates the room with the help of the Elven forest.
We find goblets, and elven treasure (600 GP). Also a rusty keychain with 7 keys. They are cold to the touch, but warming as we handle them.
We search the tower and find a root cellar. The rest is burnt and looted.
We take a long rest.

The Fort has an outer wall with many holes. There are several watchtowers.