Half Party Death

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
Meena buys 2 potions of Healing in town. She has 4 now.
Meena spends 4 days and 100 GP and makes Potions of Healing. One for each party member. She now has 5.
Potions of Healing: 1 day for 25 GP to make them.
Ranger’s guild – Guardians of Gaia asks Meena to join. She accepts. They have a fort near town with a lab for making potions. Local leader is Clay Clearbranch a half-elf. Cost is 10 GP/month.
Eera visits the Rangers Guild as well and departs information regarding the under-dark to several gnome rangers.

They ask us to go to the East continent of Vikmordere to the town of Ribalka to research some sheep slaughters. The Mayor is Egor Leonid. The Rangers will pay our boat passage to the continent. It will take 3 weeks to sail to the continent.
If we encounter any other Rangers, we should ask them if they would be interested in joining the guild. Any maps we can procure of Vikmordere would be appreciated.
A half-elven named Faige takes us to the dock. They give us a bundle of supplies containing cold weather gear: fur cloak, warm boots, hide gloves, flask of sweet liquid (brandy?).
Most are not seasick, but Sinjin is sick for about 5 days. After 3 weeks we make port in a small village, Ribalka.
We are directed to the City Hall when we say we are here to see Egor Leonid. We are guided to a common room. The Mayor welcomes us and asks us to sit at his table.
Several farmers have lost 3-4 heads of livestock. They will provide rooms at the Dirty Serpent in town. We can gather info in the common room. One of the local hunters is missing as well.
A Shepard, Brooks, lost a sheep in the high pastures. He hires a hunter, named Woln, to hunt down whatever might have killed it. He has only been in town 6 weeks. He seemed to be a good hunter. He set out the next morning and has never returned.
We head for the high pasture. Brook has already taken his flock up. We ask him if he has seen anything unusual. He suggests we talk with Leth and , the best hunters. They have spent time in the Dark Wood. It is a 3-4 hour hike on a trail. We escort him back to town for the night.
The Mayor meets us when we get back and tells us they have had a break in in the library, where Sage Uri resides. They took alchemy equipment and a book. We meet sage Uri. Some healing potions, a stasis potion were taken. Also a book of early settlers, names and dates.
On a table, we see a tuft of reddish fur. Eera asks Uri what this is. He says he doesn’t know and has never seen it before. We take a sample with us. It smells canine. He buys us a pint of beverage.
The next day we head out for the Dark Wood. We see tracks of normal forest animals. The snow is not deep in the woods.
We are surrounded by wolves, including a dire wolf and a winter wolf.
Sinjin casts True strike on Meena.
Meena misses her attacks against the Dire Wolf.
Wolf 1 misses Alta.
She counter attacks and hits, taking him down.
Eera moves up to the Dire wolf and attacks, hitting it for max damage.
Dire Wolf attacks Eera, hitting her for 11 pts.
The Winter wolf attacks Alta, but misses.
Wolf 4 attacks Meena, but misses.
Sinjin casts Sleep, but it has not effect on the wolves.
Meena attacks the Dire Wolf hitting once for 6 pts.
Alta attacks the Winter wolf and hits.
Eera attacks the Dire wolf for 4 pts.
Dire Wolf misses Eera.
Winter wolf misses Alta.
Wolf 4 misses Meena.
Sinjin moves up to Eera and cast Cure Wounds.
Meena misses her attacks.
Alta hits the Winter Wolf.
Eera cast Poisonous Gas on the Dire wolf.
Dire wolf hits Eera for 11 pts again.
Winter wolf misses Alta.
Wolf 7 hits Meena for 4 pts.
Sinjin heals Eera back some.
Alta crits the Winter Wolf. She also crits on her second attack.
Eera hits the Dire wolf.
Dire wolf misses Eera
The Winter wolf blows cold air on the party. Alta and Sinjin fail their saves. All but Meena are dying.
Meena takes down the Dire wolf, but misses the Winter wolf.
Winter wolf misses Meena.
Wolf 7 misses.
Meena hits once for 5 pts
Winter wolf misses.
Wolf 7 misses Meena.
Meena crits the dire wolf.
The wolves miss Meena.
Meena takes down the Winter wolf and injures the wolf.
The wolf misses Meena.
Meena misses the wolf twice.
Meena uses her “moment of indecision” plot twist card to block Wolf 7’s next attack.
Meena hits the wolf and takes it down. Meena turns the stomachs of the wolves but finds no sheep or human remains.
Alta and Eera die. Sinjin is stable and is healed back with potions from Alta and Eera.
Meena and Sinjin take our friends bodies back to town.

Sumi and Kelly will play Dragon Born brother and sister.