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World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
We give Alta one of her potions of healing and she healed herself up.
A spirit says “Welcome heroes, feel free to take anything in the long house. Light the calumet on the table and follow the smoke to our missing spirit wheel and set us free”.
Smythe needs a rest, so we block the door and rest for the night.
We light the calumet and the smoke leads to the NW corner of the long house.
In the morning, we look out the front door and don’t see any Kobalds.
We go out of the long house and light the calumet. It leads us NW. We start out and a Kobald appears and tries to attack Meena but fumbles.
Another one slings Alta and hits for 6 pts.
Another one misses Singen.
Several more attack (5) but miss.
Eera moves toward 2 Kobalds and casts Thunder Wave. The kobalds fly 10 feet backward and take damage. We all hear a thunderous boom.
Alta crits.
One hits Meena. Meena shoots back but misses.
Singen casts Sleep. Three kobalds fall asleep.
Meena gets hit again.
Eera casts entangle on 3 kobalds hiding behind a building.
Alta misses.
Meena attacks the kobald next to her with her shorts words and hits both.
Meena is hit again and falls unconscious.
We take out all the kobalds.
Singen heals Meena back 4 pts.
Meena moves to be able to shoot at the kobald in the entanglement and kills the kobald.
The last 3 are sleeping. We restrain them and Eera interrogates the first. He refuses to answer so Eera sinks an antler into it, killing it. The next kobald is more cooperative. He says there’s 3 more back at the boat. Eera kills the second one. We tell the third one that he must show us his cave. He gets smart with Eera and she puts out one of his eye.
Meena drinks a healing potion.
We go to the cave. It’s dirty. The kobold says the demon might be sleeping inside. Eera casts Flame and enters the cave. We check where the demon sleeps but there is nothing there. We search but find nothing helpful.
We will go back to the ship and try to get the other 3 kobalds away from the ship and possibly fight the demon.
We ask our pet kobald to try to convince his 3 friends to run with him back to the cave. Before he can say anything, the demon smashes his skull.
Eera tries to throw flame at the ice demon, but misses.
Meena is injured by a kobald.
Ice Homunculus flies to Meena and tries to bite her.
Alta hits him with her quarterstaff and unarmed strike hitting both.
Meena misses both attacks.
Eera blasts him with fire and crits for max damage.
The kobolds attack but miss.
Ice H hits Eera. She has to make a con check, which she makes.
Singen casts True Strike on Meena.
Meena crits against Ice H and takes him down. When she tries to attack a kobold, she fumbles and is stunned for one round.
Eera takes out a kobold.
A kobold hits Alta. And another hits her and she goes down.
Singen goes to Alta and gives her a healing potion and gives her Bardic inspiration.
Meena takes out a kobold and injures another.
Eera hits the last kobold with a sparkler.
Alta hits the last kobold and kills it.
We tell the Captain about our mission with the calumet. He will wait for us. We light the calumet and the smoke leads us back to the village. It leads to the body of a kobold in a building adjacent to the longhouse.
We find the wheel and the crows come back and turn into villagers and the white lady appears. She asks us to leave the wheel and calumet in the longhouse and leave with their thanks and blessings. As we leave, a feather falls out of the sky and falls on Eera’s shoulder.
We start to leave but there is a white out for a few minutes. When the snow clears, the longhouse is gone. When Eera touches the feather, she hears the voice of the white lady who says this token will help you in dealing with people.