Clear the Fort

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger

We stand on one side of a dry river bed, looking at the old fort. Many of the walls have holes in it. There are two large towers in front of a courtyard. There is a raised platform in front of one of the towers that seem to once have been a catapult.
The forest has not encroached closer than 400 ft. of the fort. We think it may be an intervening power that has stopped the trees from coming back.
We also think there may be elven spirits that have been cursed by the Hobgoblins.
There is a bridge across the river, but we can cross the dry river.
We decide to circumnavigate the fort within the tree line before we head in. The outer wall towers are decayed and some are just piles of stone.
The next tower is intact. There are buildings in the courtyard, in various decay. One once had a domed roof, but we realize that Hobgoblins don’t build domed roofs.
We see a large scorch mark on the ground that has been overgrown.
The elves had sent a couple of Centaurs a couple of weeks ago, but they never returned. We make another round of the fort looking for sign of them. We find sign on the back side of the fort. We only see tracking going in.
As we are discussing how to proceed, we see color lights from the building with the dome. Kemlaech thinks it was a Dancing Lights spell.
We decide to approach the building spread out. Meena will follow the Centaur tracks and the others will flank her. We all make it over the broken wall. Meena can see that two centaurs went to the domed bldg. and one went to the other building. This one seems to be an old forge.
We get together and approach the domed bldg. Drayfala hears someone chanting.
Meena reconnoiters the domed bldg. She sees what seems to be webbing over the top of the building. She hears more chanting, but doesn’t recognize the language. There is a pit with a cage over it. The two stone doors are propped open. She returns and reports her findings.
Drayfala and Kemlaech think it may be Drow (worship spiders). If there is an opening to the Underdark, it may be why the trees have not grown back.
We decide to surprise attack the building. Balder makes some noise, but otherwise we are stealthy.
We are suddenly surrounded by noxious fumes (Stinking Cloud). Kemlaech retches and reals. Drayfala casts Lesser Restoration on him. He is back to normal.
We continue to the doors. The chanting is louder now. Balder recognized the speech as Primordial. Several creatures are summoning something.
There is a wall just inside the door. Balder enters first. He hears a voice in Common suggesting that he leave, but he resists the suggestion. The chanting stops and we all rush in.

As we go in, a thick mist fills the corridor. We try to back out, but the Mage teleports behind us and casts Cone of Cold. Dray and Meena are hit. Kemlaech becomes aware that the building is protected by a Guards and Wards spell.
We head down the corridor, into the mist. The mist disappears and Balder and Drayfala are attacked by Sacred Flame. Balder is hit.
We see 4 acolytes in the inner room. Kemlaech casts Sleep. Three of them fall asleep.
Two dogs come around the altar and attack Meena and Balder. Balder is hit and Meena is hit.
The Mage appears behind us. He begins to cast a spell. Drayfala casts Hold Person on him and he is paralyzed.
Meena takes damage from the Acolyte and falls to the floor, unconscious.
Kemlaech shoots the Mage, hitting him.
Balder attacks the dog, hitting it and killing it.
She moves toward the other dog, but misses her attacks.
Drayfala casts Daylight on the snout of the dog, which seems to be attacking him. It blinds the dog.
The Mage is still held.
The acolyte casts Darkness, but it just dims the room.
Meena is still unconscious.
Kem attacks the Mage, hitting him with 2 arrows.
Balder attacks the dog, hitting it twice, killing it.
Drayfala casts Heal on Meena. She is back up.
The acolyte steps up and grabs something on the altar. He yells an incantation and lightening and spirits come out of it, but it is so powerful, that he is destroyed. The spirits are flying about the altar.
Meena attacks the Mage and kills him.
Drayfala realizes that these spirits are elven spirits. He cannot sanctify them, so we must fight them.
The acolytes wake up and one of the dogs wakes up.
Drayfala attempts to Turn the sprits. He Turns all 4 spirits. He realizes they are willow-wisps.
There is a Rod laying on the altar (the one the Acolyte tried to use). No one seems to know what it is.
There is writing on the Altar (a god named Ulatek), it is the story of a sacking of an elvish shrine nearby. The elves have forgotten about this shrine.
We decide to try and find the shrine. Meena was able to decipher the words on the altar and knows where the shrine is. They come to a clearing with two collapsed columns. Meena looks back at the party which seems to be distracted. She calls to them and they follow her. We are look at the obelisks. We hear noises behind us and see the acolytes and dogs coming after us.
Drayfala tries to re-consecrate the ground, but fails.
The acolytes attack with lightening coming out of their eyes. They hit Balder.
Balder attacks the dog, hitting it. It collapses. There is a light above it. She hits the acolyte.
Meena attacks the remaining acolytes and takes them out. She misses on her attack of the Will-O-Wisp.
The wisps attack Balder, but only hit once.
Balder attacks, but fumbles.
Meena misses her attacks.
Drayfala fails to consecrate.
Kem hits with his arrow.
The Wisps attack Balder, but they miss.
Balder attacks, but misses.
Meena hits once.
Drayfala is able to consecrate the ground. The Will-O-Wisps disappear. There is a breath of fresh air.
A spirit appears before us from the fallen pillars. It speaks in Elvish. We have restored the fallen shrine. It is up to us to call the Elves back. The forest is thankful. Drayfala may have two Blessings to use.
We all get another “inspiration”.
We go back to the Elves and tell them about the Shrine, which has been forgotten. It is written in the tomes, but they have forgotten. A fog lifts and they remember the Shrine. They will pass on our victory to the council and we will be given the item.
It is the “Starlight Crown”.
We still seek the Radiant Chalice (humans) and the kaleidoscope Staff (dwarves).
We have a long rest.
We decide to go back to the fort and look around. We find a Centaur body in the pit. The other two were killed by a giant vine created by the Mage. Drayfala realizes they are undead. We decide to leave them for the elves to consecrate.
We find 1600 GP of historical artifacts.
Balder tries to pick up the Rod from the altar, but he fumbles it while putting it in a sack, and takes lots of damage. Drayfala heals him back.
The Mage has 1000 GP in jewelry
Potion of Frost Giant Strength
Potion of Growth
Kiotomes Ointment (2d8 + 2) 1 dose
Meena, Kemlaech, and Drayfala receive 6 +1 arrows from the elves.
Belt ?
Rings that radiate Magical protection.

Kemlaech talks to the Priestess about his being a Drow. He says his evil had trapped him in the Feywild for so long, that he cannot remember his former life. He wants to dedicate himself to the Forest from now on. She says she has nothing against him and wants to help him. She touches him on his forehead and he feels a burning sensation. Afterward, there is a mark of moonlight on his forward that marks him as “friend of the elves”.
The elves Tree Walk the party back to Portent Downs.