Character Stuff

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Gazza
2/11/15 – Characters

Meena – Female Tiefling Ranger
Singen Smythe-Male Half Elven Bard
Alta – Female Elven Monk
Eera-Female Drow Druid

We meet at Diamond Spider. We get a table near the back door. A couple guys come up and state “This is our table”.
Meena stands and starts an earthquake with Thaumaturgy. She tells them to mind their own business. Singen’s beer spills on one of them and the bar fight begins.
We don’t use weapons, but take on all comers, including some priests of Asmodeus.
Afterward, the owner of the bar calls us in and offers us a quest. We are to find an item in a crystal container. He offered us 150 GP each, and would buy us all horses and tack and some upgrades in armor.