Battle Plants

World of Ph’yrin Tys!


Game Master = Kelly Berger

We go back to town and heal up. The townsfolk are very happy that we vanquished the spirit. The elves come and resume relations with the humans.
We are resting in the inn when a Sprite comes and perches on Modax’s shoulder. She drops leaves into his hands and they shrivel and turn black. Meena sees they are in the shape of ravens.
The Mayor tells us they are a summons to the Stones of Ravenwood, which is about a 2 day walk.
We rest more and are given provisions. We head out and feel as though we are being watched.
We see 2 large stones in the shape of ravens. They represent the peace of the elves and we feel safe. Drayfala says this place is protected.
While we sleep, we have strange feelings of vertigo, and restlessness. Some of us are still effected after we wake.
When we break camp, a beautiful elven woman comes into camp and spreads leaves on the grounds, she then fades into the fog. The leave begin to stir. They blow away.
We gather some of the leaves and realize they have words on them but they are jumbled. They begin to wither in our hands. We lay them back on the ground.
A hot wind and moaning sound comes from the forest. The wind starts to blow all the leaves away.
Drafala hears laughter from the forest from between the Ravenstone. He walks between the stones and vanishes.
The rest of the party follows Drafala between the Ravenstones. We are met with a wall of thorns in a dark world. The stars are above. We see a clearing and a figure comes towards us. It says “Who Goes there. I will kill you”.
Drayfala hears our exchange. He casts light, but nothing happens. He speaks in Sylvan. “It is Drayfala, this is a magical force and we can only speak to each other in Sylvan”
As we get closer, the creature gets smaller and we realize its Drayfala. He and Meena can speak Sylvan. Drayfala tries to speak Elvish to Meena. She screams in agony and takes psychic damage. The rest of the party cannot understand us. We will try and communicate with signs.
1 Fight, no magic
2 Fight with everything
3 Retreat
4 Hide
5 Pause
Modax tries a Prestidigitation spell and it seems to work.
We move to a clearing surrounded by thorn walls. We see the night sky above. There is a tunnel that leads into the distance.
We feel dizzy for a moment. The party clears their heads, except for Modax, who is still under vertigo.
From the darkness come 4 balls of thorns at us.
Balder attacks two of the balls that come at him.
Meena attacks with her swords, hitting one.
Modax hits the same one with Magic Missiles and it blows up. Meena and Talia are able to dodge out of the way of the thorns.
Drayfala casts Ray of fire and one of them burns up.
The balls attack but miss.
Balder attacks hitting.
Meena attacks, destroying the other on her side.
Talia moves to the other side and attacks with her rapier, blowing up another ball.
Modax casts Ray of Frost for minimal damage.
The ball attacks Drayfala.
Drayfala casts Firebolt hitting the last ball, destroying it.
A large branch comes out of a tree and hits Drayfala. A creature jumps off the branch in front of the party. It has spines and flies.
The creature flies past Dray and stabs him with a fork as he flies past.
Balder attacks, hitting the tree.
Meena hits the tree with both swords.
Talia shoots at the flying creature, critting it.
Modax misses with his Ray of Frost.
Drayfala hits it with a Firebolt.
The creature hits Talia with a spine and fire.
The tree attacks Meena, but misses.
Balder hits the tree with her great axe. The tree falls.
Meena shoots at the flying devil, hitting it.
Talia also shoots it.
Modax shoots it with a Magic Missile.
The creature shoots its last spikes and attacks the party, as it falls and dies.
Drayfala heals the party.
We proceed down the next path. It is dark and we have the vertigo feeling again. For a moment, Drayfala feels close to his deity, but then it goes away. He says a prayer of consecration, but it has no effect.
Modax again continues to feel vertigo. He is sick.
We are in a place of dust. We are attacked by tumbleweeds.
Meena hits one with her sword.
Drayfala casts Firebolt, but misses.
Balder hits one and it blows up.
Balder and Drayfala are hit by bits of tumbleweed. Drayfala is blinded by the dust.
Talia attacks with a rapier, missing it.
Modax hits for minimal damage with a Ray of Frost.
The weeds attack hitting Meena but missing Talia.
A living tree comes from behind a bush and attacks Meena.
Meena drinks a potion of healing.
Drayfala heals Meena.
Balderdash crits on the tree.
Modax hits one of the Tumbleweeds with Ray of Frost.
The tumbleweeds attack Modax but miss. The tree attacks him, hitting him.
A dust Mephit blows dust at us. Only Drayfala is blinded again.
Meena attacks the tree, hitting both times.
Drayfala casts Lesser Restoration on himself, and he can see again.
Balder attacks the tree, hitting it.
Talia shoots at the dust mephit, hitting it.
Modax hits a tumbleweed with Ray of Frost, destroying it.
Talia is partially blinded.
A tumbleweed attacks Balder, but it misses.
The tree attacks Balder missing him.
The mephit attacks Talia, hitting her.
Meena misses her attacks on the tree.
Drayfala casts Firebolt, but it misses.
Balder misses his attacks.
Talia attacks the Mephit, but misses.
Modax misses his Ray of Frost on the tree.
The tree attacks Balder, critting him.
The tumbleweed misses.
Meena misses.
Drayfala hits the tumbleweed with a Firebolt.
Balder attacks the tree, hitting it. Then he uses his second wind to heal himself. The tree falls, dead.
Talia hits the mephit.
Modax hits the mephit with a Ray of Frost, killing it. It blows up causing dust to blow.
Meena gets dust in her eyes and it partially blind.
Meena misses her attacks.
Balder attacks the last Tumbleweed, hitting it and taking it down.
Drayfala takes out the elven wine and throws it in Meena’s eyes. She can see finally.
We decide to rest. We rest and heal back up.
We are attacked…