Battle in Grove

World of Ph’yrin Tys!

Game Master = Kelly Berger

The elves of Ghelmyr Forest of the Kingdom of Ilyndria have called for assistance. The Council of Peace (also called the Council of Stillness) has sent word that they need aid from outsiders. This is terribly strange, as the council has not issued a statement in perhaps a thousand years – no one remembers the last. “The council seeks outsiders clear of mind and purpose to deal with supernatural forces it is unable to. Seek matriarch Veneveh, in the Birch Net Vale, in the south hinterlands of the Ghelmyr Forest of Ilyndra.” Little else is known, but it has reached your ears by way of courier who says only a “little bird gave it to him” (literally). Strange that it was addressed directly to you – you have never had dealings with the elves before.

The forces that be believe that part of the weapon you need to defeat the rising evil is within Ilyndra. The elves there may be able to help you seek it out if a good turn is done for them – and so you are sent. You are told The Deeping is an uncommon term used to refer to some particularly nasty effects within The Underdark.

The elves have prepared the way for you. Powerful magics of their Soul Tree will allow you to Tree Stride beyond the lands you are in, to theirs, instantly.

We are discussing our next mission, walking out of a building. An elf male approaches us, saying he was sent by higher powers (Pelor?) to assist us in our endeavor. His name is Drayfala.
We are searching for an ancient weapon that was dismantled and distributed to the 3 continents. When combined, it can be used against Chromatic Dragons.
Our first stop is a town called Colville. It is a trading settlement on the outskirts of the Elvin lands. It is mostly humans and some elves. It takes us about 10 days to get there. There are lush forests surrounding the town and mountains rise up behind it. We see signs for Derrington Valley, where Colville resides.
We are not greeted well when we arrive. Everyone is quiet and surly. A man enters the inn behind us. Dray makes eye contact. He asks if he can join us. He asks if we are passing through. He is Mayor Steven . Modax says we are assisting the Cleric on a mission.

The Mayor tells us of recent murders and problems with the Elves. Some of the townsfolk mutter “wimp” under their breath.
Modax offers our services. He looks as if he may have been an adventurer in his younger days. The people are blaming the Elves for the murder of Ebear, a local celebrity and magic user. There are also brigands that have arrived about 10 days ago. Ebear defeated a man who threatened the town, then Ebear disappeared.
The Elves live in the Enclave of Vilaframe.
He offers to pay for our meal and rooms. We will rest the night and start in the morning.
While we rest, Talia walks to the door of our room, and throws it open. A maid is listening at the door. She claims she is here to collect laundry. We don’t believe her, and she leaves.
The night is quiet and passes without incident.
Breakfast is ready when we come down. Talia asks the barmaid if she knows the washer woman. She does know her. She asks if she makes a habit of listening at doors. The barmaid says “My sister is nosey, but she means no harm”.
We go out to investigate the teamster’s transport, where a murder occurred of a guard, by elven arrows. The guard, Fritz seemed to get along well with the elves, helping them carry their loads back to their enclave.
We go to the Teamsters hall and talk to his co-workers. We don’t really learn much about why he may have been murdered.
Back in the inn, we hear the tale of the travelers that were assaulted. They were attacked by sprites, and elven arrows after dealing with the elves. We are told the elves had taken their goods back.
We decide to check out the farm house, where an entire family was killed. But first we spend another night in the inn.
We break out some cards and start to play. A couple people ask to join. We buy them drinks. (10 GP, plus our losses at the game). We hear a rumor about Cremoth Sithrine. An adventurer sorcerer who threatened the town. The town folk seem to think he was looking for an elven artifact. Then Abear killed him. They found his blood soaked cloak hanging from a tree.
Another rumor relates to the possibility of a curse on the town.
In the morning we head for the farm. Dray says he thought he saw a couple of sprites. We leave a sugary treat and see if they go for it. One of them starts to eat, and calls over the other. They are in a sugar comma. Dray tells them that we wish them no harm. We tell them we are going to the farm. The sprites say that all the problems are because of the other (except elves). We also offer them wine, which they drink.
They tell us that the humans violated the sacred place. The human leader came through the Black Grove. The grove held an evil spirit that the elves had kept in check. The humans camped upon this site and awoke the spirit. The spirit has been attacking the elves. The elves are upset with the humans for bringing this evil upon them. They tell us we must go to the Grove and vanquish this spirit. We leave them trinkets, and cloth (for capes).
We go back to town and tell them where we are going and why. Then we head back for the Black Grove.
Meena tracks ahead and finds a place with no birdsong. There is a strange tree in the grove.
Before we enter the Grove, Dray casts Bless on Meena, Balder, Talia, and Modax.
As Meena enters, the trees seem to come alive. The lash out at us, but miss. Dray speaks to them in Sylvan. They seem to calm down a bit. Dray leads and Meena follows also speaking Sylvan. The trees part for our party and let us through.
In the center of the Grove are large leafy trees that block the daylight. Talia can tell that there is something in the thicket. Meena can tell that there are bats inside the grove.
It is dark in the grotto, Meena, Balder and Modax head in. We are attacked by stirges and are all hit.
Modax casts Magic Missile and blows his off himself.
Meena tries to squish it, but can’t get it off.
Balder fumbles and hits himself in the eye.
Talia shoots at them, missing.
Drayfala casts firebolt and destroys the stirges on Meena.
One detaches from Drayfala but he squishes it.
A horned skeleton immerges from the darkness.
Drayfala notices an elf hanging from a tree with arrows sticking out of its body and slash marks on its body.
Talia hits it with the flat of her blade and hits.
Drayfala realizes that he can’t Turn this creature. He casts Spiritual Weapon.
The creature attacks Balder, hitting him with his axe.
Modax casts Magic Missile.
Meena attacks and hit with the flat of her blades.
Talia attacks with the flat of her blade, hitting it.
Balder uses his Breath Weapon. Then he takes his action surge and swings with his great axe hitting it. He heals himself with Second Wind.
Dray casts Guiding Bolt, hitting him.
The creature attacks Dray. Meena misses her attack of opp. It hits Dray.
Meena misses the first attack and crits the second attack.
Modax sees the dead Elves start to animate and lets the party know.
Balder hits the creature.
Dray tries to Turn the elves and they come towards him as if they are asking for release. But they don’t attack.
The creature hits Meena and also Balder. It roars again.
Modax casts Magic Missile, and the creature dies. The Elves fall also. Dray blesses them as they die.
Dray sees the ground swallow the skeleton. He pours Holy Water on the ground and re-consecrates the Grotto. We move the bodies and release them.