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Adventuring in the world of Ph’yrin Tys with Drafala, Baldurdash, Meena, Modax Winterheart, Kemlaech, Raxhanne and sometimes Zorokai.

Located: Its not quite Grarrosh Bay, but up the NE edge – Reffenjor coast line.
Background: Mr. Foxx serves as an intermediary between The Salamanders and Spider Braz’s gangs. He is also known as a high powered merchant barrister. Mostly he serves… money. The Salamanders den of the Bloody Flamingo and the Diamond Spider are crosstown ‘rivals’…the Dagger Throwing League standings and Archery Tournament triumphs are stuff of legend (among other things) between the two.

Pursuit of Zorokai – Character Intro

His character Zorokai (who plane shifts uncontrolled) shifted into an encounter in the Steel Realms. There, agents of Everdark had intercepted an Umbakian caravan. They were fought off, but not before they stole some of its precious cargo – offerings going to the justice god Balthazaar, by his merchant followers of his trade aspect. This contained the sword of The Gallants, taken from them and being sunk in sacrifice on a merchant vessel since they could not destroy it. The god Malek reduced it to a bracelet token using the energy of the plane shift when Zorokai appeared in the midst of the Everdark worshippers stealing away with their treasure. Zorokai picked it up thinking it a minor – though detailed and well made – silver trinket, taking gems and coins too, and shifted out. The agents of Everdark have sought to get the sword and bend it to their own use, Zorokai has no idea what it is.

What Zorokai Knows

Thinking back, maybe it was those Orks that you heard outside the cave that have been following you somehow. When you last shifted months ago, you found yourself in a dark cave, filled with treasures. You took a few baubles and were planning your escape when you shifted again, to your current circumstances. During the short time, you overheard strangely accented goblin tongue – but you saw what you were sure were Ork priests and officials overseeing a ceremony with a strange dual-moon in the sky (definitely not home) and many goblins and goblin-like creatures beating drums. Thinking further, they seemed pretty powerful – a standard of some unknown god high above an altar that was obviously to be used for sacrifice… of the living. Perhaps your small slight of theft angered them, maybe they are super powerful and can follow you across the planes, maybe you just have no fucking idea what is going on. It really sucks to not be able to control this shifting, but at least you keep coming back home… sort of. Maybe the weird dreams you have been having are related. You feel like someone is choking you and you wake up – no hands around your neck, just the normal necklaces and no marks.