Merra (Character)

The Steel Realms is an ancient world, a world where vile black sorcery and devout monstrous priest strive daily to inflict suffering, terror, and ultimately the demise of all living things – supplanting them of those who have allied with them. The Orrish – genetically these are Orks, Goblins, Kobolds and more together have sided with darkness and the Unholy Trie that wishes to spread dominion. There are other gods of light and goodness, war and strife, and a strong presence of more creatures, dragons, gods and demi gods that walk the earth directly.

Every time the civilized lands under law make great strides it i smashed by dark forces. Over 9000 years has the fellowship survived and the party is one the end – a small player – The group has hard to fight over multiple generations to achieve a parcel of land, a nominal title and ranking and respect for a place locally. The world of full of greed and race bias they strive to avoid, but this group is open. Its a group of bannerman dedicated to Baron Wheglin. He has been loyal to them all the way – but suspicions arose recently (long story). Then bound to the local Earl (of which one the party members is distantly related to).

There was a civil war and they managed to end it. They then petitioned the Duke and are servants of all 4 how time are changing, they sense it. Big things are moving in the shadows – gods and men alike. Right now, their LT was possessed by the spirit of lands long ago conquered by The Lich Lords, and so they travel into icy winter to put the spirit to rest and save their friend. Death itself is a dream – despite everyone dying at lease one in every encounter – it has no lasting effects yet.

Exploring some of the interesting places as they os through it on their journey. they managed by “accident” to find the long lost city of Kwailando Lai and the knight Sir Bartrem. History is playing itself out again. They have managed to ascertain that if it is a pivotal point in time. In a shadowy reply of many battles, the PC’s hope to somehow stem the horde invading the north, and in the meantime the priests of darkness seek to rewrite history and carve out a northern land for themselves. No one can actually die, buts bound to leave scars and lasting mental trauma. All members take an oath of loyalty. It’s a tight group and building into an epic storyline

having started small 40+ years in campaign time, descendants and friends descendants make up this group, and are connected through bods of fiath – all related, all trusting, all tight.

Not all are there at each session – but if group does, you all share same fate.

priest of the godgess of fire (young); 5th
a converted rogue who follows the priest – evil ways for evil men, but reformed; 5th
Half Orc fighter (Neel); 3rd
A pin tribes warrior – and animal worshiper (no chosen) ; he is also an animist and believes in the holy connections to his tribe and the Green Church; 6th barbarian
My character is Jaq; he has switched to a leader and mostly retired – but brought together the group in its latest incarnation and is a leader totally and loved by all the team member. NPC – not played actively (possessed by a ghoul currently)
There’s a bowman and PARTY leader (with Jaq, been around longest) – Tailen – a half elf (hated in the world my by my world tendencies world); Taelin is the moral compass and helps the group stay unconfused and on the right path – he has some Conflicts with Jaq. Jaq is under the influence of an evil spirit and evil book. That they would risk their lives, go against the direct order of the Herald of the Duke of Dusntrand… that says it all – bound together.
If the player shows, there is a Grollen (think a gnoll from from Dnd)There is a half orc turncoat monk – NPC from another player who wanted to play i for a couple sessions. He looks human. Shadow monk – the east lands are covered in a black cloud to prevent the sun from frying the followers of verdark – no one but these monks have access to the play as monks of way of sorcery.

to get a character that you want is supposed to minimize lookups, i suggest the monk.
He’s trusted (backstory made that) and new member of the group. Other options would b just a halfling fighter ( bit different in my world), or perhaps true second story man (their). I’d tend to opt for using the half orc as it has some unique information for the adventure, having been once on the side of the enemy, But ultimately choose whatever you want – i will contrive it into existence!

Type up a little bit about the type of character you want. The half orc are has a little bit and this would be easiest. He’s not exactly good, but not ecamply.