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Converted Belim
In Incarna, there is no XP – campaign character levels are granted by the GM; flavor = “Gritty Realism” short rest = overnight/8 hours; long rest = 1 week of every day being rest

Belim, Son of Hardivan
Belim, son of Hardiven
Human, male, 5’11″, 74kg, age: 22, black hair, short hair and beard, blue eyes, right handed; Size: Medium; Move = 30′
Origins: Oerdney; Ex-apprentice trader; ex-Oerdney City Watch; ex-King’s Army, Queen’s Tonbridge Dragoons
Background: Soldier (cavalry/dragoons)
Defining Event: Recruiter came to village
Feature: Military Rank of corporal
Personality Trait: I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
Ideal: Nation/Lord – My city, nation or lord and peoples is all that matters.
Bond: I would lay down my life for the people i served with.
Flaw: My pride will probably lead to my destruction.
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Class: Fighter 4th
Archetype/Path: Battle Master
HP: Fighter@1,2,3,4 = 6,6,6,6 + 4 CON; Total = 28
Charisma: 14 +2
Constitution: 12 +1 {proficient}
Dexterity: 17 +3
Intelligence: 9 -1
Sanity: 9 -1
Strength: 15 +2 {proficient}
Wisdom: 12 +1
Essence 15+9/2 = 12 – Aptitude = 11

Gladornian (speak), Feyloise (speak), Grollen (speak)

Second Wind: Regain 5 + fighter level as a Bonus Action 1/short rest
Action Surge: Take 1 added normal action on top of all others 1/short rest

Proficient = Intimidation (CHA), Athletics (STR)
Lores: (+1) Gladnorian, Heraldry, Law
(+2) Military

Leadership: 10 minutes inspiring group; up to 6 friendly creatures (including self) within 30′ gain temporary HP = Belim’s level + CHA modifier; a creature can only gain this benefit 1/short rest
Battle Leadership > While possessing the extra HP, all affects of Battle Master Superiority Dice are +1!

Code of Conduct: Obligation – Oath of Loyalty to the High King
Aptitude: Kinetic
Affinity: Kinetic
Student of War: Proficiency with smiths and metal-forgers (repairing)
Proficient = All Armor, All Shields

Proficient = Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Fighting Style: Defense (while wearing armor, gains +1 AC)
Tactics: Belim’s average stature does not give him much options in melee combat but he never shies away from it. As leader of the band of adventurers, he often leads from the front. If he is going into a situation where he does not think he can react, or if will be particularly punishing he will don his fine breastplate from time in the Queens service. Though it slows him down, it changes his tactics almost none at all. Attack and defend, forward, forward, forward.

Gaming Set {proficient}
Smith/Metal-Forger {proficient} Can repair a breast plate on a DC 15 (STR) check to restore 1 level

Armor: Leather (11 + Max. Dex bonus, +1, + medium shield +2) = AC: 17
Breast Plate (14 + Max. 2 Dex bonus, +1, + medium shield +2) = AC: 19
[Breast plate is finely worked; when sundered, it only loses 1 AC and with a repair and cost 30% it can be used again.] Weapons: Long Sword (4+2 dam), Dagger (2+2 dam), Light Crossbow (4; Armor Piercing – med or better is -2 AC)

Basic clothes (2 sets), good clothes (1 set), noble clothes (1 set), unit clothes (2 sets incl emblemic brooch and hat), boots high and low, day pack, military mess kit, bedroll, 5 torches, flint/tinder, 20m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations, riding horse w/saddlebags, extra leather armor

Belim is a demobilized member of a company of dragoons from Dunstrand’s militia (“The Queen’s Own Tonbridge Dragoons”). Common born, his father is a trader, traveling between Dunstrand and Oerdney (where the family business includes distant relatives). While his father intended him to work in the family trading enterprise, Belim was restless in that role and instead worked his way into the city guard of Oerdney, thence into the High King’s army, and finally into the Tonbridge Dragoons. He is somewhat ambitious, as he believes proving one’s loyalty to King and Country on the battlefield is the surest way for someone of his standing to advance to a higher station. His company is battlefield trained, but takes on a variety of odd tasks (some some interesting, some mundane) during relative peacetime; including activities such as espionage, security details, and scouting. He met his current companions on one of these ‘assignments’—attempting to safeguard the reputation of a relatively minor but indiscreet noblewoman—in the Dunstrand region.

Belim and his unit have warred beside rangers in the past – and now a ranger has asked him to go to Bar-Innis. Much has been happening in what would normally be a completely out of the way place, beyond anyone’s notice. However, too much has been happening there and the rangers are worried. Activity always means interest – and by who they want to know. More patrols of Orrish scouts have been followed into Dunstrand coming from the east… are they following the trail of interest, or are they reinforcements for a force already there? The court of the Earl of Bar-Innis is the pace to go. There are a group of bannermen that have sparked a lot of interest – seek them out and join their band. Find out about them and report back. You arrive in the capital of Bar-Innis, the city of Mev on 9140 CY, Month 7, +29 days.

Belim’s Journal (Intro to Dunstrand Rising)

The scuttlebutt is that Farold Oshman (a knight in training and follower of Rastur the Lion Lord), Sandovhal Aelishan (a scholar, linguist, and decent shot with a bow – also follower of Rastur), and Hap Nii (Grollen – son of the Earl’s hunstman and one time cpl. in the city watch) have all left – there seems to be some tension in the group. Whatever strange happenings are going on in the area are hard to say yet – but if these guys have enemies, now would seem the time to strike. Apparently a halfling ‘freedom fighter’ from Loamwold has just joined the ranks before you got here, and the group is celebrating the return of the Dulak brothers – 2 brothers who are sons of a local land owner and grew up in the Earl’s court… both have a reputation as drinkers, fighters, gamblers, and ameteur comedians… from what you have seen they are undisciplined, unpredictable, yet loyal and fierce. The rest – Morgent is the son of one of the Earl’s bannermen and a magus, Porthias is away mostly, but the spiritual leader of the group and a follower of Rastur the Lion Lord (Green Church – the green church seems to be popular in these parts), and Alden – a troubleshooter who rumor has it has some skill in the magical arts. then there is the half breed half elf Hareen – accepted by the locals having grown up in court. His family is all gone. He is rash, quick with his tongue, and quite the bravado – seemingly more concerned with this looks than anything else. He works out constantly, with twin elvish short baldes, and seems quite skilled.

(Afterward was the Troubles in Mosshaven and Dunstrand Faire adventures…)