Dairn (Character)

Barbarian 1st
Description: Size [Medium], Movement – Normal (30’), human, male, #168, 5’11”, age: unknown (late 20’s?), right handed,
> Trace of Fey: There are tiny motes of light in his eyes; his ears are slightly high and pointy, and he is nearly hairless except for his head.
Background: Outlander (tribal marauder; he remembers little, but bears many a battle scar)
– Personality Trait:
– Ideal:
– Bond:
– Flaw:
Alignment/Code/Mannerisms: tendencies to be controlled in moments when truly needed, and random or erratic in most others…
Hit Points: [12] + 1 = 13
Strength: 15 (+2)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 17 (+3)
Constitution: 13 (+1)
Charisma: 12 (+1)
Sanity: 9 (-1)


[+2 Bonus to proficient capabilities] Ability: Strength, Constitution
Armor: Light and Medium + Shields | Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Skills: Survival (Wisdom), Athletics (Strength), Perception (Wisdom), Nature (Intelligence)


Lore: Elves +3
Languages: Gladnorian (literate), Feyloise (elven; literate)


Rage: Lasts 1 minute or end as a Bonus Action, Rage 2/Long Rest
+2 Damage; Advantage on Strength checks, resistance to Bludgeon, Slash, and Piercing
Instinctive Maneuvers: Hazy memories from a lost life allow him to draw on battle-knowledge
> Must make a DC 10 Sanity check to use; D6 superiority dice x2 per short rest
Parry: When another creature damages you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction and expend one superiority die to reduce the damage by the number you roll on your superiority die + your Dexterity modifier.
Rally: On your turn, you can use a bonus action and expend one superiority die to bolster the resolve of one of your companions. When you do so, choose a friendly creature who can see or hear you. That creature gains temporary hit points equal to the superiority die roll + your Charisma modifier.


Feature: Wanderer – Excellent memory for direction and geography. Can recall general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features.


Armor: : medium heavy shield (AC: 12 [1 resilience] + Dexterity [3] = 15 Armor Class
> if no armor, then add Constitution [1] for 16 Armor Class
Weapons: Flail [D8/4 damage]; +1 attack vs. wooden shields and natural (light) armor
> DC 5 Nature check (elvish hymn); Death Ward while raging (1st time wielder drops below 1 HP, they instead drop to 1 HP).


Unarmored Defense: Character gains Constitution bonus when armored with just a shield or less.


Dairn’s earliest memories are of wandering in the woods, alone, and naked except for his weapon. He had vague memories of his birth, of strange smells and colors, and little else. He was taken in by the Pine Tribes, he found him wandering in their forest lands, saw the old tattoos that had been placed upon him at a much younger age – during a time he has no recollection of.He was walking along a river bank, wading in the river. There were no tracks to show where he had come from.

Among the tribes he demonstrated erratic behavior – sometimes stoic, sometimes focused and direct, other times taking actions that made no sense. And then the rage would take him. He would gnaw his shield or bite his lip, huff like a bear, or scream at the top of his lungs. His erratic behavior and strange countenance along with his odd mannerisms made him an outcast nearly. He learned to channel his bursts of rage and fear that would come from nowhere. He found a place with the sacred berserkers of the tribes.

He was taken with his berserker band across the river to the sacred Spined Elm of Cor-Edaug on the south side of Lake Caolite – the so called “War of the Elm”. His people were defeated, and he was gravely wounded (and given the brand all warriors in that fight were given) and brought home. He has strange fevered dreams of that trip, as if he was in a different world. He spoke in strange languages (elven), he sought women – searching their faces for his mother, and attempted to steal horses.

His people never looked at him the same. He was told to leave the tribes. He made his way to human settlements, trying to learn their ways. He remembers little from the last several weeks, but remembers waking up after he dreamed a face of a skull towered over him and drank in his breath as he breathed it out… it is a dream that haunts him often. He was found after several days wandering without many possessions, near death. He was brought to the fallen death god’s shrine in Salt Marsh to die, and did not after several days.

A Problem with the Living

Gabrella, Emily, Dairn, Justav, Toulath, and Gaardu have joined forces to track down and evil renegade of the Narcosa Necromancer Guild and stop hm before he can do something horrible.