Aeric (Character)

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World: Orlec
Human Eldritch Knight (Earl Clark)

Adventuring Companions 8/2017

Jack Vi’Medj (Arabus)
Gnesh (Rocky)
Kayle (Duncan)
Prykevagen (Danny)
– Human Ranger (Morgan)
Pahr Erukrasha- Half Ogre Barbarian (Spencer)
– Human Cleric of Life (Corey)
Kampfer – Firbolg Wizard 2/Warlock 2 (Kelly Berger)


I was born in the college of Winterhold which is located in the northern province of Skyrim on the continent of Tamriel. My mother Aurora was a mage who study different forums of of alteration Magic, alteration focuses on the manipulation of the physical world.

She never told me who my farther was, I don’t think she knew. A round the time I turned 8; my mother took me with her to a dig site at a ancient ruin, were she was investigating an ancient and rare type of magic that when mastered could easily change the landscape of whole valleys it was called a Thu’um. From what I remember of her finding one who wished to study and use this type of magic would have to devote decades to study just to use the most basic of spells. The only exception is when a individual soul and physical body are forged or reforged by Lord Akatosh the God of Magic and Time over Nirn. Hes also known as Aur-El to the Aldmer and Bormah to the dragons of Nirn, Lord Akatosh is the father to all dragons who live on Nirn.

Well my mother and I were at the dig site we entered a large room deep with in the ruins, at the end of this room was a monolith. Inscribed on the monolith was the language know as Dovahzul “Dragon-Voice”, as the name suggest its the language the Dragons of Nirn use.
From the moment I saw the writing I was drawn to it, as I approached the monolith the writing begin to glow. Ever one was caught off guard, and yet I was drawn closer by the time my mother realized and yelled for me to get back I was with in 10 feet. In that instance the glowing intensified, I could not look away as fast as the glowing intensified it vanished. In that instance I understood the writing on the monolith and the knowledge contained with in it, as if I had always know.

My mother realized all most immediately that I was a Dova and that lord Akatosh had forged my soul and body himself, after all form that moment on I could use the type of magic know as Thu’um. Over the next two years she took me to more ruins, so I could expand my knowledge of this rare type of magic I was born with. Over the course of those two years I leaned that with in the type of magic know as Thu’um ever spell was made up of 3 parts, the more parts on any one spell you knew the more powerful it became. In that time I was able to acquire 6 parts of 4 different spells including,
Fire Breath YOL ( ), TOOR ( ), Frost Breath FO ( ), Unrelenting Force FUS ( ), RO ( ), Whirlwind Sprint WULD ( )

During that time I also learned by setting off some traps that I’m highly resistant fire and frost, after thous experiences my mother explained to me that according to what little information on Dova’s that was available. It was common for a Dova to have high resistance to fire, frost and physical harm both natural and magical. The way the documents explained it is my sin hardens when it comes in contact with external forces such as fire, frost and kinetic.

Shortly after I turned 10, I was out hunting small game on the edge of town when a magical gate appear. Almost immediately after opening it started pulling ever think near it through, by the time I realized in this it was to late. When my senses came back, I was on the edge of a deep forest over looking a large estate. That was under attack from bandits, it was clear they were bandits because there was no cohesion among their armor / outfits and they were killing the young and old without remorse. I could not stand bye, luckily I was born a Dova as such I had higher than average strength from my size, resistance and a powerful rare type of magic at my disposal.

With of without my help that day the estate most likely would of bushed back the bandits, but in the process of assisting the people who called the estate home I saved the live of not only the estate lord but that of his two oldest son’s. It took some time to learn the language of this land, during that time I noted the the constellations in the night sky were completely different from those of Nirn. Also once I was able to speak with others I asked about the magical gate that pulled me there. It turned out that most people living in the world came to it the same way or were the descendants of such individuals. So for better or worse I concluded this was my new home.

As it happen it was for the better the lord of the estate adopted me into his family, I gained 3 order brother and a younger sister. My new father hired a renowned arcane wizard to instruct me in my new homes type of magic. I diligently study arcane magic in the hopes on one day finding a way back to Nirn, also I trained ever day along side my brothers with the master at arms. I knew form early on after being adopted that I would not inherit any land or titles after all I was the youngest son and adopted. If I wanted to find a way back to Nirn or to carve out my own place in this new land I would have to do it with my own hands. My family was kind enough to give me an allowance to help me accomplish my goals.

Created 8/16/2017