Mark Smith

Hit Points: 6, 6, +6 = 18
Inspiration: 1
Strength { 15 } +2
Intelligence { 11 }
Wisdom { 10 }
Dexterity { 14 } +2
Constitution {16} +3
Charisma { 13 } +1
Sanity { 11 }

Proficiency @+2

Armor: All
Weapons: All simple, all martial
Saves: Strength, constitution
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Insight, Persuasion, Perception, Artisan’s Tools [Tanner]

  • Thick hide shield cover: [DC 15; 25 sc] +1 min. STR; lasts for a Long Rest before recovering needed; [min. medium] shield cover absorbs 1 hp of damage per blow, up to 3 HP before useless.
  • Militia Mettle Hide: [DC 15; +50 sc] Hide armor with Greater Resilience, and a Resilience of 3 but can only reduce simple results.

Languages: Gladnorian (fully spoken; some literate), Mercat (spoken; some literate)


Maneuver: Commander’s Strike. D8/4 used 1/Short Rest (learned as commander of the militia)
When you take the Attack action on your turn, you can forgo one of your attacks and use a bonus action to direct one of your companions to strike. When you do so, choose a friendly creature who can see or hear you and expend one superiority die. That creature can immediately use its Reaction to make one weapon attack, adding the superiority die to the attack’s damage roll.

Style: Protection (modified) When a creature you can see attacks a target other than you that is within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to impose Disadvantage on the attack roll. You must be wielding a weapon that is not “Light” or a shield. If using a shield, the wielder may interpose themselves between the target and attacker using their Bonus Action, taking the damage and not interfering with the target’s further actions.

Feat: Charger (modified – for stopping crowds)
When you use your action to Dash, you can use a bonus action to make one melee weapon attack or to shove a creature. If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line immediately before taking this bonus action, you either gain a +5 bonus to the attack’s damage roll (if you chose to make a melee attack and hit) or push the target up to 10 feet away from you (if you chose to Shove [Athletics vs. Athletics or Acrobatics] and you succeed). If the shove succeeds, you may knock the target Prone instead; If it succeeds and and is a Major result, 2 targets may be shoved back 10′; 3 targets on a critical. At 5th level, if you possess the Protector Style, and are using a medium or larger shield, an additional target may be shoved and on a Major result, all lose their Reactions as well.


Armor Class: 15 (typical)
Tactics: Typically takes the role of a target in combat. Uses shield and armor to mitigate damage, prevent damage to others and draw attention to himself while using the Commander’s Strike power to have a companion strike from flank or behind while he occupies a target’s attention.
> Crowd Work: Any attempt to physically disperse (not murder, but shove, knock down, etc.) a crowd gets a +1 on all checks.


Shield: light medium (+2 AC/1 Resilience @-1 AC per) and heavy medium (+2 AC/2 Resilience @-1 AC per)
> shield cover x1
Armor: Hide (backup;1 Resilience), Hide (Militia Mettle Armor – home made)
Weapons: Spear, dagger
“Theodore’s Silvered Blade”: Silvered scimitar (D6/3). It has +1 attack, 1 Resilience (200 sc to repair) and is Versatile with a 2 handed grip (it loses the “Light” property if used this way as a D8 damage but gains +2 initiative). It is the old elven made sword of Theodore the Wise. Theodore was a local hero of Rakefield from a hundred years ago, who made a name for himself fighting strange spirits and undead that came from Calibans Slurry; no explanation of who or what caused these spirits and walking dead was ever discovered. The sword was made by elves, and found in an old forgotten place where the elves once dwelled in the remote places of Bar-Innis (he explained it no further). For ages it sat above the bar in the Inn at Rakefield.


Background: Tanner
Description: Male, human, age 21, right handed, 155#, 5’10”
What are they known for > Making his own armor and shield covers.

Joining the Blackwells: After charging in and knocking down Pops in his battle with House Malor, he was offered a place among them by Bailyn and Star. Without any serious ties to his village, and feeling trapped there, he accepted and joined the ranks of the Gallantine probationary squad of the Blackwells.

Basics of Growing Up: [Dunstrand – Barony of Crestwold, Earldom of Bar-Innis]

His entire career has been about protecting the village of Rakefield. His relationships failed because of it.
He is the head of the village militia (there are four others).

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