Lauren Morningstar

Milieu: Steel Realms > System: Incarna 6/DnD 5 variant

Class: Fighter 2nd
Description: Race: Aasimar > Protector; Size [Medium] 5’10”, Movement 30, Female, age: 25 (160 max), right handed, #150, reddish-blonde hair, ice gray eyes (darkvision; 50 in dim as if it were bright/in dark as if it were dim – shades of gray)
Background: Sailor
– Personality Trait: My friends know they can rely on me no matter what.
– Ideal: We all do the work, we all share in the rewards (fairness).
– Bond: I’m loyal to my captain/leader first – everything else is secondary.
– Flaw: Once someone questions my courage, I will never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.
> Intolerance: Burning hatred for the Slaadi that will not allow her to deal with any of their kind – or mask the disdain and hatred for them. Sanity DC 14 check or attack on sight.
> Fascination with magic: Eldritch Knight required pathway at Fighter 3rd
Alignment/Code/Mannerisms: Neutral Good > Guard the weak, strike at evil, protect the innocent
Strength: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 13 (+1)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 13 (+1)
Sanity: 12 (+1)
> Essence: 25

Proficiency (+2)

Ability: Strength, Constitution
Armor: All + Shields | Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Skills: Perception (Wisdom), Athletics (Strength), History (Intelligence), Intimidation (Charisma)
Tools: Navigators (sextant, maps, etc.), Vehicles (water)


Celestial Guide: Galladia (of Mt. Celestia) > Stern and Judgmental (she does not understand the hard choices that mortals must grapple with)
Languages: Celestial (literate), Gladnorian (literate)


Healing Hands: As an action, touch a creature and healing = level + Charisma modifier (double for lawful good target); 1/long rest
Light Bearer: Innate knowledge of the Light cantrip
Radiant Soul: @3rd unleash divine energy 1/long rest; eyes glimmer and luminous incorporeal wings sprout. For 1 minute or until ended as a bonus action gains flying 30′ and once per turn can deal Radiant damage = level + Constitution modifier when attacking and dealing damage. Double damage vs. chaotic evil target. Gains double proficiency bonus to Intimidate evil targets while wings are visible.


Hit Points: 10,6 +2 = 18
Armor Class = 14 +1 = 15
Celestial Resistance: Resistant to Necrotic and Radiant damage
Second Wind: AS a bonus action regain D10/5 + level 1/short or long rest
Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting (+1 damage and +1 initiative w/2 handed weapons)
Action Surge: On you turn you can take an additional action; must finish short or long rest to recharge.


Armor: Breastplate (“Celestine” > AC 14/max. Dex modifier of 3; fitted – don/doff as Light Armor; reinforced 4 resilience)
Weapons: Glaive (“Celestine” > D10/5 damage, heavy/reach/2 handed; +1 initiative outside of Ethereal and Astral planes; lightly vibrates when touched to a source of Necrotic damage)


Lauren was born in the shadow of Mount Celesta, the daughter of the planetar Galladia and the paladin Dougran Stur, of the barony of Fandelok in the Steel Realms on the world of Helca. He was taken beyond the mortal worlds to live out his last few years in the illusion of vigor and health with the angel that had guided him all his life. She only knew her father for 3 years before he passed. She trained under the servants of her mother, though over the years their relationship grew more and more distant. She eventually joined a band of travelers on a Astral Ship named the Sea of Fate. She “sailed” the pathways to the stars, helping to find and retrieve lost souls in the astral. She learned the dangers of and how to fight the Slaad effectively – these were the foes they most often encountered. Her best friend was killed by one. A band of powerful Slaad pursued them and drove them through the border ethereal, chasing them until their astral craft crashed in a strange pocket plane of Escalon. The Slaad pursued her and her friends through the modrone horde guarding the place, through dizzying routes, deeper and deeper until only her and a couple of her crew mates were left, standing before an massive monastery, wounded unto death and facing the toughest of their pursuers who had survived. In a great battle, she survived through the intervention of a being that was introduced to her as Grandael Felong; grand dame of Zoltepic, seeker of mysteries, minder of time and seer of that which remains unseen. Her wounds were great. She slept and the next thing she knows, there are tremors all around her. The monks of the place had “frozen” her for untold ages, only now waking her up as the world of their monastery crumbled around them. She was forced to go with a small band of humans back to the world her father had come from… perhaps a thousand years ago – who knew? She carries her weapon, given to her by her mother’s general “Attraxus” and the breastplate that was made for her. They fight a defensive action to allow the monks and others that were their captives to escape. The senior rank of their troupe sacrifices himself to let the other Gallants escape; the death of Taelin makes the group lapse into silence. Through a scintillating waterfall of light she brings up the rear of a strange trains of a dozen figures. For a brief moment, they appear in a cave… and then the world is torn asunder and vertigo overcomes everyone. When the world rights itself, a few of their number are gone, but most remain. A city can be seen in the distance, it is very cold out. The sun is nearly gone, night is coming. Silently she follows the bad of companions and Harahd – their leader – tells her about them. They are The Gallants – once a band of cut throat mercenaries but now a respectable band, in service to a lord liege. Harahd follows the goddess Merkaine – an elemental goddess of fire and great foe of the undead. They are taking the remains of their warband leader to remove the possession from her soul… and perhaps to try and restore her. Harahd convinced her that their path is righteous and just, and she has little else to fall back on. Harahd was once a simple priest, but the odd magics of the monastery have transformed him into a holy knight in service to the goddess. They enter the city of Marsden. One of their band, Chotla once of the Pine Tribes, argues with Harahd and leaves before entering the city. Harahd says they need to find someone who knows the pass and area well. The group seems to know their way around cities, and in soon order finds a place where reputable guides may be found. The innkeep is friendly, and the place is filled with dance, drink, and revelry. After so long, Lauren joins in and the weight of the death of her friends and her strange new circumstances is gone. Harahd finds a local tribesman, who bears a tattoo of some wolf-like creature on his chest, to take them safely back to wherever it is that they are supposed to be – not far, west by all reckonings. Apparently the Gallants have a reputation… the guide seems eager to convince Harahd to let him join. Like her, he becomes an unofficial Gallant. There is an oath, and an understanding that comes with the sacred charge of fraternity. Lauren feels in her heart that she has made a good choice, and that she will be able to do good in traveling with these folk.