Kampfers Eye

Technically not the actual eye of Kampfer, it was the eye grafted onto the wizard Kampfer at the loss of his own by a band of otherworldly slavers. Little is known about the source of the eye, but it is thought to be tied to a creature native to the plane of Pandemonium.
DESCRIPTION: The eye appears to be some sord of cloudy, red-orange lizard-like eye. It does not look natural. The skin around the socket becomes dry.
REQUIRES: Attunement; Bond (-1 Essence)
Attunement: Replaces a current eye; -1 Sanity after Attunement (-3 for any other than Kampfer), over 1+ month

Otherworldly Focus: As a Reaction, the attuned character can peer into strange realms, drawing on the events and power there to cast the Thaumaturgy cantrip (this can be done in addition to another cantrip as a normal Action).

Edges of Madness: [See Attunement]

  • Advantage on saves vs. Mad Winds of Pandemonium
  • 1/Short Rest and as a Reaction, the character “sees double” and their next spell is affected as if by the MetaMagic ability of Twinned Spell (additional target) and Heightened spell (disadvantage on saves); The character begins babbling and is incapable of normal Speech or spellcasting in the following round (AND a Wild Surge check if the bonded character is a Sorcerer).
  • Whenever the Otherworldly Focus ability is used, the attuned must make a DC 5 Sanity check. If they fail, a random swarm is called down on all within 15’ radius for 1 round and then disperses if it can. On a critical check, the attuned has their next Action taken to effect a Contact Other Plane spell. If they fail the save and the psychic damage would kill the character, instead they take no damage and lose 1 Sanity.
    1. Swarm of Bats
    2. Swarm of Insects
    3. Swarm of Poisonous Snakes
    4. Swarm of Rats
    5. Swarm of Ravens

    A Swarm of Quippers if in water.