Kampfers Eye

Technically not the actual eye of Kampfer of Orlec, it was the eye grafted onto him at the loss of his own by a band of otherworldly slavers. Little is known about the source of the eye or where they found it, but it is thought to be tied to a creature native to the plane of Pandemonium. The eye was identified as likely to be the eye of a daemon of some sort, a creature named Iupschtalk, of foul disposition and temperament. Following a series of omens and portents, Kampfer and Icrane’s paths crossed. Using his connection to nature, Kampfer was able to rid himself of it. The eye was passed on from Kampfer to the sorcerer Icrane – Kampfer was granted a vision in which Icrane achieved lasting change and helped to keep the balance of nature with it in greater ways than he. Icrane was angry, he felt that Kampfer was placing too much responsibility on him. Icrane wanted nothing to do with Merowey or the events unfolding there… with his soon to be wife, he was trying to strike out again in a small trading settlement. But alas, the guilt he felt over abandoning his old friends would overtake him eventually. Though it cost him [in permanent damage], Icrane agreed to attune the eye. Kampfer was explicit in that it looked far worse than it felt – and his soothing words made Icrane believe it was worth the sacrifice.

DESCRIPTION: The eye appears to be some sort of cloudy, red-orange lizard-like eye. It does not look natural, no matter the make up, lens or what is applied to soften its appearance. The skin around the socket becomes dry and cracked unless treated constantly. The eye does not wither and die if it is plucked from its possessor’s head – it stays the same regardless. It will not provide normal eyesight by replacing a missing or damaged eye, though it will size to fit nearly any eye socket.

Attuned Powers

REQUIREMENTS: Attunement (Occult) and placement in an empty eye socket.
> If the character does not have a professional perform the extraction of their own eye, it will cause 1 permanent HP of damage.
Otherworldly Visions: The character can peer into strange realms, drawing on the visions, events and power there. The character must constantly keep the eye physically covered, or the nightmarish visions will impact their Sanity (-2 Sanity and temporary Short Term Madness per DMG for 2 Days (or equivalent) after 1+ hours uncovered). The magic of it prohibits any living eyelid from preventing the visions. The eye regenerates over a Short Rest if destroyed (during which time no powers are available).

  1. Thaumaturgy cantrip (Bonus Action) – at will
  2. Minor Illusion cantrip (Reaction) – at will
  3. Enhanced Detect Magic – If the attuned character casts detect magic, the range is x4, instead of normal.

Lesser Bond

REQUIREMENTS: Used all of the powers of Attunement. Sacrifice 1 Essence permanently; DC 5 Sanity save or -1 Sanity permanently. The character suffers a -1 Sanity until they gain a Long Rest regardless.

  • Arcane Visions: The character can look at a magical object with the eye 1/Long Rest and cast the Identify spell. If the character can make a DC 20 Arcana check, it will also reveal any curses or traps.
  • Otherworldly Swarm (Action, 1/Short Rest) – The character must uncover the eye to see into the far realms, and reach out with their hand and beckon the creatures they see. It takes 1 full round for the swarm to travel (it cannot attack until the next round). The type of Swarm is chosen by the character; is controlled using a Bonus Action each round, requires Concentration, has double HP, an additional +10′ movement, and covers a 20′ cube centered up to 60′ away when cast. It lasts for their Divine or Occult Aptitude in rounds or a minimum of 1. Any targets leaving the swarm are subject to an attack of opportunity & attacking the swarm while allies are within 10′ gives the swarm light cover (+2 AC). The character can center it on themselves without harm to themselves
  • Edges of Madness: Cost = 5 Mana, 1/Short Rest > The Otherworldly Swarm comes down with all affected hearing a Message cantrip (Attuned chooses the wording) with Vicious Mockery each round targets are in the swarm. After the swarm is gone, the character experiences uncontrollable tremors or tics until they finish a Long Rest, which imposes Disadvantage on Attack rolls, Ability Checks, and saving throws that involve Strength or Dexterity.
  • Greater Bond

    REQUiREMENTS: 1 Mana, 1 Essence, and 2 CP permanently sacrificed. The character must have suffered the negative effects of the Otherworldly Visions and Edges of Madness at least once.
    Bound to Madness:

    • Advantage on saves vs. Mad Winds of Pandemonium
    • Enhanced Otherworldly Visions: When Edges of Madness power is used > Covers a 30′ cube, x4 HP, can be called down up to 120′ away, and can have targets inside of it excluded with a DC 10 Sanity check; Vicious Mockery does 2d4 damage – maximum if the Attuned character makes a Sanity DC 10 check.
    • Visions of the Many: 1/Short Rest, as a Bonus Action, the character peers into the far realms and their next spell is affected as if by the MetaMagic sorcerer ability of Subtle Spell and Heightened spell (disadvantage on saves – all targets, no matter how many); After they cast the spell affected, character begins babbling and is incapable of normal Speech or spellcasting (AND a Wild Surge check if the bonded character is a Sorcerer and fails a DC 10 Sanity check) until the following round.
    • Madness of the Gods: 1/Long Rest the Attuned character enacts a rite of power. They must make a DC 15 Sanity check. If they fail, a random swarm is called down, centered on the character. It attacks everyone in the affected area except the summoner, for 1 round and then disperses if it can. If they succeed, their next Action effects a Contact Other Plane spell. If they fail the Contact Other Plane save and the psychic damage would kill the character, instead they take enough damage to drop them to 1, and gain a Major Wound and a measure of Exhaustion until they get a Long Rest.

    Swarm Options of the Eye

    1. Swarm of Bats
    2. Swarm of Insects
    3. Swarm of Poisonous Snakes
    4. Swarm of Spiders
    5. Swarm of Rats
    6. Swarm of Ravens

    A Swarm of Quippers if in water.