Blackwell Pranks

Blackwell Prank list
As conducted by: Star

Primary Pranks (Focused, possibly ongoing, and higher priority than others)

Lucas/Sir Bob: Star will encourage Bob to ‘scout’ rooms, chests, bodies and the like. When he inevitably loots or gets greedy he will find fake jewelry (Iron plated with fake gold, glass gems….) and goods planted by Star. They will be inscribed with messages sounding like fortune cookie warnings against greed, pride, etc……
A man can easily supply for his need, though never for his greed.
Lust and Greed are more gullible than Innocence and Sincerity.
Pursuit of thy wants will often destroy the needs of thyself and others
Fear, greed and hope have destroyed more value than any economic strife.
The two infallible falls of man: Gravity and Greed.
“The wearer of this is guilty of valuing appearance over truth”
In Feyloise: “Humans are so avaricious they’d sell their babies to Elven wizards”
In Mercat: “Presented in appreciation to this servant of the Banks”
The desire for money is merely a reflection of ones inability to create anything of true value.
In Dukat “You got suckered dipshit”
In Valdasean “He who seeks the clouds silver lining often gets Elancils thunder-Twat instead”
In Hruba “Taking to much makes you too heavy to run from the raiders”
In Synid “Reaching too high, too fast, often leads to falling too far, for too little.”
In thieves Cant “If you Eat junk: you look like junk, If you wear junk: you look like junk, if you steal junk: ….. You’re still broke”
I don’t like the perceptive, or the insightful, or the righteous, or the respectable, and especially not the intelligent…… You’re my kind of guy.
In your future I see: no money.
A decision made in selfishness will never bear fruit
Dunstrand needs more young men like you….. Just less impulsive and gullible.
Was this really worth the effort?
Greed kills, and if you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.

Alestra/ Argo: She will occasionally hear a child laughing or mocking her from alleyway shadows. All of these voices are OBVIOUSLY prepubescent or young teens. (Message is the primary means of accomplishing this.)
Cant catch me
Oooooo! Look at the big bad half breed
There she goes! Slayer of pre teens!
In a musical voice “I’d be a darkling child for yooouuuu….”
Wan’ anotha poisoning?
You hit like a girl
Laughter (Boy)
Laughter (Girl)
Laughter (group of children)
Hey elf girl, ever had a human before.

Ben/ Mandolin: He will wake up with maggots in his sleeping gear, and a burnt skull sitting atop his travel pack. (Star will have to prep in advance for this one)

Duncan/ Mark: The next time he has to make a public appearance and speak to a group of people a random person in the crowd will throw a ‘bible’ at him. Star will pay in advance to see this done.

Arabus/ Star: Every time she deactivates her crown of flames a dick will appear on her face drawn in soot. She will be unaware of it until something draws her attention to it. (She’ll have a small stamp made that she can use to cause this effect)