Orane Bricius (Character)

Druid 6th; Harpys Messengers Coven Member
Human, 6’4”, #168, right handed, age: 25 (100 max)
Features: Shift from day to night, and each day. Hair color changes, beard there and gone, whiskers, snake eyes, etc; the Wild Shape [Burn Out] causes a fluidity of form.
Darkvision 60′
Mannerisms: Personality trait I can stare down a hell hound without flinching. Ideal Our lot is to lay down our lives in the defense of others. Bond Those who fight beside me are worth dying for. Flaw Id rather eat my armor than admit I am wrong. Change in behavior: Additional Flaw (guild artisan: I am incredibly jealous of other people who can outshine my handiwork. Everywhere I go i am surrounded by rivals)
Essence: -5 Occult Aptitude, -1 Coven
HD: 8, 5, 5, 5, 5, 8 +12 = 48, -1 Blood Oath/-1 Sacred Bark = 46 HP
Background: City Watch (Militia)
Strength: 11 / Intelligence: 13 / Wisdom: 17 / Dexterity: 12 / Constitution: 14 / Charisma: 10 / Sanity: 9
Proficiency +3
Skills: Perception (WIS), Nature (INT), Survival (WIS), Athletics (STR), Stealth (DEX), History (INT)
Lores: Monsters (+4)
Languages: Celestial (literate), Druidic sign, Sylvan
Abilities: Wisdom, Intelligence
Tools: Herbalism Kit
Armor: [natural only] Light Armor, Medium Armor, [wooden] Shields
Weapons: Clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears
Feats: Polearm Master, Magic Initiate (Wizard)
Keen Senses: You always know which way is north. You always know how the number of hours left before the next sunrise or sunset.


Shadow Assist: The character may perform the Help action from up to 15’ away (their shadow stretches) and when provoking an attack of opportunity from movement, may make a Dexterity DC 10 check to avoid it with a twisting shadow.
Maneuvers: The character gains knowledge of two battle maneuvers using D8’s with a pool of 2.


Occult Aptitude: 1
Prepared Spells: Level + WIS/6+3 = 9
Cantrips: Druidcraft, Produce Flame, Shillelagh, Thorn Whip; Wizard: Ray of Frost, Mage Hand
1st: [4] Beast Bond, Animal Friendship, Fog Cloud, Speak with Animals, Thunderwave
Wizard: Chromatic Orb
Hellish Rebuke 1/Short Rest – Cold damage, it will do max. Damage if the caster does average to themselves (bypass any resistance or immunity on target)
2nd: [3] Alter Self, Moon Beam, Heat Metal
3rd: [3] Erupting Earth
Alter Self: Requires no Concentration; Natural Weapons do D8 & adds and character gains a +1 AC.
> Prevents fluidity of form from wild shape burn out.
Beast Sense: Or grants advantage on Perception checks
Thunderwave: can be used in Alter Self form as a howl. Or if cast normally can substitute Radiance damage and Disadvantage on next attack instead of pushed back.


Barkskin, Alter Self, Athletics to jump into group, thunderwave then attack
Use Moon Beam while the aasimar is in combat – as long as a spell or attack that causes radiance damage is made while he has Radiant Soul going, it gains aasimars level in bonus damage
Strips of Sacred Tree bark sewn into flesh in his back, arms, and legs (-1 HP from never healing wounds), allows Dex bonus with Barkskin, and Barkskin does not require Concentration.
Hide AC 12 + DEX = 13 + Alter Self = 14
Barkskin AC 16 + DEX = 17 + Alter Self = 18
Staff of the Dawn: A branch from the sacred tree of unending dawn. Quarterstaff counts as magical. Once per Short Rest can transform into a Flame Blade for 10 rounds – doing Radiance instead of Fire damage. Only a good druid can wield it. At night it can cast Light as an Action at will. In the day it can cast Dancing Lights as an Action at will.

Wild Shape burn out = cannot use; but gains alter self (no concentration required because of wild shape memories)

Orlec was wild and new. The early times of its creation were painful and violent to many however, including Orane. His town appeared on the edge of a forest, and the smithy caused a forest fire. He lost his whole family and most of the town – one of only 8 survivors it happened so fast and folks were so disoriented. The elemental spirits took pity upon him and he guided him to water.. The animals brought him food. He was raised by animals and naturally began to serve them in return. A druid was a natural progression for him. Growing up in the wild, attacking hunters, wood cutters, and protecting the animals in animal form he over used his Wild Shape powers and they no longer function. He had lived in the dark shadows of the deep forest most of his life and feared the light and civilized lands. The spirit of the fox, Emoirya, took pity upon him and vowed to teach him how to move in the light, and stay hidden. She taught him stealth, and lead him far away to a new place where no one knew him. She taught him to speak again, and how to talk to people again. She sent him into a place – a sacred glade – where the sun was constantly in his eyes – he went blind and had to survive on his other senses. He learned to bend those senses to cast Alter Self (replacing his wild shape, redirecting its energy). From this place he also took a branch from a great tree. He could not see it, but he heard it fall fresh. As he emerged from the glade, the fox spirit placed magic upon the branch that would not cause it decay. He stripped the bark from it, and wove it into his skin as the fox spirit commanded. Another came to the glade, and taught him the ways of the civilized peoples – how to eat, how to act, how to use his knowledge best. He tutored him in the rudiments of Wizardry – an introduction to a whole new side of magic that Orane must understand to get a better idea of what he might face. He made a spell book of hide and bark for him to study – written in druidic! Armed with new knowledge and temperance, he traveled where the fox lead him once again. One hundred years had past in the glade, and everyone had long forgotten him.

Dealing in the trading town of Moradis
He wore long robes and a hood to hide his features. He mostly was only around during the night -when his features could not be seen. In town, he began as a hired hand in the fields – to understand their ways better. He became a night shepard and defended them and farms against bandits and wolves. He gradually grew more respected and was able to influence the politics at citizen meetings in having conversation with some of the farmers. After 4 years he was able to show his true powers and folk were not afraid of his visage enough to kill him. It took a while, but he became a trusted, stable figure in the town. Then he began to see a comet reflected in the moonlight on water surfaces at night.

Meeting Icrane:
He knew of Icrane because he had met him a few times in the local inn. He often came to sit at night and listen to singing and stories by wandering minstrels. He used his druidcraft to enhance the fermentation of some drinks for happy customers. After he started to see the comet in water reflections he noticed it changed direction. One night he followed it to the inn and knew that there was something there tied to it. The only thing out of the ordinary was Icrane and his newly married wife. He spent several weeks confirming it and finally Icrane approached him – noticing that he was often looking in his direction. At first, he tried to deceive Icrane, but he did not have the tongue for it. Icrane wife seemed to sense his lies too. Orane could smell that she was with child. He could also smell the violence on Icrane, and sense the spirits of the dead around him – these things made him pause. But, eventually both told their stories to each other. Icrane said “I dont know why i trust you, but i do”. He detailed what had gone on, and that some of his friends had died and others fled, and that the town figured centrally in the coming time of the comet. It all fit together for Orane and so he told Icrane of his past and the visions. Icrane was planning on returning soon, and was forming a group to handle the hazards he foresaw.

Part of a Coven:
Icrane must have sensed his Wizardly influence because he asked him about it. Orane had spent many a night writing runes and symbols upon bark, practicing the basics. Icrane asked him to demonstrate. Intrigued that a druid could learn such powers, he asked Orame to become part of a coven – to save folk in the time of the comet. It required a blood oath which he willingly took. He met the others and their friendship inspired him… though he still feared something evil lurked in Icrane. Perhaps he could help him.