Mica Falnoth (“Pops” or “Evil party killing Bastard!!!”)

Player: Arabus Grenier
Character Name: Mica Falnoth
Old Black Hound Nickname: “Pops”
Description: Male, human, age 40-ish, left handed, 170#, 6’0″; Tattoo of Elancil on his back. Tattoo of tentacle wrapped around a spear on arms and legs.

CLASS: FIGHTER (7th lvl; Eldritch Knight Path regained at 3rd)
Hit Points: 6, 10, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 +7 (con) +14(tough) = 67
Background: NOBLE (Proficiency = History, Persuasion, Arcana, Athletics, Military Lore, Gaming Set +1, and Languages +1, +1 with horses)
Basics of Growing Up:     [Gwinn] Personality >Only comrades and my order stand above me. Everyone else is to be tolerated and shown minimal respect.
Ideal >It is our duty to protect and care for the higher cause.
Bond >I will face any challenge to earn the respect of my comrades and superiors.
Flaw > I secretly believe that everyone is beneath me. They are all idiots. Only trusted companions prove the exception.
Languages: Gladnorian, Valdasean (fully literate and spoken)
Strength 14 {}
Intelligence 15 {}
Wisdom 11 {}
Dexterity 12 {}
Constitution 13 {}
Charisma 13 {}
Sanity 11 {}

War Magic: Attack as bonus action after using a cantrip
Feat: Spear Mastery (Unearthed Arcana 6 June 2016) – Though the spear is a simple weapon to learn, it rewards you for the time you have taken to master it. You gain the following benefits.
– You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls you make with a spear.
– When you use a spear, its damage die changes from a d6 to a d8, and from a d8 to a d10 when wielded with two hands. (This benefit has no effect if another feature has already improved the weapon’s die.)
– You can set your spear to receive a charge. As a bonus action, choose a creature you can see that is at least 20 feet away from you. If that creature moves within your spear’s reach on its next turn, you can make a melee attack against it with your spear as a reaction. If the attack hits, the target takes an extra 1d8 piercing damage, or an extra 1d10 piercing damage if you wield the spear with two hands. You can’t use this ability if the creature used the Disengage action before moving.
– As a bonus action on your turn, you can increase your reach with a spear by 5 feet for the rest of your turn.

Feat (4th level): Ritual Caster (After Training) – Identify, Find Familiar, Detect Magic

Feat(6th level): Tough +2 hp per level

spears of the mother

  • Race: Human only
  • Class: Eldritch Knight; pledged to Elancil and nothing can break the bond.
  • Essence: At first level, they lose 1 Essence in pledging to the goddess Elancil. At second level, they sacrifice another Essence to their goddess and, whenever they use Action Surge with a spear they gain Tears of the Spear – They may give of their water (3 HP damage) and use the Parry combat maneuver (using D6 for superiority dice) in the same round against one attack and doubling their DEX bonus against another (min. 1).
  • Instead of an Extra Attack at 5th level, they gain the Feat: Spear Mastery. If they already possess this (most do – its encouraged early on) they instead gain the Breath of the Mother: Water Breathing for a number of hours (min. 15 minutes per use) per Short Rest equal to their CON bonus (min. 1), they gain an additional superiority dice for Tears of the Spear and add their CON bonus, and if standing on water or doused in water, their 1/Long Rest they may cast Thunder Wave at their Character Level; if they are not near water, it does 6 HP of damage +3 per extra dice of damage).
  • At 7th level they may breath the Breath of the Mother into a number of other characters equal to their CON bonus (min. 1).

Parry: Reaction to reduce damage by d6+ dex mod. + con mod and for tears of the spear.


2 Minor Wounds: -1 Initiative, -1 to attack with thrown weapons in right hand.
No Healing from the White Sisters will work.


Cantrips: Message, Chill touch

4 slots 1st: Feather Fall, Thunder wave, Protection from Good and Evil

2 slots second: Cloud of Daggers, Misty Step


How they got the name: They are old. Only Star remembers his real name.
Time in the Black Hounds: {15+ years} It goes back a long ways. He’s grown old in the service, well over a dozen years. He came in old, and will probably die in the company. He was picked up in the south somewhere – perhaps the Vale Evander. No one really knows much about his capabilities these days, but their are whisper sna drumors he used to be some sort of bad-ass warrior. Sometimes Twitch and Star even consult him on things he should know nothing about. He’s never far from his prized balde he calls “Honor”. Wherever he’s at, it always seems to be in his hand when its needed. The commanders of the comapny would also go to him for history when it was needed to help figure out a region they were in… he reads a lot but no one’s ever questioned his ability with a blade.
– Last rank was Cpl.
What are they known for > Really good with animals (horses); was the official comnpany groomsman (could pick out good horse stock when needed). Speaks in a hoarse whisper – has huge old wound on the neck (botched decapitation); Sometimes being the standard bearer of the company. Also, remembers a lot of history.

Dissolution of the order of Spears of the Mother: The emperors troops decapitated the remaining 18 members returning to gwinn after fighting for over 5 years in the north – all veterans, all drunk believing they were going to retire. The soldiers ordered to do it got drunk as well, to build up the courage. The job was botched, though there was a lot of blood in Mica’s case. When the ship they were on was smashed and sank (making it look like an ambush at sea), the cold water constricted the blood vessels, saving his life. He was found by Lucky Red Scarf, a halfling merchant sailing out of Scar Flow from a run to Loamwold (they were smugglers into Bar-Innis as well). He was found with his arm thrown over a piece of wood, barely holding on to life. They sailors nursed him back to health and took him to Karloak. It was there that he met with his band of mercenaries The Black Hounds. Deep in his memory he remembers the cold of the sea-grave, and so the goddess Merkaine’s light and warmth (and their priest) became a comfort to him.

As his memories come back to him, he knows anger. The goddess Elancil is hated by him, as is his nation of Gwinn. The bonds of his order are for life, only such as what happen to him could have turned him against her, but it is done. She cannot sever the sacred bonds, what was promised was promised. He plans to use her powers against her and his ex-countrymen.

Unknown History

Mica is the first born of 4. His 2 younger brothers followed shortly after him, while his sister was born 10 years after him, though it is a little known fact that she is a bastard child from another man. Lord Falnoth kept this secret and raised her as his own to preserve his own reputation.The Falnoth family has served the nation of Gwinn for several generations. It is a point of pride that every son has joined either a knightly/holy order or has played Rauket professionally. Micas’ father Mievan Falnoth, was well known as a Holy warrior of Elancil, and served as a prominent advisor to the royal family. As a result he was away frequently, relying on tutors and prominent knights to aid in fostering his sons. His father was working to conquer more lands in the north, to expand the Gwinnish nation. When Tarmysia needed securing as a way point, it was his father and three other noble families that oversaw the brutal capture and execution of the Dunstrandian forces. It was he who came up with the idea of holding the “fish baron’s” families captive after they were not compliant initially.

Early on Mica was the ideal firstborn, thriving in every study set before him, even proving to be an excellent leader on the Rauket field. He served as a page and squire to a well known Knight of a militant order and led his younger brothers to form an impressive young Rauket team. His father had high hopes for him and sent him to study with the priests of Elancil.

Entering into young adulthood Mica seemed to founder. While he did not fail outright, he never quite seemed to meet the expectations of the higher levels of fitness and insight. While he struggled to find his place his younger brothers surpassed him, one joining the clergy and the other gaining his knighthood before Mica could gain acceptance to any order. Micas father stopped using his connections to create opportunities for him.

While struggling to gain acceptance to a holy order of knights, Micas lost his mother. Being on a voyage to the north at the time he was unable to make it back home for the funeral rites. He received a formal letter from his father that when boiled down only said ” Don’t bother coming back.” Mica gave up, no longer seeking to do anything other than distract himself from the loss of his family. He took part in several militant efforts, performing any duty set before him without giving it much thought. He served in the far north, away from his family as much as he could.

At the age of 27 he had taken part in an effort to reclaim a holy artifact (one created from an alliance of Elancils’ with Everdark), slaying many, some of which were only people who wanted no part in any fighting but had been unwilling to see an item they saw as unholy in the hands of war makers. Everyone who had taken part in trying to hide this artifact was slain without question. From this Mica was noticed by Elancil. This was about the same time as the declarations of Empire coming from the capital.

He was approached by a representative of a unique order, The Spears of the Mother. The order bonded themselves irrecoverably to Elancil in exchange for the power to see her will done. Few ever were given this opportunity, and most did not have the inherent ability to effectively wield the power granted. Mica joined without question, and adopted the use of the power granted as though he had been born with it. He was publicly congratulated by his brothers, who had gone quite far in their own right by this time. His father did nothing publicly, but invited him to the family home and presented him with a spear, stating that Micas mother had commissioned it to be made for him for when he was accepted into a noble order. In it’s own way the spear was a statement to how far he had strayed from the family norm, (They predominantly trained with Sword and Ax), yet it was a finely crafted weapon that had his family crest etched deeply into the spearhead. The haft was made of Fiodh, a wood that was native to the Gwinnish main Isle, grew slowly and was rarely seen outside of the nurseries of noble families. Along the haft the word “hope” was freshly etched into the haft, obviously not by the same hand that had etched the spearhead. When Mica asked his father about it Mievan only responded “No matter how hopeless a cause may seem, one should always cling to hope”.