Arabus Grenier

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I am a young gamer with more experience in testing and game creation than playing. At 26 I have been a play tester for this system for 11 years, my experience prior to this being a VERY rudimentary system of my own creation only used by myself and my brother Steven Grenier. Still intent on improving the system – both the D&D variant and the core Incarna mechanics.

Kelly’s Memories: I grew up playing our original custom DnD version in Arabus’s house and then with friends of the family when I decided to write Incarna. Arabus has been having input in the Incarna system for as long as i can remember, growing more as he matured and becoming a critical part of design and testing over the years of both world building and mechanics. Plus… he’s fun to game with as a player or GM!

Arabus’s Incarna Testimonial

I beleive in the Incarna approach so much that i am currently working on a budding world made for game testing core Incarna.

Arabus CD Grenier – 10/18/2015