Phantom Sector Traitor Listening Post (X-Wing Scenario)

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An Imperial listening post in the Phantom Sector has turned rogue and is now helping agents from the Black Sun. The asteroid on which the listening outpost is on heavily shielded. However, the generators can be targeted. Once hit a chain reaction should occur destroying the entire asteroid.

Points = 60
(rough; force descriptions will indicate deviations/options)

# Players easily accommodated:

Estimated time to complete:


Wipe out the traitors to the empire. Destroy the listening post and all Imperial forces that have turned. None should be left alive. (Use 6 asteroids for an asteroid field)

Summary Information

Force 1: Imperial Loyalist

(1)    Tie Phantom – Echo 30pts – Advanced Cloak 4pts.

(1)    Tie Phantom – Whisper 32pts – Advanced Cloak 4pts.

Force 2: Imperial Traitors

(4) Tie Fighter – Black Squadron – 55pts

(1) Listening Post – 15 pts (No movement Hull 4 Shields 3 – Heavy Laser Cannon)

Force 3: None

Force 4: None

Back Story

Author: Mario Kundzins; originally published February 2016