Ghost Sector Retreat (X-Wing Scenario)

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After losing Talon Bane the Pirate Ace the back of the scum has been broken. The low lives are in full retreat and we now only have the Pirate King is left to capture. Our interdictors have sealed off the Asteroid belt where he has hidden. His only escape is to make run past our blockade.

Points = 92
(rough; force descriptions will indicate deviations/options)

# Players easily accommodated:

Estimated time to complete:


Kill the Pirate King and send a clear message to the scum that the might of the empire is not to be trifled with. (Use 6 asteroids for an asteroid field).

Victory Condition – Destroy the Pirate King. Kill his hired thugs as a secondary objective and bonus.

Summary Information

Force 1: Imperial Forces

(1)     Imperial Shuttle – Col Jendon – 26pts – Heavy Laser Cannon 7 pts, Advanced Sensors 1pt, and Rebel Captive 1pt , weapons engineer 3pts and ST-321 3pts

(1)     Omega Leader Tie/fo – 21 pts Com Relay 3 pts and Juke 2pts

(1)     Zeta Leader Tie/fo – 20 pts Com Relay 3 pts and Juke 2pts

Force 2: Rebelious Forces (Scum)

(1)     YT 2400 – While Space Fringer – 30 pts, Heavy Laser Cannon 7 pts, Outrider 5pts. Extra Hull 3 pts.

(2)     Ywing – Grey Squadron 20pts – R5 D8 3pt each.

Force 3:

Force 4:

Back Story

Continuation: Ghost Sector Merchant Raiders; This adventure continue the saga of the pirate raiders of the Ghost Sector. 

Author: Mario Kundzins; originally published February 2016