Ric Sunbridge

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your retainers: (none are married – you made sure of that)… you can work up some simple stories for them. They each get a background and no class, except your pages are Fighter 1’s
Tye the groomsman
Brian the teamster
Errol the page (makes camp, gets firewood, sharpens weapons, oils armor)
Tiven the page (same as Errol, but slightly senior and gets more practice with weapons and less mid-watch duties)

Sue (draft horse), “flying cat” (2 wheeled cart – theres a story behind the name… what is it?)
Blackmane – cavalry horse, a mostly black stallion, 3 years old.
Craig – hound


I see that noble background has a variant: Knight.
Mario – would you be interested in this? It has a variant feature of Retainers

It would be a great way to introduce some NPC’s if you go this route.

I’d see you as a Knight Errant (unlanded) recently knighted.

If you this direction, it would be better to not be part of a knightly order. Your fther would be a loyal soldier to the Thane’s father and so you are in the Thane’s “elite” bodyguards (your family has no lands themselves, but a rare battlefield commission for your father raised your family up in rank – you are a bannerman of the Thane). Given the title of knight you are are more about duty and loyalty and a heavy fighter than the knightly orders of the north that are about the High King’s law. Growing up you would have been exposed to the Exilion and the “pro-north” movement now coming to fruition. You would have seen first hand the hunting of the Exilion that oppose the High King, and heck… i can think of some cool background threads to weave in here.