Chotla – Character

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Pine Tribes

Animal Companion

Chotla was given a chick of a red tail hawk to raise by the sacred child of light.
The hawk is a bonded companion. It possesses the following feats:

Character Portrait
Class @ Level: Barbarian 5 - Totem Warrior (Spirit Warrior Pine Tribesman variant)
Health/HP: 12,7,7,7,7; CON +15 = 55
Essence: 10 -2 Divine Aptitude; -2 for Winter Warrior; -2 Pelt Wearer = 4
Ability Summary
Charisma12 {+1}
Constitution16 {+3} **
Dexterity17 {+3}
Intelligence12 {+1}
Strength13 {+1} **
Wisdom12 {+1}
Ability Notes:

Proficiency: Capability, Knowledge, Items

Proficiency Bonus:
Communication: Mercat (speak; [Primitive]), Gladnorian (speak; [Conversational]), "Dundrav" at a [Conversational] level (with this he can also speak Dundarion language at [Rudimentary] level). Tribesmen are all familiar with the written form ('Wyldsign') of this at [Primitive] level.
Skills: Survival ** (+1), Athletics ** (+1), Nature **, Perception **, Animal Handling **, Stealth **, Medicine **, Intimidation **
Lores: Hinterlands/Kaald +2, Undead +2
Feature(s): Wanderer: Recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and geographical features. Easy to find fresh food and water for self and a few others provided land offers enough.
Armor: Shield, Light, Medium (Heavy prohibited)
Weapons: Simple Weapons
Tools: None


Toughened (max HD at first level), Cultural Lag, Brave (Advantage on saving throws for being frightened), Channel Divinity 1, Critical Observer at 6th, Constitution boost (+1 on CON checks)


Athlete, Skilled (3 extra skills at 1st level)


Unarmored Defense: AC without armor = 10 + DEX + CON + shield Reckless Attack: Danger Sense: Extra Attack: Fast Movement: +10 move in no heavy armor




Arcane Focus:
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Physical Features, Form, and Appearance

Race: Human Size: Medium | Movement: 30+10 if no heavy armor > Beauty: Average
Description: Male, age 25, right handed

Scars, marks, etc.:

Behavior, Outlook and Perspectives

Alignment: Good | Affinity: Kinetic (Dexterity) | Aptitude: Divine
Behaviors: Wyld Bound
Combat Tactics:


Background: Outlander / Origins: Tribal Nomad
Defining Personality Trait:
  • Ideal:
  • Bond:
  • Flaw:

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