Argo (Character)


Joining the Blackwells/Gallants

Argo is a thief of Torrelsons Ford. When word went out that an agent of the storm queen was making their way back to town, the militia was put together. She was pressed into service as a baggage train load carrier. Packing up provisions and walking alongside the baggage train in the rain were pretty awful – but at least it was new scenery. A battle between the agent and House Malor took place a half mile outside of the hamlet of Caravel East, a day ahead of you. Once the camp was laid east of the hamlet in the field of battle where House Malor took down the agent, you planned to sneak out of camp and travel east – towards where the excitement was rumored to harbor ruins and treasure You pick up a few rumors from locals about lightning and earth upheaval during the battle, but they seem too fantastical to be true. Donning a tabard and carrying dishes of food as a cover, you almost made it out of camp. At the edge of the camp, you were caught and it was assumed that you were delivering to the ‘captives’ of the Blackwell group. All you heard was rumors about them. They had sided with or at least were friendly to one faction in Torrelsons Ford. They had been center to strange happenings in the east, near the edge of the slurry where the ruins were rumored to be. Argo became a cooks assistant and continued to deliver to the captive Blackwell group. The Baron and members of the wizards faction of House Malor had pitched a pavilion on the west side of the field and heated discussions were heard night and day. Rumors were the baron wanted to lynch the Blackwells as troublemakers. Striking up conversation with their members while picking up dishes, you get to know a few of the Blackwells. They seem more a victim of circumstance than death dealing freebooters the Baron seems to think of them as. In your deliveries to the baronial tent, you overhear House Malor members persuade the baron to let them go, seeming to favor them ase useful tools against “the enemy in the west”. Argo overhears two house members (one was a “sentinel”) in private say that there are players and agents from outside making their way to the caverns near Rakefield and that they may need to be sealed. The other assures them that the treasure they believe to be in there will get nowhere as a guardian yet remains, and that the papers of ‘Duran the Steward’ remain safely ignored in the baron’s family library. In the morning the group will be freed and the road cleared. Returning to the Blackwells tent, she makes an offer to join the group in exchange for information. It is her ticket out of the minor leagues.