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Famous Quotes

“Fuck it – I pull the rope”
“I blow the horn” (and presumably the entire campaign) – Brian Schorr
“W-w-wait – this guy’s undead, right?” – Matt Burke
“Uhhhh, you know i’m blind, right?” – Kelly Berger (as Simon Aldoreth, every time he was asked to stand watch or do something)
“Wait, are you saying the ENTIRE stairway is made of adamantite?” – Eric
“Ok, you guys hold the sarcophagus lid open, i’ll kill her with a wooden stake!” – Eric
“And theres plenty more where that came from!” (NPC putting a ‘bag’ of 100,000gp on a table) – Matt Burke
“I dont suppose thats a ‘minor’ wound?” – Bryan Mize (after Sun Stealer did a marked shot to the eyeslit of the helmet of Matt’s paladin)
“What are you gonna do about it, shit bag!?” – Bryan Mize (to Sun Stealer – who then killed his character Asterix)
“How do you come to be in this guise!?” – Sean Drew (as Zardoz, in Olani Graveyard)
“Oh yea, i remember that.” – Sean Drew (as Zardoz, return to Olani Graveyard)
“Greetings desert rat scum!” – Sean Drew (desert of desolation DnD campaign modules)
“A bean to your feet!” – Sean Drew, as Zardoz
“You, and I, and the Squeeler are going to have words!” (Zardoz, then corrected to ‘Howler’ by Selthar)
“Nothing personal.” – Eric Swanson (Selthat, cutting off Moratha’s head)
“You Mess with the Bull, you get the horns!” – Eric Swansom
“What ‘r you lookin at homo!?” – Matt Burke (as Moratha Nightbringer, riding into town)
“What’s the problem?! He was just a PEASANT!” – Setienne Teilhard, exasperated that the party was appalled by him killing some poor slob on the road. On that group’s session 1
– Also, “Serf’s Up!”
“Bennet! Lance!” – Sean Drew, NPC Tad the knight, and his squire Bennet, before every combat (even in dungeon corridors)
“Remember the druid.” – Everybody, every time somebody bails on a session.
“Eat it Gracie.” – Matt Burke, no particular character (or every character).
“I cast ‘Wall of Shit'” – Matt Burke as Marylon Greymantle. (Also ‘Crapulous Utterance’ and godonlyknows how many other scatalogical pseudo-spells.)
“I stand tall and let the kobold take the first shot” – Kynar, seconds before said kobold kebabs his sac into a Starbucks Frosted Glandpop.
“She… she’s a dyke” – Matt B. as some SF character, upon getting turned down in a space station bar.
“Wait! I want to kill a few more!” – Becky, as String the (soon to be ex-)ranger shooting fleeing soldiers in the back.