Sometimes the knowledge and perception of a character align perfectly with The Pattern and the energies of the multiverse. A character gains the benefit of Fortune – an significantly positive flow of power upon which they may draw.

Common Fortune

  • Invigorating Surge (level avg. * HD for highest class in healing); instant – no action required
  • Skill Surge: Next use of [non-combat] skill is treated as if the character were proficient, and gains +4 and and is automatically a critical result if successful, OR the skill check automatically succeeds with minimal success; instant – no action required

Uncommon Fortune

  • Insightful: Knowing what makes people tick and the pantomimes of expression

    Charisma bonus +1 in automatic successful uses of the Persuade skill or any skill that related to reading people’s behavior
  • Quick Defense: Surviving combat and preventing damage

    Dexterity bonus +1 in automatic -1 Result and Soak 3 damage
  • Quick Offense: Scoring hits and dealing damage

    Strength bonus in increasing the result enough to get through armor and do damage (+1 Result, min. 1); includes turning a miss into a simple hit.
  • Resourceful: Resilient and wiley when cornered

    Charisma bonus +1 checks for any skill the character is not proficient in are treated as if the character did have proficiency; these most possess the min. capability in any case. The character does get normal bonuses if they apply.
  • Studied: Knowledgeable in their fields

    Intelligence bonus +2 automatically successful Lore (knowledge only, not skill per se) checks – the particular answer just happens to be covered under some specifics the character if intimately familiar with.

Scarce Fortune

  • Divine Surge: Used as an extra Channel Divinity or increase Divine Intervention success to 5x normal %; instant – no action required
  • Kinetic Surge: +1 AC, +1 attack, +2 damage, additional bonus action and reaction for 1 round, -2 damage from each attack targeting physical attacks; lasts 10 rounds/1 encounter
  • Occult Surge: -4 saves against powers used the round, +1 per dice of damage, -1 per dice from magic attacks targeting and +4 on saves against them; lasts 10 rounds/1 encounter