Lores (Extensive Knowledge)

Lore adds to checks that span related to skills, traits, or powers that rely on their knowledge. Extensive Knowledge Lores follow the standard Learning levels reflecting knowledge of Primitive/Rudimentary/Accomplished (all Common Knowledge), Exceptional (Uncommon Knowledge), and Mastered (Obscure/Rare Knowledge).

Ignorant/Misinformed: There are cases where culturally or otherwise, the normal knowledge of a subject that would normally be part of exposure, education, or just common conversation may be so woefully absent or based on nothing more than poor speculation and assumptions. In such case, the Lore will be noted with a penalty to any checks. [Example] Lore: Elves (-2).

Common Requirements: Significant time to acquire/achieve outside of Character Inception.

D20 Lore Levels

COST/REQ: Must be experience and/or study. CP cost = the bonus granted, +1 additional for Primitive unless its being converted from Simple Lore.

Incarna iCore Lore Levels


Lore Branches/Examples

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