Personal Entity (Bond of Authority)

The character acknowledges and accepts an Entity’s authority over them.

The “Voice of Authority” grants the Entity or those it delegates to be able to command, without resistance, the actions of the character bonding to the authority. And commands from the Voice of Authority must be obeyed and is accepted as justified in the eyes of the Entity – even if the character themselves does not understand. This cannot absolutely cause the character to throw their life away for nothing, it would have to be perceived to be an act the protect the faith, and involve some active participation in protecting the entity (not just ‘walk off this cliff in service to me’). Examples of the use of a Voice of Authority:


  • Proclamation of Transgression: The target is automatically entered into a state of Transgression.
  • Proclamation of Censure: The target automatically loses their state of Good Standing.

Making the Bond:

Service to the Entity

Breaking Vows of Service, Tenets, and Sworn Observances

A Vow (Sworn Word) to demonstrate that it is the absolute acceptance of the tenets of the Entity of Authority (Principal, Personal, Community, or Institution) and strict adherence to the idea and letter of its precepts that fuels the success of the character giving their Sworn Word. The sacrifice (usually in a Vow to give up something) demonstrates that it is the source of the Vow that sustains the Vow-Maker, that their belief in it will deliver something of equal or greater value in service to the Entity they swear to.