Enhanced Action Surge

Enhanced Action Surge builds on the Fighters Action Surge powers.

D20 Enhanced Action Surge

Enhanced Action Surge is tied to, but does not require Kinetic Aptitude.
CP: (if used)
Story: Like all features, GM fiat/story can also grant some or all measures.

  • Basic/Proficient [Kinetic Aptitude 1] If a character already has Action Surge, one of the added Attacks can be used as an Uncanny Dodge.
  • Accomplished: [Kinetic Aptitude 2] If they are in combat, and the character desires, they can re-roll Initiative as a Free Action when it is used. If the character does not have Action Surge, they may attempt it with a DC 10 Constitution check, with the results limited to an Uncanny Dodge result and it cannot be used again until they finish a Long Rest.
  • Exceptional: [Kinetic Aptitude 3] With their additional attack, they attack with Advantage.
  • Masterful: [Kinetic Aptitude 4] The character can use their additional attack for a +1 Result Shift (i.e. a Simple becomes a Critical). The target must be successfully hit with the first attack.


An enhanced ACTION SURGE power is available as part of Natural Talent/Kinetic Mastery.

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