Conviction (Follower of Faith)

The Power of Conviction

The Power of Conviction

Conviction is the strength of the bond between a follower and a Divine Principal. Each Principle will have its own Conviction rating between it and the Follower. It is also representative of the regard the Principal may hold for the follower – typically Conviction is not raised very high unless the character decides to choose a path of faith. The Essence of the character is reduced in the process (until they repudiate their conviction), in return they gain access to leveraging their conviction with other followers, share Character Weaves and employing Connexion. Conviction along with Divine Aptitude, determines the followers rank.

Conviction is measured in levels and represents the depth/and or strength of belief and commitment. It does not necessarily reflect absolute adherence to the tenets – it is mainly for the goals (the ends justify the means here). Each rank of Conviction represents a greater level of sacrifice, danger, and involvement in the operations of the Principal, and defending or promoting its institutions, societal position and reputation. This differs from a clerical or priestly caste or office, which represents rank and function in the administrative ranks of those that serve the Principal – typically an institution such as a church, sect, or the like. The benefits of Conviction are the direct notice of the Principal, and its intervention regarding certain powers and activities of divine nature. The rating of each measure of Conviction is specific to the Principal it is tied to – a character may have more than Conviction rating. Only one Conviction rating can rise to the level of Zealot for any given follower.

Type: Divine

Conviction also allows you to

COST/REQ: Essence (1 per measure, except first); A bond of the Consecration.

D20 Conviction Mechanics

Conviction 1: [COST = 2 Essence] Rite of Dedicated Grace For each measure of Conviction, characters that are Clerics casting a spell of that level or lower need not make a Concentration check if they are interrupted during a spell’s duration.

> Group Binding: If the player/character is absent from a session, they can contribute to the success of the group by providing a single Blessing for a session. The members of the group decide how this will be used, but can only affect characters with Shared Litany. This last until the session ends, and renews each session that they are absent from the group (barring them not meeting the requirements to sustain the group). The character shares the same fate of the group if all the other characters are killed, captured, etc.

> Epic Removal: If the character is removed from the game by GM or story [the player invents] through character death (an “Epic Removal”), the group earns a Twist of Fate. The use of this is to be decided upon by the group.

Conviction 2: [COST = 1 Essence] Abiding Litany (Follower of Faith)

Conviction 3: [COST = 1 Essence]
The following require no Concentration is cast by a source that has Shared Litany: Beacon of Hope, Stoneskin

Conviction 4: [COST = 1 Essence]
The following require no Concentration is cast by a source that has Shared Litany: Enhance Ability, Protection from Good/Evil

Conviction and Follower Status
Level Conviction> Required Rite(s) Basic Benefits of Conviction
1 Dedication
1 Dedication
1 Dedication
1 Dedication
1 Dedication

Incarna iCore Conviction Mechanics

If you are having trouble thinking how this might play out after reading this, check out the Players Roleplaying Guidance content (or ask the Game Master how it is best expressed in the setting).