Class Power

Cost: Essence & Character PointsReq/Limit: GM Allowance

Any ability that would normally be available to a 1st level character of another class can be acquired.

D20 Trait Mechanics

  1. Limits: You cannot buy any core class power that requires its source class to be equal to or higher than your highest class – not character – level. Exceptions to this can be made to learn lesser impact powers early in their core class path, but have them require a check and or cost of some sort.
  2. Training & Time: The player and GM must agree on the way in which the character learns the knowledge and experience to acquire the power, how much time it will take, and such be noted on the character record and adhere to any stipulations in a Gaming Contract.
  3. Cost: Training may have cost in equipment, space, and instructors – the character must be able to afford all of these or make arrangements.
  4. NPCs cannot train characters in something they do not possess themselves. PCs can train other PCs, but both must stop all other activity to focus on it.

Incarna Core Class Feature Mechanics


Name Class Cost Options
Uncanny Dodge Rogue 125