Chi Pool (Kinetic Anima)

The character gains a pool of Anima associated with kinetic energy called Chi. Chi is an energy used to tap into and make kinetic aspects of The Pattern evident. It allows a character to boost, leverage, reveal, express, channel, and remember kinetic aspects and the flows of kinetic energies. Anything with the potential to have Anima may develop this reservoir of Kinetic power. All Energy Pools have a “Reserve” which is one-use and does not return once expended. Natural [Aptitude] Talents automatically gain this Feature if they have Kinetic Talent, without having to pay any extra cost. Almost everything has minimal latent Chi, locked away and unavailable. The pool is what can be tapped into and actively directed. Some characters who command this energy are also Channelers, sensitive to its roots and flows. The pool can suffer Chi Corruption from several external sources. This energy is also used to make and/or trigger Kinetic Empowered Items and Places. The act of manifesting specific Kinetic Power/Capability using Synergy (see hereafter) is referred to as Demonstrating.

Actuating [acquiring] an Anima Pool (an energy pool) requires either a Primer or a tutor. A tutor is done as institutional or personal [instruction]. It takes time and is a service often charged for. If through a Primer, it requires related phenomenological Lore. Learning powerful and difficult Rituals and Ceremonies may Actuate and/or contribute to the energy pools for Chi, Focus, Mana, and/or Synergy.

D20 Chi Pool Mechanics

COST/REQ: 1 Essence or Inherent by Species, an Actuated Awareness trigger; Channeler: 1 Essence

Return Rate: 1/Short Rest, All/Long Rest, enhanced by Meditation

Starting, Gaining, and Losing Chi

Channeling: Whenever the character Releases Potential, they gain an extra 1, 2 if done during Actuated Awareness.


  • Character Creation:
    • Initial Essence: Proficiency Bonus + 1 Point per Kinetic Aptitude
    • Test: DC 10 generic check (+ Proficiency Bonus) = 1 Point (adds 10% to starting age, character may become Hardened)
  • Gaining:

  • Releasing Potential: 1 Essence = 1 Point per Kinetic Aptitude (min. 1); If spent during a moment of Actuated Awareness, increase by 1.
  • Reward: A direct Reward granted by the Game Master based on unusual circumstances or particularly adroit actions. This may be related to personal or institutional service.
  • Losing:

  • Essence:
  • iCore Feature Mechanics

    COST/REQ: -5 CP or Inherent by Species, an Actuated Awareness trigger.
    Type: Physical