Hunter of the Shadows (Creature)

The Hunter of the Shadows is a powerful shadow which is formed as a normal shadow, but in the The Deeping. The tainted presence furthers twists and alienates the spirit of the shadow.

“The Announcement”: the hunter likes to raise the level of fear of those it is prowling for. If it can use distance and acoustics to maks its exact locations, it will emit what sounds like a dying rattle amplified a hundredfold echoing through the darkness. It continues for 3 rounds, sounding like it is getting closer. This effect requires a Sanity saving throw DC 12 or for the following 3 rounds, affected characters are -1 on all checks (attack, saves, damage).

Health: Double normal shadow HP

Combat: Randomly attacks choice of opponent unless someone tasked with specific target; but once it has chosen it will focus on that target until its dead.

  • In total darkness, it gains +2 initiative and +2 AC
  • If alone, attacking with no other assistance, every attack on it has Disadvantage.
  • Sound of scraping along skin where it touches – touches putrefies flesh if no bless, cure disease or lesser restoration within 5 rounds = 1 perm damage.

Stygian Darkness: 3/Short Rest it can cast Darkness as a Reaction; it has double the range, volume, and duration.

Stygian Whispers: All living within 5′ each round for 2 rounds makes a DC 10 Sanity check or takes D8/4 cold damage and STR is reduced by 1.