The undead are a terrifying presence in any place. They are bound to the void, and constntly seek to kill the emptiness inside themselves with the essence of victims. They are eternal and undying, suffering an unending pang which can never be quenched. Most have one or more qualities which make them a difficult opponent – The Mind Beyond, The Body Beyond, Phantasmal Presence or Ghostly Presence

Undead Afflictions

Essence Blight: True undead are afflicted with Essence blight. This is a condition where the binding to the void causes the Essence rating of the creature drops until it reaches zero. When this happens the undead goes into Topor – becoming inactive, having no vital energy. Normally, the blight causes the undead to lose 1 Essence each day (at sunrise if applicable).

Essence Hunger: Undead are driven to fill this void of Essence with the Essence of others. Some eat the flesh, some drink the blood, and other drain their will to live – each method reduces essence; sometimes permanently. Their new Essence total becomes twice their normal essence. Newly made undead begin with a full Essence pool. While at full, they do not suffer from the pangs of Essence Hunger.

Essence Shifting: Undead who consume Essence can store the Essence and use it to shift their physical properties – improving Dexterity, Constitution, Strength, etc. on a 1:1 basis, that last 1 hour. shifting is performed as either an Attack, or Reaction – whichever is fastest.