Dumastor (“Earth Kin”; Core Species)

Dumastorians are a primary set of a humanoid species characterized as dwelling underground, their digestive processes (sugar and fungus processing, selective/limited in bacteria), carriage (squat, dense, powerful), sight (ultraviolet spectrum, near sighted), and tunneling/digging capability (claws which heal fast, and can tear through stone). Sexual characteristics are not stressed and both male and female are difficult to distinguish unless you are next to them. Their skin is rough, scaled even to some degree.


The most common of the genus, these tunnelers are the apex of all the species kin. They form tight (often caste/job based) social structures, and organize around extended family – a clan.

  • Alignment/outlook Propensity: Lawful, Good, and Neutral
  • Disciplined and Organized: +1 starting Sanity ability adjustment

Ducateon are found in the following settings:


The name “Dwarf” is a pejorative term to most, and most often refers to an evolutionary branch which have given up their natural characteristics for tools and technology. Their claws are vestigial, sight slightly better, and they often dwell only in shallow fortresses right beneath the surface – making forays into the deep dark for gems, metal, and such to craft and sell to their surface neighbors. Their digestion is evolved too to tolerate much more of the foods other humanoid races feed on. Their skin is smooth and appearance is more human than Dumastorian.

  • Alignment/outlook Propensity: Neutral or unaligned.

Dur-Atrem (Troll)

The largest of the Dumastorians, commonly called “Trolls”. These are massive brutes of limited intelligence and possessing claws string enough to cut all but the most dense stone. They are massive and have armored skin which prevents tunnel collapses and debris from harming them. They are literally afraid of nothing – even things 2-3 times their own size. They form no social structures and are single-minded in their predatory drive. They will hunt at night or in dark places outside of their tunnels if the prey is easy.

Dumombi (Kobold)

Survivors by nature, the smallest of the Earth-Kin.

  • Alignment/outlook Propensity: Lawful, Evil, and Neutral


The Dumastorian kin have spread far and wide throughout the cosmos. They are an extremely physically resilient genus. The Ducateon tend to bring the others with them, creating communities in-balance with their larger or diminuative cousins that can be used for the greater benefit – Kobolds often working smaller materials easier with their smaller appendages, and the larger trolls carving out the passages and underground cities faster. This controlled breeding often ends in the Trolls growing angry once the major digging is done and fighting for their freedom as opposed to being bred out of existence. Kobolds typically continue to work in harmony (to some degree) with their smarter cousins, but also often break free of their breeding programs and are more likely to dwell on the surface, seeking the patronage of darker gods and entities, and are drawn to their ancient blood ties to dragons where they can be found.