Draconis (Dragons)

Descended from the Draconic line are many reptilian and serpent like (“serpentis”) species – some from dragon-kind breeding with other species, some engineered by Dragons themselves. The Draconic species is one of the most successful and ancient of all the species in the known multiverse. Little is left of the true dragons, true dragons mostly evolved and all they left behind was their dreams and weaker sub-species they engineered. The few dragons known to still exist travel between the stars seeking knowledge and vision. They are known to be stronger than the strongest black hole, and some have breath brighter than a thousand suns.

The Hamazd: The Hamazd are the powers of dream possessed by many of the draconic species. It enables them to transcend nearly all their physical limitations as well as the material pulls common to their lower cousins. The Hamazd consists of knowledge, discipline, and power through Draconi Sparks unique to the species alone. This deeply elemental and intuitive power develops to rival that of the most powerful divine entities, making the dragons nearly indestructible and eternal.